Monday, October 5, 2009

Carole Lombard Birthday Tag!

That's right! The lady who originally inspired the phrase of Stupendously Amazingly Cool (a now classic of mine...;-D) is turning 101!

And to celebrate Harley over at Dreaming in Black and White started a questionnaire tag all about The Carole.

I am so excited to answer some questions about this very special lady!

1. Favorite Carole Film

Too hard! I really can't decide between To Be or Not To Be and Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Ugh! The pain! Um, okay, I think my favorite Carole ROLE is as Anne Mr. and Mrs. Smith it is, but TBoNTO is EXTREMELY close! We're talking like tortoise racing turtle close (it doesn't make sense to me either)! And I ADORE My Man Godfrey (the Carole I was first acquainted with at the age of 3). Anyways, moving on!

2. Carole's career was cut tragically short in 1942. Though she worked with many amazing and talented actors, who would you have liked to see her with?

Hmm, I'm always really awful at these kind of answers... I would for sure I loved to see her work with Clark a little more! And, I think that she and Ray Milland in a crazy screwball would have been interesting!

3. Ok, so who was your favorite out of Carole's leading men?

Without a doubt Robert Montgomery!

4. Do you think Carole's relevant today? if so, why?

Absolutely! One thing that is particularly fascinating about Carole is how fresh and modern she seems even today (I can only imagine back in her day what is was like)!

^This photo looks like it was taken in modern times! It's of The Carole skeet-shooting!

5. Do you agree with contemporary views that someone like Cameron Diaz is the new Carole Lombard?

Are you stinkin' kidding? I don't have anything against Cameron (per se), but a comparison with The Carole is completely unwarranted and absolutely idiotic! I'm just saying...;-D

^Do think Cameron Diaz could pull off a hat like that? I think not!

6. On a scale of 1-10, how cool was Carole?

Excuse me Harley, but I say 21! ;-D

Happy (couple hours early) Birthday to the original Stupendously Amazingly Cool Carole Lombard! You have been missed dreadfully!


Lolita said...

Amazing photos and a funny post! And now you have the perfect look on your blog too! Lovely background, great header - everything is a harmony for the eyes!

Anonymous said...

The befuddle me! This was too hilarious!!!!!!!!!

Love, love, love!

VP81955 said...

Beautiful tribute to a marvelous lady. And to those of you not familiar with my site, "Carole & Co." (, check us out!

Elizabeth said...

I think I'll have to participate too! Great post!

Lolita said...

I've given you the Kreativ Blogger award! Read more here! Love //Lolita


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