Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I am utterly and irreparably addicted to at the moment!

~Alias Smith And Jones~

Only recently I discovered that this show, which previously I had only been able to watch now and then when it aired on TV (even then they were always mostly Roger "Fake Heyes" Davis episodes), was available almost in it's entirety on Hulu! From then, there was just no backing down. I just can't help myself! I keep watching them over and over and over and over....

P.S. My very favorite episode is Never Trust an Honest Man...

~Kid Curry's strange facial expressions~

Seriously, I crack up laughing every time I see his face:

(Kid Curry is on the right of this photo)

~Cherry Honey Ricola Cough Drops~

So, I actually didn't know that it was possible to overdose on Natural Herb Throat Drops (from Switzerland no less), but apparently it is. This occurred a week or two ago, on a Sunday. I was feeling poorly and was simultaneously chatting on AIM with Kate, Sarah, Casey, and Nicole. I was also quickly consuming an entire family pack of Cherry Honey Ricolas. I was even doing a countdown of how many I had left (okay, so I don't have a lot to bring to the conversation...I had to say something)! I had about four left, when suddenly I read the back of the package - and I quote - "Adults and children 6 years and older [well, I am over 6] dissolve [dissolve, what? I always start out sucking on them, but then end up chewing's like my teeth get impatient] 2 drops [Um, only 2?] (one at a time [oh, yeah, I was so only chewing them one at a time]) slowly [I tried to chew them slowly!] in the mouth. Repeat every two hours [Oops, every 2 HOURS, not every 2 MINUTES? Just a little misunderstanding!] as as [Oh my gosh, the Ricola wrapper had a typo!] needed or as directed by a doctor [I feel like most doctors don't give out prescriptions for Ricola, but I could be totally wrong!]"

Yeah, so I mentioned my slight error to my concerned fellow bloggers, who tried to stage an intervention! But, it didn't work cause I was crawling along on the floor looking for a Ricola which had fallen out of it's wrapper!

~Trying to get Kate to at least tolerate Tyrone Power~

Really Kate? How can you not love those beautiful eyes?

^Swiped from DKoren at Sidewalk Crossings

~Procrastinating with Style~

Really it's so much more fun then your average procrastination!

~Wearing my black wool beret~

^That's not me, that's just some random person wearing a beret!

I have to admit, it was slightly awkward the other day when some old guy (the spitting image of Davy Jones in the present day) was also wearing a black wool beret...

~Fashion at the Oscars~

And, well I think that's about it for current addictions...I'm sure I'll be adding more soon! ;-D

BTW, my Lovely Lady of the Week, should be posted tomorrow!


Kate Gabrielle said...

Haha you are HILARIOUS! The Ricola package thing is hysterical. With a typo!!!

Those eyes aren't gorgeous... sorry... (and is he wearing eyeliner?)

Maybe I'll give AS&J a chance just so I can see what all the fuss is about!

Millie said...

I know! I was just typing it up and was like WHAT?!?!

Um, yes, they are! Gosh, he's a pirate! Pirate's wear eyeliner...okay? ;-D

YES, YES, YES! You must! We (and Casey) should all watch an episode at the same time and chat about it!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Sounds like a plan! I've always wondered what was actually going on when I saw

Where's kid...

Okay, 20 minutes and no kid...

Kid! He's here but he's with an old ugly woman..

Okay, the woman got away...

No kid again...


Millie said...

ROFL! Sorry about that...a bit confusing, eh?

But, seriously she wasn't UGLY, she was just a creepo! I mean she falls for The Kid, and then she turns him in for the $10,000 ransom on his head, and she starts crying and later dynamites a hole in his jail cell and lets him escape...I mean seriously! She was schizophrenic or something!

Merriam said...

Ha ha! That ricola bit was hilarious!

Millie said...


Amanda Cooper said...

I love Alias Smith & Jones! I have yet to see the series, but I've been watching the movie for as long as I can remember! Hm... I need to get that out again....

Millie said...

Yay, another AS&J fan!

Oh, I love the pilot movie! It really sets up the series! But, you should really try some of the regular episodes too! They are hilarious!

Amanda Cooper said...

Say no more! I've just added the first season to my Netflix queue (I really don't know why I didn't do this sooner...), and I promise to watch it very soon! Double Indemnity and All About Eve are taking priority at the moment, but I'll get the first disc of AS&J right after those.

By the way, while we're on the subject of Wacky Westerns, I read one of your old posts awhile back about Cat Ballou - also a favorite of mine! It was probably my favorite movie from age 4 to about... 7-ish, and even then I think it was second only to White Christmas (which I can watch even in the heat of summer). Okay, I'm going to go watch that right now. Thanks for reminding me how much I love these two movies!

Millie said...

Yes, that is so exciting! You will really like them! My favorite episode ever is on that season!

Oh my gosh, I used to watch White Christmas in the heat of summer too! It was such a favorite movie!

I'm really so glad, that you are going to go watch Cat Ballou! It's such a great and hilarious western spoof!

Amanda Cooper said...

I'm really getting excited about this!

You too? I always thought I was the only one who did that! When I was little, I'd try to dance along - of course, I couldn't keep up with Vera-Ellen, but few people can, right?

That movie never fails to make me laugh! "Is a square dance anything like a war dance?" "It is now."

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Millie: Have you checked out the AS&J book that was published a few years ago? It's called "Alias Smith & Jones: The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men."

I was/am a huge fan of the show and remember becoming immediately obsessed with the show many years ago, when a local channel aired them every weekday one summer. The episodes weren't the remastered gems that aired on the encore westerns channel---they looked sludgy, dirty, and brown! It was a revelation to see the episodes cleaned up.

My favorite episode is "The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going Gone."

NoirGirl said...

I LOVE this Millie! Too hilarious!! I had no idea the Ricolas were a FAMILY PACK! Heavens, it's a miracle you survived! ;)

I'm totally up for watching AS&J and chatting at the same time. We really should do that! :D

I also have a black wool beret and am plotting to wear it next week with an outfit. Yay for berets!

I want to hear more about this procrastinating with style... I think I need to doll up my procrastination!

DKoren said...

Oh Millie, this post made me grin and laugh. Your asides in the Ricola directions (complete with typo) busted me up. I love berets! Okay, I love hats in general. Wouldn't know what to do without all my hats!

And Kate, they are TOO beautiful eyes. I may not have a crush on Tyrone Power, but that doesn't stop me from appreciating beauty when I see it! His eyes are one of the things I love most about his looks. I think you're just fully distracted by Dirk right now. :-D

Millie said...

Amanda: Yay!

Well, I thought I was the only one...hahahaha! I used to get my little brother (four then) to dance with me!

I know that square dance scene is just about the best scene in the movie!

C.K.: No, I haven't! I've heard of it, but sadly my library doesn't have it...and I am absolutely broke as usual! ;-D

Wowzies, I've been so surprised to see just how many people know this show and love it! It just goes to show how amazing it! And I'm sure it would be more famous today if Pete Duel had not died!

I know! I watch the eps on Retro TV Network and they are pretty bad! But, on Hulu the first season is positively pristine!

Oh, that episode is quite brilliant! Although, it always makes me so angry when the Kid is forced to dance! I just can't wait for him to shoot Lee Majors! And then they go and take all the pleasure from it, because of the pastor! DARN! ;-D And the scene where Kid and Heyes are fighting over whether they should go to breakfast or not always makes me laugh, because it's so Kid! Besides sleeping, he like eating most of all!

Casey: I guess, I, um didn't mention that, um...;-D

Cool! Maybe we could do it sometime before I leave!

Berets are so cool!

Well, it's really the art of learning how to make excellent, believable excuses! ;-D

DKoren: I'm so glad you liked it! Ricola is amazing, but that typo really broke my illusion of perfection coming from them...sad...;-D

Yay! I love hats too! That's one of the old fashions I really wish would come back into style!

Thank you for backing me up!

It is all Dirk's fault...errr!


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