Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh no! It happened again! Millie got bored in the middle of the night and went a little Windows Movie Maker happy...

...and made another STRANGE video.

Seriously, you guys need to start having someone on Twitter all night long, just to talk to me...and keep me from the craziness! ;-D

Anyway, this video is made up of clips from many films and TV shows (but, NO narration by The Millie).

It's titled: How to Look Cool in Any Situation: Tips From Some Very Cool Guys (as you can see, I'm positively brilliant when it comes to original and amazing titles...NOT!)

Yeah, so that's about it. It's clips I had to get off of YouTube, so the quality may not be the best on all. BTW, does anyone know of a good, FREE, DVD ripping program?

I'm gonna go work on my gnome project some more. Ignore me.

OH, yeah, one more thing, my blog email has been freaking out the past week or so, so if you have sent me an email...I JUST got it, and will be responding shortly!

ALSO! Photos of the Day will be returning tomorrow!!! *And there was rejoicing in the streets*

I really don't know what I'm saying right now.

And THIS is why it is bad to let a 15 year-old have a blog for other people to read.

Okay, really! Goodnight/Good morning!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Now THIS is a "Wowzie Kazam, are you serious????" kind of moment!

Spiffy Design blog is having a $25 gift certificate (for Forever 21) giveaway!

This is like a once in a lifetime chance, people...don't let it pass you by.

Are you one of those people who ALWAYS wanted to see Houdini perform at the Hippodrome, but kept procrastinating until it finally got demolished?

Are you one of those people who still has their wedding gift for Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks...because you forgot to send it?

Are you one of those people who always wanted to say, "Pluto is the 9th planet in the Solar System"?

If you are one of those is a way to redeem yourself. Enter the contest. You won't regret it.

{You can buy so many cool things for $25. Like this wool coat, or this cool 60ish coat, or this Rhodaish hat, or this just frankly amazing dress!}

Goodbye Pernell Roberts...

NOTE: This was supposed to be published yesterday, but I had some computer problems...

The brilliant and super-cool Pernell Roberts died Sunday night at the age of 81. That news was just so depressing to me.

Bonanza is one of my favorite shows. EVER. At the age of five, I would wait expectantly for reruns to come on every afternoon at 4'clock. I watched it every afternoon without fail, until it was taken off the air when I was about twelve (okay, there was about a month when I was six, I wasn't allowed to watch it because my older brothers dressed up like cowboys and had me pretend to be a saloon girl and bring them ice When it finally came out on DVD this past fall, I was ecstatic. I watched the entire first season within a week or so of getting it.

Bonanza is just such a part of my life.

Pernell Roberts was the one of the coolest people ever. And his Adam was pretty much the coolest character ever. (I say this in retrospect, because when I was five I was in love with Little Joe...and HE was the coolest character! I am such a dork...)

But, Pernell was so much more than Bonanza. So much more. You should check out C.K. Dexter Haven's post on Pernell. Really great!

Probably my favorite non-Bonanza role of Pernell was in an episode of Wild Wild West. He plays a brilliant Irish villain (one of the most memorable villains on a show that can boast about Dr. Loveless) with plans to start an Indian uprising and take over Canada (mainly just to spite Queen Victoria).

I watched it for the zillionth time right after I heard the news of Pernell's death, Monday night.

He's really just too amazing in it. He pulls off a crazy Irish accent, a crazy mustache, and attempts to pull off his crazy plans, and he makes it all believable.

Of course, even as an evil villain (and he's really a great villain), I instinctively like Pernell. He was just too darn likable. I mean even when he's having The Kid and Heyes beat up and shot at on Alias Smith and Jones...he's still likable. That's quite a feat.

Rest in peace Mr. Roberts...there would be a large gap in classic television without you...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Millie is angry...VERY angry!

And when she starts talking in the third person-- WATCH OUT! ;-D

My anger is probably slight overreaction, but still.

I happened to be on today, and saw there is going to be a festival of Bob Hope/Bing Crosby "Road" films. So, I clicked on the link, to read the article about it, what I read did not make me very happy.

It's interesting to note that Hope and Crosby were not the loving off-screen buddies that press releases and carefully orchestrated public outings implied they were. Though both men knew a major cash-cow when they were riding one, and thus were able to maintain a fa├žade of deep friendship, they were highly competitive egotists who never missed an opportunity to belittle each other. And it wasn't always in good fun.

First of all, the article does not state where it gets this opinion from, but merely treats it as common knowledge.

It IS important to note that every biography I have read/watched has maintained that they were great and very genuine friends. And the Hope family (I have read many Bob Hope bios and no Bing ones, so most of my quotes/examples come from Bob) has always declared Bing to be one of Bob's closest friends.

Bob Hope once said, "A lot of people think that Bing was a loner, but Bing was a very loyal friend."

"Bob was so broken up about Bing's death that he couldn't sleep for days on end. He stated that it was one of the worst times of his life and that his wife was his rock who got him through the tough time." [source]

Dolores (Bob's wife) said, that the day Bing died was the only time Bob EVER missed a day of work. He was that upset.

Anyway, those quotes are just to explain that their "deep friendship" was not just a "facade".

It is very true that they constantly made fun of each other! It's evident in all their films together, and much of their personal life:

"Bing Crosby and I weren't the types to go around kissing each other. We always had a light jab for each other. One of our stock lines used to be 'There's nothing I wouldn't do for Bing, and there's nothing he wouldn't do for me. And that's the way we go through life - doing nothing for each other!' "

But, that could hardly be construed as a "highly competitive egotist" working hard to "belittle" someone.

Because if that's what that is, than Bob Hope must have disliked pretty much everyone who ever existed. There's hardly anyone who escaped an occasional wisecrack on Bob's part! And in the same way, Bob, himself, loved to joke about his own faults (his nose was an oft-target) and found himself the brunt of many other people's jokes. So...

And speaking of "highly competitive egotist"...are they serious? I can't even IMAGINE anyone calling Bob Hope, of all people, that. Bob Hope is the man who dedicated SO much of his time and money entertaining and supporting the troops. Would the writer of the article also call his over-fifty years of service to the troops - a money-making "facade"?

The last line of the article was really too much for me:

So much for a partnership made in heaven.

That's just not cool. That's writing a "sensational" article about two men, both now dead and unable to defend themselves, who were extremely close friends and genuinely liked each other. Would an article about their long-lasting friendship not have been good enough?

I'm less angry now (after spending the time to write this out) and more disappointed. Disappointed in TCM. TCM is just so amazing (I beyond wish I was able to get that channel where I live) and so faithful in furthering classic movies in today's world. So, I am disappointed that they would publish an article that has so much untruth in it.


P.S. Yes, I'm kinda weird and rather overreacting, but I've been such a Bob Hope fan for longer than I can even remember, so...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check out this great post!

Merriam of Bygone Brilliance wrote a post about her reaction after seeing The Best Years of Our Lives for the first time! Check it out!

Of course, the one downside to her seeing the film is now she has "fallen madly in love with Dana Andrews". Um, it's been quite clear ALWAYS, that Dana's MINE, so, um... (apparently, she has some plan about stealing him from me, but whatEVER...)

Best quote in the post:

"It's absolutely mind-boggling that there are so many morons out there, so many blind morons that didn't take one look at Dana Andrews and think, 'Ten! Ten! Ten!' "

That's good old Merriam for you, haha!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Jean Simmons Meant to Me...

I am currently curled up on the couch eating Redvines licorice and watching Guys and Dolls.

The news that Jean Simmons had died hit me rather hard. I adore Jean. I think she is gorgeous and a brilliant actress. But, she means so much more than that to me. She was one of those rare actresses that I actually connected to, that I felt like I knew. For instance, I love Rita Hayworth but, I don't feel like I know her. Jean to me was like Ingy, Audrey, and Carole are to me.

In fact, I loved her before I even knew who she was.

It was a few years ago, I was 11 or 12, I was on some classic movie site searching for some photos, and I stumbled upon these two:

I didn't even know who she was, but I was struck by her beauty, especially her eyes. Her eyes were not normal - there was something beyond her eyes.

I was like, "Who is this Jean Simmons? I need to watch something with her in it!"

Then a couple months later I checked out Guys and Dolls from the library. I didn't know that Jean was in it. The credits came up, and I vaguely recalled the name, but I couldn't place a face to it.

Then, I saw her, I saw Sgt. Sarah Brown! Then, I immediately remembered. It was HER!

Jean took a character like Sarah and just made so much out of it. I felt I knew her, I knew Sarah, and I knew Jean. I connected in a very personal way both to the character...and especially to the actress.

Every role I've seen of Jean (and I still have many more to see), has been so completely Jean. I can't really explain it, but I automatically love any character she plays, because "she's my old friend"; because she and I "know" each other.

And, that is why I am so heartbroken this night - heartbroken, because I've lost an old friend.

And, besides that, I recently wrote her a gushing letter telling her just how amazing she was and how much I loved her...but I hadn't mailed it yet. That kinda makes a person feel even more rotten.

I made Jean a tribute video. Not very well-made, but just a little something to express some of my grief at her death. I chose the song, "You Didn't Have to Be So Nice" by The Lovin' Spoonful for a very specific reason. Besides the obvious lyrics, there is an entire line that is just SO Jean:

You came upon a quiet day
You simply seemed to take your place
I knew that it would be that way
The minute that I saw your face

That's pretty much how Jean and I "met". I instantly "knew" her, even though I didn't even know her name. She was just there one day.

I'm gonna miss her, but thank goodness we have her 60 years of film and television work, so we don't have to really say goodbye.

So, rest in peace lovely will not be forgotten!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Rest in peace, Jean Simmons...

Jean Simmons, the beautiful and talented actress has died at the age of 80.

I beyond adore Jean Simmons, she is one of my very favorite actresses.

I actually had a letter all written to her, that I was going to mail this week.

This news is really upsetting to me. I just feel sick about it.

Rest in peace, lovely Jean, you will be sorely missed...


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo of the Day!

We haven't had NEARLY enough James Dean lately (as if it was possible to have enough...haha!)

This is the photo for January in my calendar (yes, I bought a James Dean calendar..sheesh!)...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Audrey, you are missed....

Today is the 17th anniversary of when the world lost the wonderful Audrey Hepburn, and she is still missed! However her grace, beauty, talent, and charm still lives on!

When, being "serious" I can never think of anything to say, so I really wanted to link to a beyond excellent post my good non-fleshie Harley wrote yesterday.

In Retrospect: Audrey Hepburn

I did make a short video for Audrey (although it has no narration by The Millie...VERY sad for you guys...of course...haha!). It's not very good, but it just has some favorite photos and a few clips I could dig up on YouTube (rather frustrating because I HAVE all the films on DVD....darn copyright protected disks...;-D).

Anyway, yeah, here is a bit of a tribute to the beyond amazing Audrey, who has been a part of my life in so many ways:

EDIT: I really couldn't decide what music to use, so I created alternate version with the other song, "It's Hard To Say Goodbye"!

The original:


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Harley is one of THE coolest people to ever exist!

I just wanted to wish Harley the best birthday ever (she's turning 19)! And also write a little post on WHY she's so cool.

**She makes up cool words. Seriously. SOO amazing. (Also she's very "continental" and uses words like "j'adore" and "wunderbar".

**She is the schizophrenic version of me (or MAYBE vice-versa). It's true.

**She had the utter nerve to post a video of Dana in Laura and mention that it wasn't ME, it was Gene...sheesh....;-D

**She makes up weird nicknames for stars! Audgers is quite cool. However, I can't bring myself to mention her nickname for Sinatra...

**Speaking of Sinatra. Bottled Sinatra is gonna change the world!

**She thinks The Kid is cooler! (Wait, you do, right? AHAHAHAHA!)

**She listens to me talk ENDLESSLY about Sierra Leone anytime of the day or night!

**She responds to ALL my formsprings even if they are about her making up songs about Dean Martin....

**I've known her for over a year now (TCM MESSAGE BOARDS!!), and we've been to mostly EVERY classic movie forum/message board on the internet. Only kicked out of six.

**We were both bridesmaid's in Merriam's wedding to Paul Newman...don't ask. Okay, if you REALLY want to know....CLICK HERE!

I don't know what else to say? There's just TOO much that could be said. She's just amazing. AN EXTREMELY GOOD FRIEND! A best non-fleshie! She's utterly cool, yet she still hangs out with ME (on the internet)!

Everyone raise your glasses in a toast to the super-amazing Harley!

"Why Spencer, I didn't KNOW you had good taste?!!? Yes, Harley is pretty Wowzie Kazam [cause Grace Kelly would TOTALLY say that]! This birthday party is amazing!"

Happy 19th Harley! I hope you enjoy MANY, MANY, MANY more!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here's to Harley! One of THE coolest people to ever exist! I hope you have SPLENDID 19th birthday...and an even BETTER "last year of being a teenage classic movie fan"!

And, a better post is coming later! I just wanted to make sure I wished a happy birthday really quick!


Utterly speechless - Rebel Without A Cause with its screenwriter Stewart Stern...

I am really beyond speechless right now. I don't know what to say (very unusual for me, to say the least..haha)!

It is now almost 2am, I just saw Rebel Without A Cause in a very small theater with the guy who WROTE THE SCREENPLAY -- Stewart Stern (also the nephew of Adolph Zukor [founder of Paramount] and cousins with the Loew brothers [MGM]; PLUS he was a survivor of The Battle of the Bulge). It is literally, one of THE most amazing movie experiences of my life.

I was super-excited to go see this with my mom (she saw it years ago, but didn't remember it very much)! It was only $9 a ticket, AND there was going to be an intro by Stewart Stern (VERY exciting). It was quite true that Mr. Stern gave an intro. He also spoke for almost TWO hours afterward! Sharing stories about the film, James Dean, Natalie Wood, the Battle of the Bulge, etc... He even shared a personal home movie that had been taken of the still-living cast and crew members ten years ago. Footage that had never been shared with anyone. So cool.

I'm trying to write this down as quickly as possible so I don't forget anything I learned. And there was so much I learned. Stories I had never heard before.

One thing had me practically jumping up and down. Now, ever since the second time I watched RWAC I had a theory about something.


At the beginning of the film, during the credits, Jim plays with a small monkey in a red coat. He curls up next to the monkey and protects it, even making it "warm" by putting some newspaper over it - "a bed". At the end of the film when Plato dies he is wearing a red coat as he is lying on the ground dead. Jim comes over and curls up next to him and says, "Why'd you have to do it Jackpot, huh? Why'd you have to do it?" Then he zips up the coat, making Plato "warm". Also in the middle of the movie, when Jim hands Judy her mirror he opens it to her face and says "Do you see the monkey" (or something very similar to that). I always felt that this (especially the credits) were foreshadowing the film. Jim's role as protector to both Plato and Judy and also Plato's eventual death.

I mentioned this theory different places, some classic movie forums and message boards, but I also got the same "You're thinking too much about it!" Or "What?? That's just coincidence".

Tonight, I was vindicated.

After the film, Stewart, IMMEDIATELY starting talking about James' genius. He instantly mentioned that part. He said Warner Brothers didn't even pick up on it (that's why the credits play over it). He said Nicholas Ray (the director) didn't even notice it. It was something James IMPROVISED. It is a brilliant improvisation.

And, I'm soooo glad, that I'm finally NOT crazy. Sheesh! I kind of want to go to one of those forums and be like, "HA! I was right, you idiots!" ;-D. But, don't worry. I woooon't.


Mr. Stern shared soo many stories it's difficult to pick a few to share. I will share a couple that I REALLY liked for differing reasons.

First, that coat James is carrying around in those very famous shots, was actually Mr. Stern's coat! A Navy surplus coat he had (even though he had been in the Army...haha)!

One of my favorite stories about James that was shared was the meeting between Mr. Stern and James.

So, Mr. Stern was a cousin to Arthur Loew, and one time Mr. Stern was coming to visit him at his ranch in Arizona. After a long drive, Mr. Stern arrived he walked in and Arthur said, "Stewart this is James Dean, James this is Stewart Stern" then he had to leave. So, James and Mr. Stern were stuck there. They sat in armchairs side-by-side, neither saying anything (both were not big on "small talk"). They were facing a glass door that showed their reflection, and both were just sitting staring at the other in the reflection. Until suddenly, James went, "Moooo!" He was unaware that Stewart Stern was champion animal noise maker. And so, Mr. Stern let out a more intricate, "Mooo!" (It was HILARIOUS watching him do it live!). So James went, "Baaaa!" Mr. Stern did three different kinds of "baaas". Then they moved onto chickens, and ducks, and horses. They were instant friends. Mr. Stern said that sometimes the phone would ring in the middle of the night and he's pick it up and all he'd hear was, "MOOOOO!"

AHAHAHAHA! Seriously! BEST story ever!

And THAT was the reason that James "moos" in the field trip scene.

One person in the audience asked Mr. Stern how he imagined Plato, how he created him. He promptly replied, "I was Plato." He explained further that he also based Jim Stark on himself. He said he was half Plato and half Jim. And that, when he was young, his parents were much like Jim's parents (his father even wore an apron occasionally). It was really fascinating insight into the film. The reason the movie is so iconic and still so popular today is because the characters are relatables (totally copy writing that ;-D). The fact that he wrote the screenplay out of so much of himself is really truly interesting.

Mr. Stern also spoke about James' death. He was the first person outside of the immediate family who was told the news. And it was he, who had to break the news to one of James' best friends, the aforementioned Arthur Loew. No one believed him, he hardly believed it. He said he just got in his car and started driving...until he found a sign. He said as he drove down Hollywood Blvd, everything was normal and bustling. And so, he just kept driving, when suddenly "it was as if an earthquake hit". Cars started pulling over. People starting grouping together on the sidewalks. Everything became very still and very silent (in Hollywood!!). And then the news was reaffirmed on the radio.

Mr. Stern shared MANY other stories and experiences and insights about the film and people he worked with (and even about being in the Battle of the Bulge), and I WILL be sharing more in the future, but this is all I could get down right now, HAHA! Sorry if the punctuation/grammar/everything is awful! I wrote it in a hurry!

OH YEAH, Plus, I got to personally meet Mr. Stern, and shake his hand, AND he signed and personalized my DVD of Rebel!! So exciting!

Whew! That's all for now! I just had to share that real fast!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

1 Year of ClassicForever...OR Junk it! I almost forgot!

That's right! It's been ONE WHOLE YEAR of ClassicForever!

You can read my very first post here!

Sadly, not much has changed in the writing department, except now I use a more liberal sprinkling of fictional words and participate in quite a bit of name-dropping of the coolest blogs around (did I mention that Kate of Silents and Talkies is my friend? ;-D). But, besides that, my blog has remained just the same. No, actually it's gotten rather worse. At least in the first post I TRIED to write lucidly! Now, I don't even care! Haha!

But, yeah, anyways, here is the place for my long-drawn out story of how this blog became:

Sarah of Cinema Splendor is COMPLETELY to blame! I had no thoughts of grandeur about creating a blog and such nonsense. Until she created one. See, Sarah and I have been classic movie internet friends for almost two years now. We met over at the TCM message boards, bonding over the fact that we were the only people under 60 ;-D (that is until Harley came along). We also had a mutual love of Audrey and the 60's. ANYWAY, Sarah started her blog, and she invited me to check it out. I was blown away. I didn't understand how anything could be SOO cool. But, I didn't go out and immediately start ClassicForever. On the contrary, I just continued to read Sarah's blog and marvel at it (true to the creepy stalker I am...;-D). Until I finally got up the courage of Christmas break 2008. In fact, I even wrote a post about Christmas movies...but never published it. Until January 14th 2009. I just wrote a post real fast. It was done.

There's no getting rid of me now.

Anyways, yeah, I just want to say thanks to EVERYONE who's has read my posts, followed me, commented (especially those who comment! ;-D), everything! It means a lot! I've had one of the best years of my life (junk it, now all I can think of is that movie, and now I'm sad, and March STOLE Dana's Oscar...) and it's because of you guys!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Alfred Hitchcock with his wife Alma and daughter Pat!

Ten Reasons Why Kate Should Love Tyrone Power...OR I Really Need to Stop Making Weird Videos at 5 in the Morning...

When you can't sleep at 5am...STRANGE things happen...VERY strange things! Last night/this morning was no exception. At 5 o'clock I decided to make a video for Kate...about Tyrone Power!

Now, pretty soon Kate's gonna start hating me, with all my Tyrone Power stuff. But, really this is the last Ty/Kate post...for A LONG TIME! I promise. Anyway...

AHAHAHA! It's pretty crazy. You have photos, videos (I can't copy any of my Ty movies to the computer because they are copyright protected, so I had to find clips on YouTube and convert them...that is the explanation for the extremely poor quality), AND even a narration by The Millie. Now, THAT you REALLY weren't expecting (wow, my resolution to not use all-capped words is not working out so good)! Bear in mind three things: it was 5am, I have a horrible cold, and even during normal conditions I have an EXTREMELY annoying voice (tisn't my fault! ;-D)...

Anyways, here it is: The Feature Presentation!

I find it extremely hilarious that all my posts lately have been done after's like the Eve Black of my nature is coming out or something...ahahaha!

And just a slight explanation if you are new to my blog: Kate-Gabrielle has long-standing "distaste" for Ty, I of course took it upon my self to change her opinion. She is just being UNCOOPERATIVE! ;-D

And just so you know, I'm not really a crazy person who makes videos at 5am...for SERIOUS purposes! I'm just a crazy person who makes videos at 5am for STUPID purposes!

So what d'ya think? Any reasons I left out? (I mean besides his beautiful eyes, which I just realized I left out)! And are you a fan of Ty...or are you crazy like Kate?

-Millie who says she's not gonna make anymore weird videos at 5am, but is really lying...she'll probably continue making ALL her weird videos at 5am!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My top ten blogger resolutions for 2010!

10. Call Casey, Auntie Casey so much that everyone WILL think she's really my Aunt (pronounced "Ahhntie" not "Anntie")!

9. FORCE Kate to realize the amazingness of Tyrone Power!

8. Convince ONE person that The Kid IS cooler than Hannibal Heyes.

7. Stop using all-capped words in every sentence!

6. Make up a song about Cherry Honey Ricola to the tune of The Dick Van Dyke Show theme.

5. Watch Gidget Goes Hawaiian in theaters (I'm SUUURE some theater SOMEWHERE appreciates this movie's genius)!

4. Make a finger puppet of Bobby Darin snapping his fingers to Multiplication.

3. Actually WRITE all the posts/reviews I always promise I'm going to! ...Okay not really....

2. Be the one person to actually get a response from Olivia De Havilland! MWAHAHAHA! I WILL do it too! She won't be able to just not respond to me!

1. Have a week of Photo's of the Day that involve stars eating cheese! (Cheese is good Kate, sheesh! And I'm not talking about Velveeta/Perry Como cheese)

As you can see from my resolutions...this year is gonna be one stinkin' brilliant year for ClassicForever. A year that will make you PROUD to be a follower!

BTW, the 14th is my one year blog anniversary and Kate told me I should do something special. Unfortunately I can't think of anything special to do...that doesn't involve tofu.

But, don't worry! I'm SUUUREEE I'll think of the 15th (that's usually when I remember things)!

BTW, speaking of remembering important dates. I want to wish Ray Milland a happy five, no make that SIX (it's now 12:02am) days after his 103rd birthday! Favorite actor ever (tied with, well I've told this story so many times...just look at the sidebar)! And also the inspiration behind my name. Some of you know that my real name is not in fact Millie. It was a nickname I picked up in my TCM Message Board days (days spent with Sarah and Harley) when my screen-name was ILoveRayMilland (well, it was either gonna be that or TheBarkleysofOffBroadway...and since my name has nothing to do with the Barkleys...). People got tired of calling my ILRM (also some people called my Ray...which just WOULDN'T do), so I picked up the nickname Millie (I don't recall WHO exactly gave it to me. Probably Sarah or Harley!) Wow, this isn't boring at all...SHEESH!

Anyway, it's gonna be a GREAT 2010! (Even though I keep typing 20010...force of habit!)

FINAL BTW, Just in case somebody hasn't heard Ginger of Asleep In New York is back...and writing amazingly cool posts! Totally check out her blog! One of the best ever!

That's all! Have a great day!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Gregory Peck with his son Jonathon in 1946...

I don't know WHY I ever watch war movies...

I just had this on in the background, while I was working on a project involving a gnome (NOT EVEN KIDDING)! And around the middle I started wondering...

It's extremely strange that I (a person who professes extreme hate for "depressing" films) should watch SO MANY westerns and war movies...really it's just plain idiotic!

But, then I thought, it's really not too strange that a person who at 12:30am on a Thursday night is sitting on her floor working on a project involving gnomes, should watch a film that goes completely against her nature...

Well, anyways, this is STARTING to sound not very lucid, so....

BTW, have you ever noticed that in war movies the characters die off according to their billing? Starting with the lowest billed dying first, working on up to the hero. Unless of course the hero is Sinatra...then you peak at his second in command (skipping over any members of The Rat Pack/surrogate members of The Rat Pack...). I've always found that fascinating, personally!

Anyways....Good night all! I must finish my gnome project....

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Photo of the Day!

The theme for this week is Hollywood Dads!

Gary Cooper with his daughter Maria in 1949...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Yeah, so here are the James brothers, Frank and Jesse...wearing what appears to be practically the same hat, the same outfit, the same facial expression, and the SAME unnecessary mustache...SAD!

A rather random question about a movie's location...

Now, this is REALLY random, but I was curious to those of you who may have recently seen (or know it super well) The Egg and I.

I haven't seen it in a couple of years (and my DVD copy of it seems to have gone missing). So, I was wondering, in the film, is Betty and Bob's chicken farm located in New York or Washington? I have read a couple of things about it taking place in New York.

But, the book itself (which the movie was based on) takes place in Washington. And the later Ma & Pa Kettle films CLEARLY take place in Washington (towns that are mentioned or shown; the town they live in). So, I was curious. Does the original film take place in Washington or New York?

Thanks ever so!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 101st Birthday Dana!

I ALMOST missed it! Well, technically I did, cause it's now 3:ooam...but maybe I'll just change the time of the post so, it looks like I JUST made it! ;-D!

Anyways, today is the 101st anniversary of Dana Andrews' birth! The classic film world would have been a lot emptier without him! And, I of course would be very sad without my favorite actor ever!

Happy Birthday Dana!


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