Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Cathrine Deneuve! Am I the only one who ALWAYS need to google her last name to make sure I'm spelling it right? I'm still not sure I am. And of course the red line spell check puts under it makes feel in more doubtful of my spelling skills....;-D

I promise I am back posting my Photo of the Day...EVERY SINGLE DAY! My new found addiction to Twitter and Tumblr WILL NOT PREVAIL over ClassicForever! Thanks for sticking around faithful followers!



Anonymous said...

Oh Millie; I wish I had your resolve. I fear my addictions are too strong. But in any case, Dreaming in Black and White seems to be sucking a lot =P

I may just give it up forever. I don't think anyone's reading it, lol.

Millie said...

No! You can do it! DON'T BECOME ADDICTED! I feel mostly responsible! I did get you hooked on Twitter...;-D

No, I ADORE Dreaming Black and White...besides the cool blog title (I wish I thought of it, but when I was choosing a name ClassicForever was the old stupid thing that came into my head! ;-D) it's a brilliant blog!

I'VE BEEN READING IT! Sheesh, it's a blog of Harleyness! It's obviously amazing!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Yay! I love Photo of the Day :D

I need to spell check her name too.. also I've been doing a lot of Marcello Mastroianni posts on tumblr and EVERY time I need to check on google first how it's spelled. I even did it for this comment.

btw Harley I READ YOUR BLOG!

Millie said...

Thanks, Kate!!! :-D (mine has a nose, obviously superior! ;-D)

OH GOSH, don't even bring up that other person's name! Hahaha! I used to also have THE most trouble with Gina Lollobrigida, except, now, I've typed it so much I sorta remember!


Oh, gosh, SAD! I'm over here at CF just talking to my Twitter/Tumblr pals...sad, sad, sad! HAHAHAHA!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Hey we are also AIM/Blogger pals too so we can talk anywhere! :-D

(There, it has a nose now.)


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