Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Early Birthday, Kate!

I'm leaving in a couple of hours (gosh, I need to get to sleep) and I won't be here for Kate's birthday on Thursday! So, I wanted to wish her Happy Birthday today!

Seriously, Kate, you are one the most amazing bloggers/twitterer/tumblrers/AIMers/whatevers EVER!

You've made me laugh so many times! And you've left my speechless (well, not quite! But really I never am speechless...I can always muster up some inane comment) about your talent! And really, I have THE most fun ever chatting/arguing with you!

Ahem, speaking of arguing...

Kid's cooler.


Anyways, thanks for being such a cool, practically perfect blogger! And as a special birthday gift, I promise to NOT steal your coats...right now!

Happy Birthday!

And by the way, WHEN are you going to watch the Ty movie? I let you off the hook Saturday, because it was understood that you were gonna do it Sunday...well, it's Tuesday...and still NO Tyrone Power film has been watched! TSK, TSK, TSK!

-The Millie!


Kate Gabrielle said...

You're so fantastic! I can't wait til you get back-- and I'll tell you what- I'll watch a Ty movie while you're gone AND write a blog post about it. That way it will be there for you to read when you get back. :D

And Heyes is cooler. So there. ;)

ps. FANTASTIC photo of Dirk! yipiee :D

Nasim said...

Happy birth day to kate. He is my favorite bloggers.
Happy Birthday!!
Thanks for your nic e blogging job.
have a nice time

Shaon said...
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