Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I will never not listen to Kate AGAIN!

Kate has been PLEADING with me FOREVER to watch a Dirk Bogarde film! I had no access to any, so she started plotting and planning which film she was gonna send me first for my Dirk Debut!

She finally decided on So Long At The Fair, I was actually quite excited, because it DOES have Jean Simmons (who I ADORE) in it. And Honor Blackman (her Cathy Gale was WAAAAAY cooler than Emma Peel, if you ask me!)...and random other cool British character actors! So, it definitely looked cool.

Dirk....well not so much! ;-D (Just kidding Kate! Don't send The Assassin after me!!!)

It really did not disappoint!

It was quite an intriguing mystery and the ending was COMPLETELY unexpected. Really! I would absolutely recommend it to anyone!

Jean was beyond stupendously amazingly cool in it! And Dirk, well, I guess he was okay...;-D

No, really he was quite good too. Although it was really weird watching a film of him for the first time, because I felt like I already knew him! Seriously, it's all those Discovering Dirk posts...I was like, "Oh, an artist, OF COURSE! I mean that's SO Dirk" (Yes, I literally talk to myself about fictional characters as if they're real...while alone in my room late at night!) Kate would be proud of how familiar Dirk seemed!

Anyways, there was also the super cool masquerade outfit that Kate and Casey had been telling be about! Very reminiscent of Audrey's crazy cool outfit in How To Steal A Million!



Yeah, so that was a highlight, but the whole film was GREAT! Literally, one of my new favorites!

^Jean was positively brilliant!

Yep, so tonight I'm gonna watch the other Dirk Kate sent me: Penny Princess. Now, THIS is a film I CANNOT pass up! It's got British accents and is all about CHEESE! It was made for me! ;-D

And speaking of watching films, since you promised you would! I think there's SOMEBODY around here who PROMISED (two months ago) to watch a Tyrone Power film...I don't want to mention names! Let's just say Kate G....uh, no, I mean K. Gabrielle....


Okay, that's all! Be sure and check out Kate's blog: Discovering Dirk Bogarde!

Watch So Long At The Fair



Kate Gabrielle said...

I am SO thrilled that you liked it so much!! I was laughing out loud about the artist bit! haha!!! And it's so neat that you're discovering Dirk Bogarde now too!!! :D

ps. I promise I'll watch the Ty film before Christmas. Okay?

Millie said...

Yeah, it really was good! Now, my mom wants to see it too!

Well, that's exactly what I was thinking! HAHAHA!

WHAT??! Whatever happened to November 9th? AKA National Ty Film Day? ;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

I think it was November 7th but, um, I guess that didn't happen.... :-)

DKoren said...

This is a hilarious post, Millie. Oddly enough, this was the first film (okay, only film) of his I've seen so far. It was before Kate started her posts, but my sister and I were like, "who is this cute dashing guy and how come we've never seen him before now?"

Kate Gabrielle said...

Well, you should have known I'd stalk this post...

DEB!! You need to watch another Dirk Bogarde film pronto!! I really think you'd like him, especially in his 60's films and 50's war films. Please??? :)

Raquelle said...

Yay! Nice review. Just goes to show what gems can be found when a good friend personally recommends a film to you.

Is the subject of your post inspired by anything?

Millie said...

Kate: Of COURSE it didn't happen! You manage to sneak out of any Ty related viewings! ;-D

Deb: Aww, thanks! That's not odd at all. The world REALLY doesn't need Dirk at all...hehehehe...

Haha, here's Deb ALWAYS the peacemaker! Claiming to be a fan of both Ty AND Dirk...;-D

Kate: WHAT?!!? Now THIS seems a bit hypicritical! Telling her to watch Dirk when YOU still haven't watched a Ty! REALLY?!!?! ;-D

Raquelle: Thanks! Oh, I totally agree! Just recently I've watched several good films because of personal recommendations! The Hustler from you, Love With The Proper Stranger from Sarah, The Black Swan from Casey, and this from Kate!

Nah, nothing in particular. It just comes from me always making fun of Kate about her Dirk obsession, and then actually watching a good film with him in it!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Haha okay, well I will watch a Ty film next week. I promise!!!! (This means, though, that the campaign to get Deb to watch more DB officially commences after I watch Ty!) *EVIL LAUGH*

Millie said...

YOU BETTER! *Raises eyebrow menacingly*

UGH! Poor, poor Deb!

Lolita said...

OH MY GOD, that Tyrone photo is darn sexy!

Josito Montez said...

Hi, Millie! Can you tell me from what movie is that photo of Tyrone Power?

Nice blog!


Millie said...

Hey, Josito!

The movie is "The Black Swan". A super-cool 40's pirate film!

Thank you! :-D

Josito Montez said...

Oh, yes, with Maureen O'Hara!. I haven't watched this movie in ages. Time to watch it again!



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