Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A necessary Christmastime viewing for my family...

The one word that best describes The Snowman is beautiful. It's also joyful and bittersweet....but ultimately just beautiful!

It's always been a family favorite! Even as a very young child (4) I was fascinated by this wordless short film!

Anyways, you can watch it here!

My favorite scene:



Tom said...

Oh this brings back so many memories from when I watched this on TV as a kid. This is one of my favorites. (I wish it would have won the Oscar for Best Animated Short that year)

Raquelle said...

Do you know how much I love The Snowman?! It always makes me cry and I even have a squishy Snowman hug for when I get all emotional. I'm really a 7 year old. :-)

Millie said...

Tom: I'm glad! It really should have. It's a brilliant short!

Raquelle: Aww! That's so cool! I didn't know if there would be any other fans of this, so I'm SUPER glad I found some! Well, I'm really a four- year-old, so....;-D


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