Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Ingy's THAT cool! ;-D


Tom said...


Amanda Cooper said...

I love that photo!

I was wondering (this has absolutely nothing to do with Ingrid): do you know how many seasons there are of Alias Smith & Jones?

My brother and I just finished the first disc of season one - it's fantastic!

Millie said...


Anything AS&J or Ingy automatically links up to anything else! Haha..

Anyways, there are three seasons. Only the first is on DVD. The first and second are both on Hulu however! The third you can only catch on TV (and there are few eps on Youtube)...

It doesn't matter though, because the first and half of the second are the only ones with Pete Duel (Heyes)...and the eps with "Fake Heyes" (aka Roger Davis) are pretty awful!

You can watch them online here:

I'm so, so, so, so excited that you are watching this! Who is your favorite? Kid or Heyes? YOU BETTER ANSWER THIS RIGHT! ;-D

Sheesh, every living person on this earth likes Heyes best! Except for me of course! ;-D

My new tumblr for AS&J:


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