Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Alfred Hitchcock with his wife Alma and daughter Pat!


Sally said...

His daughter is so cute! Good gracious! How many dogs do they have??

Kate Gabrielle said...

awwww what a loverly family!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Sir Alfred ftw!

hana-bi. said...

Haha aww.

(@Harley: WORD.)

TrippyTrellis said...

I met Patricia Hitchcock (AND Janet Leigh) at an autograph convention eight or nine years ago. I was especially thrilled to meet Patricia since I'm a huge fan of her three performances in her father's films. I particularly love her character in "Psycho" and her adorable comment to Marion Crane: "He was flirting with you! I guess he must have seen my wedding ring."

She was gracious but not particularly warm. Janet was both.


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