Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten Reasons Why Kate Should Love Tyrone Power...OR I Really Need to Stop Making Weird Videos at 5 in the Morning...

When you can't sleep at 5am...STRANGE things happen...VERY strange things! Last night/this morning was no exception. At 5 o'clock I decided to make a video for Kate...about Tyrone Power!

Now, pretty soon Kate's gonna start hating me, with all my Tyrone Power stuff. But, really this is the last Ty/Kate post...for A LONG TIME! I promise. Anyway...

AHAHAHA! It's pretty crazy. You have photos, videos (I can't copy any of my Ty movies to the computer because they are copyright protected, so I had to find clips on YouTube and convert them...that is the explanation for the extremely poor quality), AND even a narration by The Millie. Now, THAT you REALLY weren't expecting (wow, my resolution to not use all-capped words is not working out so good)! Bear in mind three things: it was 5am, I have a horrible cold, and even during normal conditions I have an EXTREMELY annoying voice (tisn't my fault! ;-D)...

Anyways, here it is: The Feature Presentation!

I find it extremely hilarious that all my posts lately have been done after 2am...it's like the Eve Black of my nature is coming out or something...ahahaha!

And just a slight explanation if you are new to my blog: Kate-Gabrielle has long-standing "distaste" for Ty, I of course took it upon my self to change her opinion. She is just being UNCOOPERATIVE! ;-D

And just so you know, I'm not really a crazy person who makes videos at 5am...for SERIOUS purposes! I'm just a crazy person who makes videos at 5am for STUPID purposes!

So what d'ya think? Any reasons I left out? (I mean besides his beautiful eyes, which I just realized I left out)! And are you a fan of Ty...or are you crazy like Kate?

-Millie who says she's not gonna make anymore weird videos at 5am, but is really lying...she'll probably continue making ALL her weird videos at 5am!


Nicole said...

Hahaha That video was great, it gave me even more reasons to love Ty! :D

Kate Gabrielle said...


This is so hilarious/perfect. I mean, really you actually managed to make me not dislike him in this video, I wasn't like "ugh, Tyrone Power" every time you showed him (which was often, but then, it's a video about Tyrone Power so...) I actually enjoyed the clips! (I KNOW!)

Okay. I will watch The Razor's Edge tonight. I PROMISE!!!!

You are seriously THE funniest person I know (probably even funnier than Kyle) I was literally laughing out loud again, it's almost *Almost* as hilariously fantastic as the card.

Who would EVER think I'd say this, but Millie, YOUR TYRONE POWER VIDEO MADE MY DAY. LOL!!!!

Millie said...

NIIIICCCOOOOOLLLLA: Yay! I'm so glad you liked it! ;-D

Kate: WHAT?!!? HECK YESSSSSSS! Enjoyed?!? OMG! This is amazing!

YES! YES! YES! YES! Although, you note I didn't include any Razor's Edge clips, cause his hair always throws me off...haha!

OH WOW! You totally just made my century! That is the nicest thing anyone could ever say to me! Thanks!

You know, I made the card at 2am...hmm...maybe I'm only funny when I don't have complete control over my brain? ;-D


Miss Matilda said...

loverd it, make another Pleeeeeeeeeeeese xx

Millie said...

Matilda: Aww, thanks so much! Oh, rest assured I will make another crazy video at 5am soon...;-D

Harley said...

*Dies of laughter*

This was beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!

But OMH, what is that beard?????

Underlying theme: Tyrone Power's just cool.

I can't even remember half the stuff I was going to say, but this was just marvelous.

HOW could Kate hate him? I mean, really? ;-D

Millie said...

OMH, I do NOT know! HAHA! Actually it was for a Broadway play he was doing...can't recall the name, some weird poetic thing that had something to do with "night"...IDK?

That IS the underlying theme. He just is. ;-D

Aww, thanks so much! Makes me so happy!

I KNOW! Really!

Raquelle said...

I... LOVE... THIS. How awesome are you? Your voice sounds great by the way. Even with the cold and not annoying at all.

NoirGirl said...

Oh Millie this is unbelievable! (In a terribly good way, of course!) I absolutely loved it. :D

I CAN'T BELIEVE KATE IS CONVINCED! It's shocking! Somebody ought to hire you as a promoter!

I think you're voice is great, cold and all. I hate the way mine sounds recorded. It sounds marvelous in my head. ;)

Sarah said...

OMG you are too much!
I think you just convinced everyone on the planet to love Ty! :D

Mercurie said...

I still think Kate needs to watch The Black Swan!

Millie said...

Thank you SOOO much everyone! Your comments MEAN so much! I almost didn't post the video, because I thought it was so stupid. But, I guess that rather is my forte! Haha! Anyway thanks!

Raquelle: AWWWW! Oh my gosh, that made my day! Thanks!

Casey: YAY! I KNOW! It's really shocking! Shocking! HAHAHA!

Totally! ;-D Except then I think of Ty in Nightmare Alley...and we all know how *THAT* turned out! ;-D

Totally! I have like the coolest voice ever in my head! Out of my head...eh...;-D

Sarah: YESSSSS! That was my goal! ;-D Thanks so much!

Mercurie: She really does! She said, after watch TRE she'll "talk" about watching Zorro...so there's still hope!

Anonymous said...

Cute video!

What is the movie with Tyrone answering the questions about the lady's mother?

Millie said...

Thank you! It's called Nightmare Alley!

DKoren said...

Hahahah! Too funny! And it seems to have worked!

Merriam said...

Lol that is hilarious Millie! You don't have an annoying voice, by the way.

Anonymous said...

ty power is flawless. take a look at the wink he gives after blowing up a nazi ship in crash dive. then there's the hurt little boy look he gives gene tierney when she aaks him to leave after asking him up for a drink in the razors edge. i could go on, i just adore the man.

Juliette. said...

Um, your Eve Black reference?

Just marvelous. :D

Millie said...

DKoren: I know! Too exciting. Now, she doesn't "hate him" although she doesn't "like him"...sheesh! ;-D

Merriam: Thanks, dahling! :-D

Juliette: Oh, sorry, I really shouldn't reference randoms things like that. It's from The Three Faces Of Eve (marvelous movie), Eve White's CRAZY alter-ego!


Juliette. said...

Hahaha, I knew it was from Three Faces of Eve. I meant it was legitimately marvelous. I love how you through it in so casually. :)

Millie said...

Oh, okay! GOOD!

WOW! Coming from you that is really a HUGE compliment! :-D

Juliette. said...

Haha, though I used the wrong "threw." Eek. What's become of me? ;)

Aw, thanks! I meant it.

Millie said...

HAHAHAH! What's worse: I didn't even NOTICE that it was wrong!

YAY! Made my day! :-D

How's college?

Juliette. said...

Whew. ;)


It's brilliant..I love it. My classes this semester include screenwriting and performing arts, which is great, because we get to study some of the history. :)

TrippyTrellis said...

The most beautiful male face of all time: Tyrone Power in "Marie Antoinette" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band".
My favorite Tyrone Power movie: the unforgettable tearjerker "The Eddy Duchin Story", one of my all time favorite films.


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