Monday, November 23, 2009

Ingy quiz!

I will be back to regular posting soon! I first just wanted to thank everyone who commented on my blog while I was gone/returning! It meant a lot!

And now here is a super-cool quiz courtesy of the inimitable Alexis of Ingrid Bergman Life and Films!

1. What's your favorite Ingrid film? So difficult! But, I THINK it's Gaslight. Although, really! I j'adore every Ingy!

2. Who's your favorite leading man from a film with Ingrid? Hmm, tie between Cary Grant and Gregory Peck. Oh, I also adore her with Joseph Cotton. Runners up: Charles Boyer.

3. Who would you LOVE to see her with? Dana Andrews, in some kind of random Swedish film noir...

4. What action film would you cast Ingrid in? North by Northwest (get rid of Eva Marie Saint)!

5. In which current/classic TV show would she have been a great cast member? Hahaha, it would be REALLY funny if I said Alias Smith and Jones, but I'm not going to. I think she would have been really good on some cool 60's show, like The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Saint. She also could have been such a cool villain on Wild Wild West.

6. Long hair Ingrid or short? She looks amazing every way, but I'll go with short.

7. Ingrid in Sweden, Italy or U.S.? U.S.

8. Who's your favorite of her children? Pia!!!!

9. Favorite photo of Ingrid? My post on just that subject! The real tie has always been between these two photos:

10. If you had to write a book report on Ingrid, what would it be titled? Ingy and those amazing eyes!

Great quiz Alexis!


FrivolousFlapper said...

I'd never seen that pic of Ingy with the babies. EXACTLY the outfit I want to live in next summer. xoxo.

Alexis said...

I was also going to put the Dick Van Dyke show- I'm kind of obsessed with Mary Tyler Moore right now. Reading 2 of her books and watching as much MTM and DVDS as possible! :)
Thanks for taking the quizzz!! Glad you liked it!

Mike said...

1. Notorious
2. bogy
3. Cary
4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith !
5. ?!
6. Long
7. USA (because there, they could get more of her talent )
8. Pia
( because it shows all of her beautiful body not only her magic face )

10. "Angle of cinema : Ingrid Bergman"
"Ingrid Bergman : The Actress that knew too much"

hana-bi. said...

Oh my gah...
Number four...
Seriously, reading that was the highlight of my day. That would have been made of so much win. It would be so badass. You should have casted that movie. D:

P.S: "I j'adore every Ingy" is redundant, that's like saying I I adore every Ingy. ;)

P.S.S: I love that picture of Ray Milland in your sidebar. It's really hot. XD

emme said...

Oh my goodness...I really thought you had better taste, Millie! Replace Eva Marie Saint with Ingrid Bergman?!? Never!

I'm sincerely hoping you typed that response in a "too much traveling" sort of stupor... :P


emme said...

And now that you've shown my beloved Eva such'll NEVER get my "almost meeting" tale out of me now!! ;)

*cackles wickedly*

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, "Gaslight." Totally cemented my crush on Joseph Cotten!

Richard Hourula said...

Millie, I'm going to get my first look at Ingrid in an Italian film, Stomboli, next Saturday. I'll probably write a post about it. Have you seen it? She did for director Roberto Rossellini with whom she had three children.
I agree that she would have been a vast improvement over Eva in North by Northwest, even though I think Eva was just dandy. Nice to have you back.

Millie said...

Flapper:I know! Me too! Such a lovely summer dress! And those sandals...AMAZING!

Alexis: I love MTM too! But, someone already said that (you?) so. I didn't want to copy!

Your welcome! I really enjoyed it!

Mike: Nice answers, Mike!!!

Hana-bi: I know! I was seriously trying to think of an action movie...and it came to me! Gosh, she would have been so brilliant!

Oh, thanks for catching that! I started righting something else and didn't backspace all the letters!

Hahaha, you are my linguistics expert!

It's from The Lost Weekend. Have you seen that yet?

Emme: I KNEW you were gonna say something! ;-D

Um, no, I was fully rested and well!

I'm sorry, but Eva has always sorta reminded me of a fish in that movie, I don't know if it was the hair style or what! Nothing against her personally!!

Hahaha, no! Don't give me the wicked cackle! I still want to hear the story!!!

Rachel: It's interesting how that character was changed in the remake! In the original it was just some old inspector. In the remake it was JC, it kinda changed the story drastically (for the better IMO)!

Richard: I haven't!! So sad! I really want to, but I've never been able to see it. Well, thank you for agreeing with me. I think it would have just changed everything up a bit. With Eva, the character is rather forgotten. She get's lost behind Cary and James Mason. Ingrid could have held her own! And she's just a million times more cool than anyone else! ;-D


Mel said...

Love Ingrid! I'm actually watching her in Cactus Flower right now, and she is so funny when she's dancing! It's too bad she didn't do more comedies, because she's hilarious!

Anonymous said...
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