Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Harley is one of THE coolest people to ever exist!

I just wanted to wish Harley the best birthday ever (she's turning 19)! And also write a little post on WHY she's so cool.

**She makes up cool words. Seriously. SOO amazing. (Also she's very "continental" and uses words like "j'adore" and "wunderbar".

**She is the schizophrenic version of me (or MAYBE vice-versa). It's true.

**She had the utter nerve to post a video of Dana in Laura and mention that it wasn't ME, it was Gene...sheesh....;-D

**She makes up weird nicknames for stars! Audgers is quite cool. However, I can't bring myself to mention her nickname for Sinatra...

**Speaking of Sinatra. Bottled Sinatra is gonna change the world!

**She thinks The Kid is cooler! (Wait, you do, right? AHAHAHAHA!)

**She listens to me talk ENDLESSLY about Sierra Leone anytime of the day or night!

**She responds to ALL my formsprings even if they are about her making up songs about Dean Martin....

**I've known her for over a year now (TCM MESSAGE BOARDS!!), and we've been to mostly EVERY classic movie forum/message board on the internet. Only kicked out of six.

**We were both bridesmaid's in Merriam's wedding to Paul Newman...don't ask. Okay, if you REALLY want to know....CLICK HERE!

I don't know what else to say? There's just TOO much that could be said. She's just amazing. AN EXTREMELY GOOD FRIEND! A best non-fleshie! She's utterly cool, yet she still hangs out with ME (on the internet)!

Everyone raise your glasses in a toast to the super-amazing Harley!

"Why Spencer, I didn't KNOW you had good taste?!!? Yes, Harley is pretty Wowzie Kazam [cause Grace Kelly would TOTALLY say that]! This birthday party is amazing!"

Happy 19th Harley! I hope you enjoy MANY, MANY, MANY more!


Sarah said...

I totally forgot about that!!! HILARIOUS
Happy Birthday for the 800th time!

Millie said...

THE wedding! Hehehe...MV was the most hilariously weird place ever!

Merriam said...

Here, here! Harley's awesome!

Oh, I miss Miss Vintage. :(

ALD1296 said...

You have a great blog! I think this picture of Grace is so rare! And she looks gorgeous in her glasses :)


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