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The Slender Thread (1965) = WOWZIE KAZAM!

Last night, I had an AWFUL sore throat and couldn't sleep at all. So, I was sort of just browsing around on YouTube at 2am...wasting my life away as usual...when I saw one of my FAVORITE channels {Ingy-adorer/Miss-Vintager} had added a full movie!

I decided to check it out. I was planning on watching the first few minutes, to see if it was interesting or not. And heck, it WAS Sidney Poiter's birthday. One MUST honor ALL classic film star's birthdays! ;-D


The first thing I saw was the Space Needle.

I was so watching the whole film.

I am a native Washingtonian. I love my state. It's the most beautiful/coolest place in the entire world (Seriously. I refuse and debate on the subject!).

So, I ADORED this movie. It was filmed on location in Seattle and I loved being able to recognize the "sights". Besides the Needle, we get to see Seattle Center, The Pacific Science Center, Lake Union, The University of Washington (that's the college Sidney attends), and SO many other landmarks, streets, and places it would take too long to type out.

^Sidney Poitier, with director Sydney Pollack.

But, besides the OBVIOUS Wowzie Kazam Geniusness of setting the film in Seattle, it was also brilliant in other ways.

Sidney Poitier and Anne Bancroft both give amazing performances (and I'm not usually a big fan of Bancroft).

The basic premise of The Slender Thread is this: Sidney Poitier is a college student who volunteers at a crisis call center. He is left alone there one night and gets a call from Anne Bancroft, who tells him that she has taken a bunch of sleeping pills. Sidney desperately attempts to keep her talking...while finding out more information about her. As the film progresses we see WHY Anne is committing suicide and we see the crazy search from the phone company, police department, etc to find out who she is and where she lives.

It was a really well-made film. Fascinating, gripping (Now, THERE'S a new descriptive adjective! ;-D), and all-around just brilliant. It almost went as far as making me a fan of Anne Bancroft! :-O

In short, (this is a semi-review, after all) I loved the movie. I DEFINITELY recommend it. Not only for the interesting story (based on a true story), the great performances, AND THE COOLNESS THAT IS SEATTLE, but also because it has like several Wild Wild West villains in it (Crazy Dork for you lives!).

Not joking! I immediately connected Ed Asner, H.M. Wynant, and Jason Wingreen as all being Wild Wild West alumni!


Watch the full movie on YouTube:

Or if you're too lazy, watch a cool video made from clips of the film:

Well, I guess that's all. I keeping thinking I'm forgetting something, but oh well!



Robby Cress said...

Thanks for the suggesting this film. I haven't seen this Poitier film but it sounds great. Plus, just seeing Poitier sitting on that bike in the picture you posted is enough to get me to watch this film. I've never been to Seattle but it's always been a place on my list of destinations to visit. This will definitely get me more excited to go!

Francy said...

Oo, I've never heard of this, but I simply must watch it now! As a fellow Pacific North Westerner, I too love Seattle, and I have a crush on Sidney Poitier. THANKS!

Millie said...

Robby: It really was good!

Haha, I know! That photo looks too waaaay too cool!

Oh, YAY! :-D Seattle is a really amazing place!

Francy: Yaya! Northwester's unite! ;-D

Well, it's pretty impossible not to love both Seattle and Sidney Poitier! They're both so cool! Haha!

Kate Gabrielle said...

This sounds fantastic, definitely going to watch it!!! And now I get to see what all that fuss about Washington is ;-D

emme said...

This is one Poitier film I haven't seen yet, Millie. I love your enthusiastic review. I'll certainly have to find the time to squeeze a viewing of it into my day now!

Kate Gabrielle said...

Just watched it (your review was so good I bumped a Dirk Bogarde re-watch to see this instead. SERIOUSLY.) and WOW. What an amazing movie!!!! Definitely a new favorite - and this was actually the first Anne Bancroft movie I've ever seen, how did you not like her? She's amazingness personified. Adore her voice.

Anyway thanks for recommending this, I loved it!! :-D

Millie said...

Kate: It's not's complete and utter adoration. SHEESH. Get it right! ;-D

Emily: Yay! And thank you! You'll have to tell me how you like it! :-D


YAYA! I'm so glad! It's a new favorite of mine as well! I did like this. I'm just not usually a huge fan, but I really haven't seen a lot of her to be honest.

Her voice is pretty stinkin' cool!

Gosh, I'm so happy! :-D

Raquelle said...

I won't debate with you RE: Washington state. I've always wanted to visit. :-)

Great review.

Jennythenipper said...

Never seen it. It sounds really good. I love Poitier and Pollack is one of the best directors ever. He is criminally under-rated. He put together so many solid films.

I like Anne Bancroft, but then again the more I watch the Graduate, as I get older, the more I sympathize with her character.

I love Ed Asner too. MTM is favorite show ever. Did you ever see the spin-off hour long drama, centered on Mr. Grant. At least 25% of the reason I became a journalism major in college.

Millie said...

Raquelle: Yay! :-D


Jenny: I haven't seen a lot of Pollack...I really should check out more!

Hahaha! I haven't seen The Graduate actually, I guess I'll have to...eventually!

Ed Asner is the coolest. MTM is one of my Top Ten shows EVER! I haven't seen it yet. I've watched a bit of Rhoda, but it kinda made me sad without the whole cast. But, I'll have to check out Lou Grant. I know it's on Hulu!

Johanna said...

Native Washingtonians who love old movies UNITE! Sigh. Thank you.

Millie said...

Johanna: You are my new best friend. Not even joking. ;-D

Moanerplicity said...

I recall watching this one a few years ago, and it resonated in me because of its stars: Mr. Poitier and Ms. Bancroft.

Sidney has been an idol of mine since kidhood, and soon became the epitome of how to carry myself with clas, grace, dignity and pride as a Black man. Even to this day when I find myself in a stressful sitch, I'll ask myself: 'What would Sidney do?' That's how profound his influence has been.

And Ms. Bancroft (or Annie B as I call her) was one of the most authentic actresses to emerge out of post war Hollywood. Maybe it was her New York roots, but there didn't seem to be a phony (acting) bone in her body. Whenever her name was attached to a film, I'd watch it, knowing, then trusting that she'd deliver the goods. She was always so spot-on and often just plain delicious to witness. Her talent was, in equal parts, both subtle and scary! I most admired her range, considering she could embody characters as diverse as the noble Annie Sullivan, then flip the script and become the wickedy sexy Mrs. Robinson, and later in her career, the hilariously neurotic mother in Jodie Foster's film "Home For The Holidays," all with equal tenacity and spirit.

She never once broke the cardinal rule of simply going thru the motions, or calling a performance in; and not once did I ever CATCH her ACTING. She would simply transform and became her character, much like the brilliant Meryl Streep.

Yes, Annie B had IT!!!

I actually felt personally saddened by her passing. Thank God we still have her films!

Snatch JOY!




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