Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Dean Martin, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, and Jack Benny...

In other news:

I finally got a Tumblr account (the peer pressure was too much for me to handle)! It's exclusively for photos of favorite vintage style! Style Personified

Also, in unrelated, non-vintage news: Raquelle just posted a recipe (with photos) over at her food blog (Thoughtful Eating) that I am very excited about and I'm going to go make it as soon as possible! It looks absolutely delicious! Pumpkin-Apple Desert!

Okay, that's it! Have a great day!


Kate Gabrielle said...

What a fun picture! I love Jack Benny :D

Millie said...

I think Jack Benny's amazing in To Be Or Not To Be!

But I really adore Bob Hope!

Raquelle said...

Hey thanks for the link. Hope you like the dessert.

If everyone is singing up for Tumblr than I will too! I love that Sandra Dee pic you have up on there.

Millie said...

Oh, yeah, I am quite excited! I'm going to make it for Halloween!

I don't know! It's still confusing me, but I like it too!

Oh, thanks! It's from If A Man Answers, right? I've always thought that her hair in that film was the best it ever was for her!

Anonymous said...

Yum...Dean Martin ;)

Ooh, I get to stalk you somewhere else too? How presh; I approve of the peer pressure on this one.

:D...admit it Mills, you love me.

Millie said...

Eww, Dean Martin...yuck, yuck, yuck!

Wait, you have a tumblr? How did I miss this? What's it called?

Of course I do!

Tom said...

Looks like Bob and Jack are in matching duds there.

Millie said...

I never noticed that before!

Anonymous said...

Um, you're being serious about Dean? Hmmm...looks like someone needs to re-evaluate something in their life.

Hop over to my tumblr; I'll leave something for you there.

Pato said...

I really love these'guys movies! Congrats for your blog. It's absolutly adorable. And I'm sorry for my english. I'm from Argentina and my language is spanish. And I love classics too! Bye.

Millie said...

The really do all have great movies! And thank you so much!

Well, I'm glad to meet another fan of classics!


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