Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo of the Day!

My favorite photo of Pier Angeli!

On a side note: I will be slightly absent from this blog for the next couple of weeks (I will check in often, and post things whenever I can!!!!). I'm working at 6th largest fair in America...and it's a bit stressful/crazy, (but it means for DVDs perhaps...;-D) because school is also starting next week, and I have my regular job to continue doing and so on and so on...

Just to let you know! But I'll be back with my normal furiously deranged posting soon!


Graciebird said...


Juliette. said...

What an adorable picture. Made me smile! :)

Good luck with the fair-- sounds likee it'll be stressful, but also a lot of fun.

LLC said...
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Merriam said...

That's a beautiful picture!


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