Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Mr. Tamblyn!

Today is Russ Tamblyn's 75th birthday! I wish him many more years!

Although, most people always think of Riff the leader of the Jets when they think of Russ, I will ALWAYS think of Gideon, the second coolest Pontipee brother (only behind Adam) from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!

Watch the brilliant barn dance scene from SBFSB choreographed by Michael Kidd! Russ is in the bright blue shirt:


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A necessary Christmastime viewing for my family...

The one word that best describes The Snowman is beautiful. It's also joyful and bittersweet....but ultimately just beautiful!

It's always been a family favorite! Even as a very young child (4) I was fascinated by this wordless short film!

Anyways, you can watch it here!

My favorite scene:


Monday, December 21, 2009

Millie's ABSOLUTE Favorite Twenty Actresses!

Kate started a new tag of 20 Favorite Actresses, because some of us were just new to blogging when it went around last time! Anyways, just like my 20 Favorite Actors post in March, I am choosing my two favorite ROLES, not films of each particular actress!

Expect LOTS of cliches, cause that's what the cool people do! ;-D


Favorite Roles: Paula Alquist in Gaslight; Alicia Huberman in Notorious

Will there ever in the history of the world be another actress, SO brilliant, SO gorgeous, and SO talented? I just DON'T think so!


Nicole Bonet in How To Steal A Million; Princess Anne in Roman Holiday

Everything about Audrey is amazing. The reason she is still so popular today is that her personality, style, and everything is one of a kind, and NEVER boring!


Francie Stevens in To Catch A Thief; Tracy Lord in High Society

Grace was in just 11 films, and yet is still remembered today as one of the greatest actresses ever! That's because each performance was brilliant and unforgettable. You get the feeling Grace Kelly was just born a great actress.

THE REST ARE IN NO ORDER REALLY....except the first few are on a sorta different level then the lower ones, but not much!

Jean Arthur

Connie Mulligan in The More The Merrier; Mary Smith in Easy Living

Jean is just Jean! I don't know what to say. She's beautiful, she makes me laugh, she's a great actress. She was painfully shy, yet was one of the most natural actresses ever. You never even NOTICED she was acting! THAT'S BRILLIANCE!

The Carole

Ann Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Maria Tura in To Be or Not To Be



Gidget in Gidget; Joan Howell in That Funny Feeling

Sandra Dee is really horribly underrated. Even in her day she was dismissed as nothing but a "teen movie star". She was so much more. She was mind-blowing in her early dramatic roles (she was only 13 in her debut Until They Sail). And then was later shown to be a brilliant comedienne!

The Stanwyck

Elizabeth Lane in Christmas In Connecticut; Ann Mitchell in Meet John Doe

I've loved The Stanwyck since I was five. I was mesmerized when she came on screen. I watched anything and everything I could get my hands on! I still utterly adore her. SHEESH! I watched the entire first season of Big Valley for HER! (That was a great sacrifice by the way!)

Irene Dunne

Lucy Warriner in The Awful Truth; Ellen Arden in My Favorite Wife (COUGH....COUGH...cliche....COUGH...COUGH!)

A resume for Irene would look like this:

Hysterically funny; brilliantly amazing! Also does Oscar-nominated drama and and can sing opera. Oh, and she can be a delegate to the UN, if you need her too be.

Gene Tierney

Laura Hunt in Laura; Miranda Wells in Dragonwyck

Gosh, she's so annoying. I mean, she's one of the most absolutely gorgeous ladies ever...even though she had an underbite!! If that's not the most annoying thing ever, I don't know what is! Oh, she was also a brilliant actress.

Olivia De Havilland

Kit Carson Holliday in Santa Fe Trail; Cathrine Sloper in The Heiress

Where should I start? She could be in swashbucklers, play an insane person (The Snake Pit), play a "ugly" (kinda was too impossible) old maid, and a zillion other amazing roles! I am convinced she can play anything convincingly! Oh, and not to start a fight or anything, but Olivia was about 50 zillion times cooler and more amazing then her sister! ;-D

Doris Day

Jan Morrow in Pillow Talk; Erica Stone in Teacher's Pet; Calamity Jane in Calamity Jane
(rules are made to be broken.....I told you I love cliches! ;-D)

I ADORE DORIS! She's so amazing! It's impossible to NOT get happy watching her in a film. And that's why I love her so much! She can always cheer me up! (P.S. I wrote her last year and she sent me back a personalized, signed photo!!!)

Deanna Durbin

Caroline Frost in Can't Help Singing; Nikki Collins in Lady on a Train

She made 22 films in just 12 years and then just left (at the height of her popularity) Hollywood forever to have a family. Unfortunately she is virtually forgotten today, but I will ALWAYS remember her! And the joy she has brought to me, since I was about five or six!

Hayley Mills

Nikky Ferris in The Moon-Spinners; Patti Randall in That Darn Cat!

She is no normal "child star"! When describing Hayley people use words like "brilliant", "talented", and "stupendously amazingly cool" (well, actually, only I use the latter, since I DID copyright it)! I just LOVE her!

Joanne Woodward

Eve White, etc... in The Three Faces of Eve; Clara Varner in The Long, Hot Summer; Grace Oglethorpe Bannerman in Rally 'Round The Flag Boys (I've also got a kinda soft spot in my heart for A New Kind Of Love, no matter how awful that movie really was! ;-D)
Joanne's sorta a more recent favorite, but I think she's just so amazing! I don't know what to say. She could play everything (as evidenced by her amazing multiple personalities performance in The Three Faces of Eve!)! She could do crazy drama, or a wacky comedy, everything!

Natalie Wood

Maggie Dubois in The Great Race; Angie Rossini in Love with the Proper Stranger
Haha, I feel guilty putting Natalie down as one of my favorites, because Sarah and Merriam LOVE HER SOOOOOO MUCH! I always think they'll grill me and find me completely unworthy of calling her a fav! Hahaha! Anyways, I think Natalie is just crazy amazing! And so beautiful. She was a brilliant child actress and an even more brilliant leading lady!

Cyd Charisse

Gabrielle Gerard in Band Wagon; Ninotchka Yoschenko in Silk Stockings

Utterly and stupidly underrated! Cyd was a brilliant dancer (the greatest female dancer on film, in my opinion)! And a stupendous actress. Plus, she was beyond gorgeous. And, I really, really wish I had her voice! Hahaha....

Ginger Rogers

Susan Applegate in The Major and The Minor; Dinah Barkley in The Barkleys of Broadway (I'm one of the four people who actually think this film is amazing); Kathie O'Hara in Once Upon A Honeymoon

Love her! Not only was she one half of the greatest dancing team ever...she was an amazing actress. I don't know, she's just Ginger Rogers. She's impossible to not love!

Thelma Ritter

Alma in Pillow Talk; Stella in Rear Window (she's got all the good lines); Birdie in All About Eve (um, she's actually the only reason I ever watch this movie....)

Thelma rules.

Myrna Loy

Muriel Blandings in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House; Nora Charles in anything

Myrna was great in everything. It's just as simple as that. There is NO role she was not amazing in. I really do just love her!

I am seriously hyperventilating right now, trying to decide my 20th! I keep feeling like I'm forgetting someone beyond important! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Well, I'll just go for it!

Rosalind Russell

Sylvia Fowler in The Women; Hildy Johnson in His Girl Friday
Roz was so stinkin' cool! I personally like her comedies best, but her dramas were just as brilliant! She more than deserved that 20th place!

Okay, I did it! You don't even want to know how hard that was for me!!!!! Now, will come list-makers regret! (Yes, I'm so cool, I get to make up my own disorders!) I always get list-makers regret! I make a list, and then realize I forgot someone and then get incredibly depressed. Anyways, here's hoping I won't get it! ;-D

I would love to see your favorite twenty lists too! Consider yourself tagged!

Photo of the Day!

This is what I like to call a "guest Photo of the Day"! Lolita sent me this photo, thinking it would be a great Photo of the Day...and she was right! Anyways:

Julie Andrews...

Thanks, Lolita! Send me photos ANY time! You ALWAYS send great ones!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Sandra Dee all ready for snow!

I AM TOO! Sheesh, us Pacific Northwesters NEVER get snow on Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas movie quotes...that I use ALL year 'round!

I love quoting movies. I love Christmas movies. I LOVE quoting Christmas movies!

Here are a few of my most favorite oft-quoted Yule (thanks a lot Mercurie! Now, I keep saying Yule!) quotes, that I (and my family) literally quote ALL THE TIME!

"I will go, but I must be fed!" -A Christmas Carol (Alastair Sim's version! THE only version.) This is most often spoken when it becomes necessary to go to an unwanted party or wedding, etc...

"Eat, Papa! EAT" -Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer (Okay, recently, my family discovered that apparently Mrs. Clause does NOT actually say the word "Papa" during this particular quote! A heavy blow to our family structure to say the LEAST!)

"Assaulting Santa is NO laughing matter!" - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause (This may be from a 2001, horribly acted, made-for-TV movie...but it's STILL CLASSIC! ;-D)

"...All it needed was a little love!" - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Aww, Linus! You're SO right!)

"What a Christmas! Hohohoho! What a Christmas!" - Christmas In Connecticut (Must be said in Sydney Greenstreet's voice or it just won't work!)

"We'll be indeeeeependent together!" -Rudolph The Red-nosed Reindeer (My older sister can do the most brilliant impersonation of Hermie the elf!)

"How Much is wow?" .... "Right in between ouch and BOOOOINNNNNGGG" - White Christmas (Really, having the right facial expression is also quite important!)

"Mutual I'm sure!" - White Christmas (The voice is everything!)

"Pushing, pushing..." - White Christmas

"He always has that look! It doesn't mean anything emotionally. It has something to do with his... liver." - Holiday Inn (The possibilities of this quote are SO ENDLESS it's mind-blowing! I've used in practically every situation I've ever been in! ;-D)

"No gin tonight, son."..... "Aw, Pop, just a little."....."No, son, not one drop" -It's A Wonderful Life (Come on admit it, you've really wanted to say this, but just haven't had the proper time/place! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT! Say it anytime. It could be at the dinner table and some asks to pass the ketchup, THIS is your response! Or you are at a party, THIS is a perfect ice breaker! It will instantly set the mood!)

"Does someone need a hug?" - Elf (Brilliant!)

"Razzleberry dressing!" - Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (Actually, I sing the entire song...OFTEN!)

Well, I think that's about it! Whenever I make posts like this, I always start out with a multitude of things to write down, and then by the end I can't recall anything else! Sheesh!

Hahaha, so you MIGHT be hearing about more Christmas quotes soon! ;-D

Next up on the Christmas (not Yule...fight not to say Yule...;-D) agenda: A play-by-play of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer! Be SURE and come back to read THAT! ;-D

Merry Christmas!


Photo of the Day!

James Dean Sunday!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Time to accept some belated awards!!!!!

I always feel awful when people give me awards! One because I really don't deserve them and two, because I ALWAYS forget to post it to my blog and pass it on! Sheesh! Right now, in particular there are two awards waiting for me to pass them on!

One, from Merriam dated November 30th. And one from Lolita dates OCTOBER 7TH!!!!

Just shoot me now.

Anyways, you don't know how honored I feel to receive these awards! It feels even better getting awards when you know you don't deserve them, then we you get awards and you think you deserve them. I KNOW I don't deserve them, so it feels quite wonderful. Anyways....;-D

I'm gonna give the same seven people both awards because they OF COURSE deserve both!

Lolita first:

The cool (this is a word that BEST describes her) Lolita of Lolita's Classics gave me The Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you SOOOOO much! And please forgive me for not responding right away!

The rules:

1) Tell you seven things that you don't already know about me.
2) Name seven other blogs to receive this award.
3) Leave a comment on each of the blogs I have nominated letting them know that I have given them an award.
4) And lastly, thank the blog that gave you the award.

Merriam next:

Merriam's loverly! Beyond loverly! Thanks ever so! She gave me The Vintage Style Award!

1. Link to who gave you the award.
2. Give the award to 7 blogs you love.
3. Let the people you have awarded know.

Without further ado!

Lolita of Lolita's Classics

Lolita is just Lolita. Infinitely cool. And infinitely clever. And infinitely hilarious. And plus she's from Sweden, and I don't know why, but that just makes her even cooler. Her blog is addicting. If you read one post you HAVE to read every single one!

Merriam of Bygone Brilliance

Brilliance is right! Her blog has the perfect balance of intelligence and just plain hilarity. Something I wish I could achieve. Unfortunately I am lacking in intelligence and most of the hilarity comes from people laughing AT me, not WITH me. ;-D Anyways, I love Merriam's blog! I wish she would post more often. I drop everything when I see a post from her on my dashboard. And I rush to read it!

Harley of Dreaming in Black and White

HARLEY!!! I adore Harley's blog. There is nothing more cheerful or more familiar or just plain cool! She writes about everything and anything with perfect ease! A new post from her is a definite treat!

Sarah of Cinema Splendor

Heck, I've said this before, but Sarah's THE reason I got a blog. We were friends in the old TCM Message Boards days, long before we were blogging, and um, AIMing, and Twittering, and Tumblring, and Miss-Vintageing, (and many, many, many other places) friends! She's just a year older than me, but waaaaay beyond me! Heck, she can even speak in a British accent if she wants! ;-D

Kate of Silents and Talkies

Not much to say about Kate. She's amazing. Okay, beyond amazing. Actually it's rather irksome to me that I can't find ANYTHING wrong with ANYTHING she does. She positively perfect! ;-D And, of course we DO share a brain (it's been proven!)...the right side of the brain to be exact. And, of course we do communicate through any NUMBER of means (Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, AIM) practically 24/7! I don't know WHAT I am trying to say with this! Just that Kate and her blog are super-cool!

Raquelle of Out of the Past

I have always been in awe of Raquelle and her blogs. I've never wanted to give her an award because I just felt "not worthy enough" (hahaha, I'm NOT kidding!)! But, I just HAVE to overcome this fear and just give it to her! Haha! She's really so brilliant and her blogs are so well-written and thought out. I read every post she writes and love every one. She's gotten me to do a number of things, from finally watching The Hustler to making beef stew on a whim because she wrote about it at her food blog! Her blogs are cool.

Nicola of Classic Hollywood Nerd

NIIIIIIIIIIICCOLLLLLLAAAAAAA! (Rhymes with Ricola) is so cool. Sheesh, she has a poll about who would take on The Amazing Race with you on her blog right now. That's cool. Plus she has TONS of cool series, that I love to read. Her blog is highly enjoyable and highly well-written! I recommend it to anyone. She deserves BILLIONS of followers! That's how good her blog is!

Casey of NoirGirl (sheesh, one of those pesky WordPress bloggers....;-D)

Auntie Casey! Casey's blog is GREAT! (Even if it is a WordPress blog.....) I love everything she writes about. Recently I've gotten to know her much better (hence the reason that at the age of 21 she is now my Auntie Casey), she is just WOWZIE KAZAM amazing! And she's also a member of The Pink Outfit Club and the Jamie-boy Club (of which I am also a member) and that just makes her doubly amazing!

All these blogs are amazing! So you should go immediately and check them out! :-D

Thanks again Lolita and Merriam! And sorry about the wait!

Photo of the Day!

Gene Tierney....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Photo of the Day!

This is Hayley Mills just sitting there being cooler than everyone else...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I will never not listen to Kate AGAIN!

Kate has been PLEADING with me FOREVER to watch a Dirk Bogarde film! I had no access to any, so she started plotting and planning which film she was gonna send me first for my Dirk Debut!

She finally decided on So Long At The Fair, I was actually quite excited, because it DOES have Jean Simmons (who I ADORE) in it. And Honor Blackman (her Cathy Gale was WAAAAAY cooler than Emma Peel, if you ask me!)...and random other cool British character actors! So, it definitely looked cool.

Dirk....well not so much! ;-D (Just kidding Kate! Don't send The Assassin after me!!!)

It really did not disappoint!

It was quite an intriguing mystery and the ending was COMPLETELY unexpected. Really! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

Jean was beyond stupendously amazingly cool in it! And Dirk, well, I guess he was okay...;-D

No, really he was quite good too. Although it was really weird watching a film of him for the first time, because I felt like I already knew him! Seriously, it's all those Discovering Dirk posts...I was like, "Oh, an artist, OF COURSE! I mean that's SO Dirk" (Yes, I literally talk to myself about fictional characters as if they're real...while alone in my room late at night!) Kate would be proud of how familiar Dirk seemed!

Anyways, there was also the super cool masquerade outfit that Kate and Casey had been telling be about! Very reminiscent of Audrey's crazy cool outfit in How To Steal A Million!



Yeah, so that was a highlight, but the whole film was GREAT! Literally, one of my new favorites!

^Jean was positively brilliant!

Yep, so tonight I'm gonna watch the other Dirk Kate sent me: Penny Princess. Now, THIS is a film I CANNOT pass up! It's got British accents and is all about CHEESE! It was made for me! ;-D

And speaking of watching films, since you promised you would! I think there's SOMEBODY around here who PROMISED (two months ago) to watch a Tyrone Power film...I don't want to mention names! Let's just say Kate G....uh, no, I mean K. Gabrielle....


Okay, that's all! Be sure and check out Kate's blog: Discovering Dirk Bogarde!

Watch So Long At The Fair


Photo of the Day!

Ingy's THAT cool! ;-D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Cathrine Deneuve! Am I the only one who ALWAYS need to google her last name to make sure I'm spelling it right? I'm still not sure I am. And of course the red line spell check puts under it makes feel in more doubtful of my spelling skills....;-D

I promise I am back posting my Photo of the Day...EVERY SINGLE DAY! My new found addiction to Twitter and Tumblr WILL NOT PREVAIL over ClassicForever! Thanks for sticking around faithful followers!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 88th Birthday to the great, wonderful, beyond amazing, Deanna Durbin!

I just love Deanna Durbin, so much, that's it difficult for me to find something to say on this occasion of her 88th birthday!

She has always meant so much to me! When I was 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 she was my absolute favorite actress ever! I checked out her films constantly from the library! In fact, I've seen all but one of her films at least once! Most many, many times! She's inexplicably underrated and unknown today (although, she probably appreciates the latter, being such a private person)! But, not to me! I really think she's just the greatest!

In fact a few months ago I sent her a letter, oh my, it was THE most disjointed and horribly written thing ever, but I just said how she meant so much to me! To tell you the truth I had been planning and rewriting this letter since I was 8, but I finally just decided to do it! I wasn't expecting anything back, just the thought that she MIGHT actually read it was the coolest thing ever! But, amazingly, just two weeks later I received an envelope from Deanna Durbin David! I was so excited I was jumping up and down! She sent me a personalized, signed photo of herself.

Unfortunately, it was sitting on my desk, awaiting a frame, and I went away for the weekend. When I came back it was gone, I think someone accidentally threw it away. This is so upsetting!!! :-( I did scan it before it disappeared, but it's just not the same!

ANYWAYS, away from that sad story! Haha, I have a few Deanna related items and one of my very favorites is a 1938 article from LIFE magazine! I scanned it for you to read, but my scanner is being incredibly annoying and cut off parts of the article AND made everything very blurry! UGH! Anyways, here it is (click to enlarge):

It's difficult to choose my favorite Deanna film, because I love them all, but the first film that I adored Deanna in was Can't Help Singing. When I was very young (like 5) I had seen Three Smart Girls A BILLION ZILLION times! But, I had never connected that THAT was Deanna Durbin. But, one day, when I was about seven, I saw a VHS of Can't Help Singing checked out from the library just sitting around! My mom said I could watch it, so I put it in. By the time the finale came up and they were singing "Californiay" I was gone! I've never stopped loving Deanna since then. And she is LITERALLY a part of my childhood! Especially, between the ages of about 8-11! Anyways...

And now, some random picspam!

^Aww, cute little Deanna!

^With Eddie Cantor

Sorry about this disjointed post! Hahaha, I can never write clearly when talking about Deanna! ;-D

Check out KC's brilliant post on Deanna!

Hmm, maybe I'll go watch Lady On A Train...


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