Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday Mr. Tamblyn!

Today is Russ Tamblyn's 75th birthday! I wish him many more years!

Although, most people always think of Riff the leader of the Jets when they think of Russ, I will ALWAYS think of Gideon, the second coolest Pontipee brother (only behind Adam) from Seven Brides For Seven Brothers!

Watch the brilliant barn dance scene from SBFSB choreographed by Michael Kidd! Russ is in the bright blue shirt:



Tom (Motion Picture Gems) said...

Cheers for Russ Tamblyn - Hollywood legend!!

sallytonks said...

Hooray! Happy Birthday! "I stand by Adam." "Don't stand too close."

Millie said...

Tom: YES! He is pretty amazing!

Sally: HAHAHAHAHA! That's like the best quote ever! Gosh, I just love that movie!

Jennifer said...

Happy belated birthday Russ Tamblyn! I liked him in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

NoirGirl said...

Yes Millie! I always think of Russ as being from SBfSB too!! My Mom always kids me about it whenever he pops up in a non-SBfSB film.

Many happy returns of the day to him! :D

Clarity said...

"Your own baby girl?" Gideon
"I shoulda known she'd have a girl" Adam

So touching in that film and I remember him even as Tom Thumb - how young he is though? I thought he would be older. Adorable.

Millie said...

Jennifer: He's just so good in SBFSB!

Casey: Haha, my mom doesn't even know who the heck he is. I was like all excited, "It's Russ Tamblyn's birthday!" and she was like, "And that is.....?" SHEESH!

Clarity: That's another great quote! I know, but he started quite young in films!


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