Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo of the Day!

I will now translate the thoughts of the people in this photo:

Paul Anka: I am so mad. Why the heck did they have hire Bobby to sing with us. WE ARE NOT SINGERS. Sheesh. I'm so mad, I'm just gonna sit here and look dramatic.

Pat Boone: I'm just going to stand next to Bobby and copy his expressions exactly. Maybe some people will think I'm as cool as him then.

Frankie Avalon: um----

Okay, I'm kinda mean....;-D

HOWEVER, Poor Bobby DID have to go on a summer concert tour with Frankie, Paul, and Fabian when he was just starting out in '58. It was difficult for him. Haha.

Later, Frankie (who is ALWAYS nice, if not hugely talented) was quoted in Dream Lovers (written by Dodd Darin) as saying that Bobby was way more talented and serious than they were and he felt sorry that he had to come on the tour with them (SOMETHING like that, because I can't find the exact quote right now...hahaha!)

Okay, this photo of the day was random...


Kate Gabrielle said...

aww Frankie seems sweet. Poor Bobby, he really was a more serious singer (and better!)

By the way there's a typo in your post that makes it even more hilarious than it is but I'm not going to point it out, you just have to find it! ;-D

Millie said...

Yesh, Frankie's cool!

I know! He was. He just didn't fit in with the teen idol crowd...haha!


Peteski said...

The guys get shirts!

Sally said...

Great photo of the day! It might be a little random, but random is fun! And I learned something neat about Bobby that I would never have otherwise thought to look into. So.. great post! I loved it!

TrippyTrellis said...

I've never seen this photo before. It's marvelous. Thank you.

As a teenager, my favorite male singer was Bobby Darin. My sister, three years younger, had a mad crush on Pat Boone. Of the four pictured here, Pat Boone was by far the most popular (not only in record sales but at the box office- he was one of the top ten box office stars of '58) followed by Paul Anka. Only Elvis was bigger. Frankie Avalon, in spite of "Venus" and "Why", wasn't in the same league as Pat and Paul. Fabian was popular only as a pretty boy and had far more covers in movie magazines than records. Bobby Darin had the best voice, by far, and was the only one to have the number one record of the year AND an Oscar nomination.

Millie said...

Sally: Thank you so much, Sally! :-D Bobby's the coolest EVER. Seriously.

TrippyTrellis: Wow, what a cool comment. Thanks! I love how you have memories of all this!

Yes, Bobby Darin is the best. He just is. Hahaa...


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