Thursday, February 11, 2010

C or K reative Blogger Award.

I am SUCH a diplomat! Really. I amaze myself with my peacemaking skills at times. (I mean times when I'm NOT bashing Jimmy Stewart, Katharine Hepburn, Marlon Brando, or various other beloved stars....)


I have been awarded the, uh, C or K reative Blogger Award by 4 marvelous people!

CK Dexter Haven of Hollywood Dreamland who stuck with the original K spelling.

Kate-Gabrielle of Silents and Talkies who was the first to rebel and go for the C spelling.

Sarah of Cinema Splendor who blindly followed in Kate's footsteps.

Harley of Dreaming in Black in White who likewise went for the C. for the IMPORTANT rules....which know who you are (;-D) seems to be following, so I'm certainly not going to either!

1. Copy the logo and place it on your blog. [Or C or K reate your OWN super-cool logo...ahah!]
2. Link to the person who nominated you for this award. [I actually did that! YAY!]
3. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting. [I really could care less about listing things people find interesting. Really. I'm more concerned about what my gnome friends find interesting.]
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers, and post links to the 7 blogs you nominate. [Hmm, I suppose I could follow this rule...if ABSOLUTELY necessary!]
5. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated. [Twitter's the way to go, folks!]

CRAZY COOL [actually not really] FACTS ABOUT ME:

1. I was actually not gonna post any facts and was just going to be lazy and link back to the last time I got this award. But unfortunately I was already lazy and posted no facts the first time I received the award (which I accepted late),

2. I have approximately 500 posts promised in the last year, that I've never done! I was looking at an old post the other day and realized I promised a semi-review for a film I can't even remember! [EDIT: Turns out THIS is the movie. I can't for the life of me remember anything about it!]

3. I still haven't made up a song about Ricola to the tune of the Dick Van Dyke Show theme...

4. I recently discovered that Auntie Casey's favorite word is "risque" (the quotations marks are ALWAYS necessary). Not kidding. She uses it like ALL the time.

5. This was my original photo choice for the award:

Because Burl Ives looks so stinkin' cool holding the statue of Caesar. However I was scared off by Pete Duel's frankly rather frightening sideburns....

6. I've recently started making classic movie finger puppets. They're actually pretty weird.

7. I like cheese. REALLY. My older sis and I are actually starting cheese club. [Don't laugh!] We spent a good part of Monday afternoon sampling cool cheese and listening to Sinatra...

Oh my gosh, I almost just ended the post without giving the award away...SHEESH!

Anyway to 7 splendidly cool amazing genuinely WOWZIE KAZAM blogs I award the C or K reative Blogger Award!

Ginger at Asleep in New York {She's back! AND BLOGGING EVERY SINGLE DAY! HALLUCINATE! [for those who are not familiar with the Milliesaurus...that means Hallelujah!] }

Amanda at A Noodle In A Haystack {LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE this blog!}

Merriam at Bygone Brilliance {This IS Merriam. Effortlessly cool and amazing.}

Nicola at Vintage Film Nerd {A REVIEW EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not kidding. That crazy.}

Sally at Flying Down To Hollywood {Favorite "newer" find! Simply amazing. I utterly adored her recent post on The Great Race!}

Emme at songs I sing {She inspires me.}


Kate at The Grapefruit Chronicles {Only Kate could make a cool blog about grapefruits. Seriously.}

Wellssss....that's about it! Thanks for reading! And thanks beyond ever so to the four amazingly wonderful people who made my days by giving me the award!



Kate Gabrielle said...

lol K or C! But AGHH there is no such word as Kreativ. :-p

You should have posted a photo of your Audrey Hepburn finger puppet!!

SINATRA AND CHEESE? I disown you as my fake niece. Cheese is not allowed to be eaten within a ten mile radius of any point where Sinatra music is being played. It belittles his genius.

Also, you need to post the lyrics to your Ricola song. You can't just post teasers like this and get away with it!! Photos of finger puppets and lyrics to the song, NOW!

Thank you for giving my silly grapefruit blog an award! :) You better believe I'll be calling it the CREATIVE blogger award when I post it ;-D

Millie said...

Well, technically there's also no such word as Wowzie Kazam...and that doesn't really stop me! ;-D



Well, I haven't written my Ricola song, yet, so...

You can't really order me around anymore. As, I am not longer your fake niece! ;-D

AHAHAHA! It's a cool blog.

Kate Gabrielle said...

AGH I completely read it wrong that you HAD made up the song. Well, now that you mentioned you haven't you should. Or at least make a 5am video with ricolas dancing to the Dick Van Dyke theme or something like that!

I'll appreciate cheese the same day I appreciate Tyrone Power... which is never ;-)

Wowzie Kazam is totally different. Kreativ Blogger Award is like if I started calling your blog Klassik Forever!

Millie said...

Oh. My. Now THAT is brilliance...heh heh heh...*goes and starts working on insane video*

WOWZERS. Them's fighting words. THERE WILL A BOMB IN MY NEXT PACKAGE TO YOU! ;-D, I rather like that personally...maybe it's just the Finnish in me...??! ;-D

Millie said...

BTW, I'm SHOCKED you didn't mention Pete's creeper sideburns! Was it that you finally realize Kid IS WAAAAAAAY cooler than Heyes and are just too afraid to admit it? ;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

yup, that must have been it. Kid *swoons* ;-)

Ok, bad example because I guess Klassik does seem kind of neat (UNLIKE KREATIV). Darn you, Millie.... you always win!!!!!!!!!

Millie said...'s not that! He's just cooler! ;-D

ALWAYS. It's a part of being The Millie. It comes with the job! ;-D

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I stuck with the "correct" spelling so that others might rebel! By holding steady, I opened the floodgates of freedom! Or, you could say that I post "according to Hoyle." ;)

Francy said...

Hey! I just found your blog, and think its super cool. Definately following now :-)

Millie said...

CK: Wowzie Kazam! You inspire me!

BTW, totally always hear the phrase "according to Hoyle" in Marlon Brando's voice...DARN GUYS AND DOLLS! ;-D

Francy: Thank you SOO much! I LOVE your blog as well. Super amazing! I'm following now as well!

NoirGirl said...

Aww man Millie, now you have exposed my Kryponite weakness to the world! Everyone now will know how to get on my good side: use the word "risque" in a sentence with proper quotation marks! ;)

I have no problem with Pete's sideburns in your chosen photo. I find Burl Ives fake Poirot stache MUCH more disturbing.

And Kate - why must you be so darn stubborn about Ty??? He doesn't deserve such disdain!

Millie said...

MWAHAHAHAA! You have been defeated! ;-D

Really? NO problem? How about the eyebrows then? ;-D

AHAHAH! But, it's absolutely necessary to the character. And Burl Ives...ALWAYS...looks cool, so...


Clarity said...

You like cheese too? Sigh, we're the last ones.

Congrats on the awards. Nicola rhymes with Ricola... I'd give it up hon, world peace sounds easier.

Millie said...

Hahaha! Cheese is GOOD!


Actually her real name is Nicole. I have a strange addiction with Cherry Honey Ricola, and once I was chatting with her and accidentally typed: Nicola, instead of now that's her name now! Hahaha!

emme said...

Aah, Millie! Haven't signed in to Blogger for several I completely missed your sweet comments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Always love hearing from you,

Amanda Cooper said...

I'm not going to respond to that remark about Jimmy because you're obviously trying to bait me.... Oh, I have to! I just can't understand how you can NOT like him! How??? I can understand not liking Kate Hepburn though... I had an intense dislike for her for years (literally). But Jimmy??

Now about your original photo choice: why be scared off by the JUST sideburns? The whole hairstyle frightens me! (Can we be sure that it isn't some other strange form of life? You have to admit, it DOES look like an oddly-shaped Tribble.) Ives and the Kid make up for it, though.

I was originally a Heyes girl (back when I'd only seen the pilot a MILLION times), but since seeing more of the show, I've come to realize that the Kid is sooo much more awesome.

Thank you so much for the award! Knowing that people like my blog always makes me want to jump up and down with joy - sometimes I do.

Sally said...

Thank you so much for nominating me!! I love that you respelled the award - that's pretty amazing (and much easier on the eye and those who are grammatically inclined). I also love that you created your own logo... great idea!


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