Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Pink Outfit Award goes to.....KATE!

Kate's been working over time today getting people to watch Hayley Mills (aka one of the single most amazing people ever) movies! She got Nicole to promise to watch The Trouble With Angels and Sarah to put The Moon-Spinners (one the most underrated films ever) on her Netflix que! So for all that...she really did deserve an award!

The title of the award comes from Hayley's beyond amazing outfit in The Moon-Spinners, which both Kate and I wish we owned!

Anyways, go watch a Hayley movie!

Okay, no more stalling! Now, I REALLY need to go finish my biology homework....;-D



Amanda Cooper said...

What a weird coincidence - I just turned in my biology test answer about two minutes ago (homeschooling + a tad of forgetfulness = weird times for turning in homework)!

Millie said...

Hahaha, very funny! I usually end up taking my tests at like 2 in the morning! What biology program do you do?

Kate Gabrielle said...

Oh, I never expected this award!!

I'd like to thank Millie, my partner-in-crime in getting other people to watch Hayley Films, and of course, Hayley Mills! :)

Millie said...


Yes, you NEVER expected it...;-D

Hahaha, well actually I was away pretending to do biology while you did all the work, but your thanks are very appreciated! ;-D

Amanda Cooper said...

Millie, I'm doing Apologia, and making B's with fair consistency - which is pretty good for this course. Apologia biology is hard! What biology course are you doing?

Kate, ha! Did you rehearse that speech in front of a mirror? : D

Millie said...

I'm doing Apologia too! And have no idea what my grades are...we get them at the end of each semester (I'm doing it through a co-op. I'm doing okay, except for a bunch of late stuff (I was sick), but I'm really not a fan or math or science! Ugh, and I'm just heading into what my friend refers to "As the module from hell"...Module #6!

Amanda Cooper said...

Ack! Module #6 is pretty horrific! And I like that - "the module from hell." What a great description! But if I can survive it, I'm sure you can. True, if someone asked me what cytolysis is, I would be clueless... I'm not very good at retaining this stuff. I study and study for the test, take it (dumping any knowledge I have acquired into my answers), and promptly forget the terms the next day. No one can accuse me of being an overachiever!

My sister took biology as a co-op class when she was in high school, and after that my mom decided to let my brother and I take it at home.

*shiver* Math and science: my least favorite subjects. Couldn't I just do an extra history course, instead?

Are you taking other co-op classes, too?

Millie said...

Maybe I will survive it...maybe...;-D

Hahaha, IDK what you're talking about! I can barely remember any of it! I have a pretty good memory (for interesting things...;-D) and a GREAT short-term memory. Meaning I can read something once and remember it completely for about a day, but after that it's GONE! Hahaha...

That's nice. I usually take science at home (on the computer), but my mother forced my to take Biology!

Omigosh, I'm exactly the same way! When I was 7 I was reading college history text books, but even now in high school I would probably fail a third grade science test! ;-D And math is just utterly EVIL!

This year mostly all my co-op classes are electives, as I do Math at home (and I for me, History and English aren't really required anymore...). At co-op I take: British Literature, Art, Filmmaking, Coffeeshop (we run a co-op coffeeshop, so I make drinks, pull shots, steam milk, take orders, etc...), Jane Austen (my mom's class), and Biology!

Have you ever done a co-op?

Amanda Cooper said...

Exactly! Ask me who was in Ball of Fire or It's A Wonderful Life, and I can reel off a list of names - I can usually name the writers, directors, producers, and costume designers too, as well as telling you what studio released the picture in what year! But what is the exact definition of a flagellum? (Or is the singular supposed to be "flagella?") Uh... huh? A little thingy that propels bacteria by spinning 'round and 'round?

Can you guess what I found while browsing around in the history section of a bookstore this summer? A WWII Desk Reference! It's huge, and I'll probably never be able to read it all, but it's really handy when I want to look something up.

Whoever first thought that algebra was a good idea should have been dope-slapped. It's torture!

Oh, this is so unfair, it isn't even funny! Brit Lit? Filmmaking? Art? Jane Austen?? - Coffeeshop??? I just wish I could take classes like those! Most of the home-schooled high schoolers in my area are taking dual-credit at the community college, so there aren't always enough kids for a high school co-op class to "make." It's mostly just little kids, these days, and they get the cool classes - like art and literature. Us highschool kids are left with just a handful of courses to choose from, and half of them aren't at all interesting! Okay, sorry about that rant - I'm just a little bitter.... ; )

I'm also taking my mom's classes! Intro to Writing and Research Paper Writing - both of which I took last year, too. I would've had some different classes during those periods, but the teacher only had about two students (including me), which wouldn't have covered the expense of gas AND babysitter fees (she has small children). Rgh! Sorry, was I ranting again?

Millie said...

Hahaha, me too!

Wait, a Flagellum spins around? All I remembered was that it was a form of locomotion! ;-D

SO COOL! I love books like that!

I know! Algebra is deathly!

It's the same here! I'm actually starting the college classes next year (not excited, but I am excited for the credits!)...those were practically the only choices! We normally have a lot better selection, but there's practically no one in HS coming this year!

I can understand you bitterness!


Amanda Cooper said...

Maybe those flagellum that spin around are specialized... I have no clue. : P I could be thinking of something entirely different!

It's so cool! It even has a section about women in the military! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find information about that stuff? I'd love to have a book just about the involvement of women in WWII. It seems that the Rosie Riveters are remembered much better than the WACS and WAVES, which seems a bit unfair. Sure, the riveters were amazing, and I admire them very much, but what about the women who went into combat?

I'll be old enough to start taking dual-credit classes next year, too! I don't know if I will be though - I haven't heard anything about it from my mom or dad.

Do you have an idea what you'd like to major in?

Amanda Cooper said...

I almost forgot to tell you something! I love your new playlist - I could listen to Bobby all day! Mack The Knife was running through my head yesterday, making me smile. It's such a great song - kind of morbid and creepy, but it's also very cheerful!

emma wallace said...

Ooh! I love Hayley Mills (Why cry about bad weather? Enjjjjoy it!) but never seen The Moon-Spinners! Thank you for the recommendation!

Audrey said...

I love Trouble With Angels! Hayley Mills is such a spunky, perfectly adorable actress...and I love how she talks. :)


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