Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy 88th Birthday to the great, wonderful, beyond amazing, Deanna Durbin!

I just love Deanna Durbin, so much, that's it difficult for me to find something to say on this occasion of her 88th birthday!

She has always meant so much to me! When I was 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 she was my absolute favorite actress ever! I checked out her films constantly from the library! In fact, I've seen all but one of her films at least once! Most many, many times! She's inexplicably underrated and unknown today (although, she probably appreciates the latter, being such a private person)! But, not to me! I really think she's just the greatest!

In fact a few months ago I sent her a letter, oh my, it was THE most disjointed and horribly written thing ever, but I just said how she meant so much to me! To tell you the truth I had been planning and rewriting this letter since I was 8, but I finally just decided to do it! I wasn't expecting anything back, just the thought that she MIGHT actually read it was the coolest thing ever! But, amazingly, just two weeks later I received an envelope from Deanna Durbin David! I was so excited I was jumping up and down! She sent me a personalized, signed photo of herself.

Unfortunately, it was sitting on my desk, awaiting a frame, and I went away for the weekend. When I came back it was gone, I think someone accidentally threw it away. This is so upsetting!!! :-( I did scan it before it disappeared, but it's just not the same!

ANYWAYS, away from that sad story! Haha, I have a few Deanna related items and one of my very favorites is a 1938 article from LIFE magazine! I scanned it for you to read, but my scanner is being incredibly annoying and cut off parts of the article AND made everything very blurry! UGH! Anyways, here it is (click to enlarge):

It's difficult to choose my favorite Deanna film, because I love them all, but the first film that I adored Deanna in was Can't Help Singing. When I was very young (like 5) I had seen Three Smart Girls A BILLION ZILLION times! But, I had never connected that THAT was Deanna Durbin. But, one day, when I was about seven, I saw a VHS of Can't Help Singing checked out from the library just sitting around! My mom said I could watch it, so I put it in. By the time the finale came up and they were singing "Californiay" I was gone! I've never stopped loving Deanna since then. And she is LITERALLY a part of my childhood! Especially, between the ages of about 8-11! Anyways...

And now, some random picspam!

^Aww, cute little Deanna!

^With Eddie Cantor

Sorry about this disjointed post! Hahaha, I can never write clearly when talking about Deanna! ;-D

Check out KC's brilliant post on Deanna!

Hmm, maybe I'll go watch Lady On A Train...


Elisabeth said...

Did you know that LIFE Magazine is archived to read on Google? Here's the link to that article:

Anonymous said...


But I'm still so sad about your picture. =/

But Happy Birthday to Deanna, she had such an incredible voice!

Sarah Asay said...

i'd forgotten all about deanna! i'm still surprised she wasn't more well known....

KC said...

I love your Deanna post! Though I'm so sad you lost your signed photo. I suppose you at least have the satisfaction of getting a response from her. Thanks for the link. I'll be sure to link to you as well.

Millie said...

Elisabeth: I didn't know that! Thanks for the link!

HARLEY!! What are you doing stealing my phrase AGAIN?!! ;-D I know! I am highly depressed as well! Yay, she really did!

Sarah: It really is a pity! Hahaha, I still remember the time I got you to watch Can't Help Singing with me and all you could comment on were the lead actor's strange plaid pants!(And they really were strange)!

KC: Yes, that was a super exciting thing, and I'm glad I did scan it to the computer first! But, still it's not the same...:-( Oooh, thanks! I really loved the post you did!

jeanniemac said...

I'm happy to have found the site where I can watch and listen to Deanna.
What a fabulous voice! Her range is A below middle C up to E above high C.
When she was in her twenties, a young woman, she was gorgeous. I hope her life since she retired has been very happy.


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