Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photo of the Day!

Grace Kelly!


Anonymous said...


PS: One of those charming ladies claimed it wasn't very Christian for me to "judge" them on twitter, when clearly, I was calling into question their character after they spent that much time to insult a dead person who can't even defend themselves.

Grace Kelly rocks! I love how we stood up for her. We have class on our side. :)

That's all lol ~kbye~

Penny Carrol said...

I LOVE that photo! :)

Lily Lemontree said...

What a great photo of a great beauty! Millie you always find the best pictures!

Lolita said...

How can she always look so darn beautiful!? Makes me sad. I think I will cover my walls with pictures of Grace Kelly and never see the sunlight again. Perhaps I will go insane and think I look like her.

Loes said...

Grace will always be one of my favorite actresses! Fabulous photo. Thanks (:

Millie said...

Harley: Yes she certainly was! Well, they're just crazy! Try to ignore them!

Penny: I do too!

Lily: Aww, thanks! But, really I think it's impossible to find a BAD photo of Grace! Hahaha...

Lolita: Oh my! I am sitting here laughing hysterically right now! You are SO funny!

Loes: Same with me! Well, thank you!


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