Saturday, January 2, 2010

3AM + Lack of sleep + boredom = THIS!!!!!

HAHAHAHA! I am REALLY bored okay...also avoiding homework....;-D


Raquelle said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

Um, ok. LOVE the song, and the video! Fits perfectly!

Make one for me? Hehe. ;-D

Tom (Motion Picture Gems) said...

That's a neat picture with Ingrid and the giant bottle of champagne, wherever that was.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

This was fun.

Sarah Asay said...

loved it!!! made me think of you. :)

Millie said...

Raquelle: Thank you!

Harley: What do you mean, um, okay....;-D

Eh, I don't know! ;-D Haha, but you should REALLY make one for yourself...I'd watch it!

Tom: HAHAHHA! I know, Ingrid was just so cool like that!

Jacqueline: Thanks!

Sarah: Aww! Thanks!


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