Thursday, October 29, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Gosh, today was the day scheduled (yes, scheduled) for me to introduce Alias Smith and Jones to Kate! We (and Casey) were gonna watch an episode on Hulu and chat at the same time about it!

I hurried all day through my biology and other work, and at 3:30 (half hour before the start time) I came to start up my computer.

Of course, Hulu wouldn't load. Of course, I have never, ever had a problem loading Hulu (and I've watched hours on it). Nothing would work, I tried everything (LITERALLY everything).

I had to cancel.

Nothing could cheer me up, until...

I saw that above photo...and The Kid's face. It's the weirdest thing! Whenever I see his face I start laughing! Much like I do when I see the faces of Jack Lemmon, Robert Montgomery, and James Garner!

Anyways, we rescheduled! And do expect a post from me on her first taste of AS&J (over at my Old TV Show blog)...

That's all!


I promise I'll start writing REAL posts (and minus AS&J) sooon! I promise! ;-D

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