Monday, February 15, 2010

They Could Read the Phonebook to Me: Michael Redgrave

Next up in my new series of favorite voices is none-other than the utterly cool British actor Michael Redgrave.

^He totally made that creeper mustache look cool...REALLY. haha...

Michael Redgrave has a voice that is (I use that word a lot, but I MEAN IT! ;-D). First of all, I should mention that I automatically ADORE every British accent, I just do. But, Sir Redgrave had an especially amazing voice.

Definitely my favorite Redgrave performance comes from The Lady Vanishes. His carefree, slightly arrogant musician, with the aforementioned mustache, is just too much fun to watch!

^This scene from the film is where we first meet Michael's character. And we get to hear that irrepressibly cool voice - as he annoys everyone else in the hotel with his loud "music-making".

Dead of Night holds what I believe to be Sir Redgrave's greatest performance. His Max, is simply brilliant. If you haven't seen the film already you may not want to watch this clip!

^Michael Redgrave's voice is put on special display in this film, because he plays a ventriloquist. So he voices his character AND his character's "dummy". It's fascinating. Plus, watching the film progress we hear his character's voice become more frantic and nearly impossible to understand. BRILLIANCE.

Last month, thanks to Kate, I had the privilege of watching No, My Darling Daughter, for the first time. I fell completely in love with the film! SERIOUSLY. Michael Redgrave is utterly hilarious as Juliet Mills' father. This is all I could find on YouTube to share from this movie. However, you DO get to see/hear the opening credits. Sung by....Sir Michael Redgrave. Sheesh, he does everything with the utmost coolness!

^Not gonna lie that is now going to be stuck in my head for approximately 4 months...

Also, I LOVE the way he says, "The rrrat!"

And just for some more coolness, Sir Redgrave's last scene in The Lady Vanishes (aka SPOILER ALERT! ;-D). In this we get to see a different side of the carefree...GILBERT....THAT'S HIS CHARACTER NAME. (Whoa, sorry about the caps!) I've been racking my brains trying to remember...I COULD have just looked it up, but IMDb is for suckers...(totally kidding...I LOVE IMDb...) Okay, a little off track, anyway, here we get to see a bit more serious side of...heh heh heh...GILBERT....

Nevermind...JUST WATCH THE CLIP! ;-D

Michael Redgrave was a brilliant actor, and he often used his voice in furthering his characters along. And when it comes down to it, his voice was really just (looking for a word that isn't "cool" online thesaurus...uh... "hunky dory, keen, meritable, peachy, super-duper..." WHAT THE HECK?!?) well, I guess his voice was just stupendously amazingly cool. I could listen to it for HOURS.

Forgive me for this not-at-all lucid post. I am still rather ill...AND definitely tired. And a tired, delirious 15-year-old is NOT a very lucid thing...especially not when in normal conditions they are known at The Insane Millie...

...And now I think I'll go watch The Lady Vanishes...ahaha!


Come back soon to find out which Swedish actress has voice I adore utterly. It's going to be a REAL surprise! ;-D


Kate Gabrielle said...

I adore Michael Redgrave! Have you seen Time Without Pity yet? That is ABSOLUTELY my favorite Michael Redgrave movie! His performance is out of this world good!!!

I was seriously laughing out loud about your imdb thing, it's so true! I feel like I'm cheating if I look but then most of the time I still end up giving in, anyway :-p

I'm really enjoying your series on actors with meritable voices!!! :)

Millie said...

Yay! Kate to the rescue! ;-D

I HAVEN'T! It sounds really good...

What type of film is it? Drama, comedy, etc...

Hahaha, SAME HERE! Yeah, so do I...;-D

AHAHAHAHA! Oh. My. NOW THAT had me laughing out loud. I seriously was weirded out by the synonyms offered...

Thanks, I can always count on you for a kindly comment! :-D

Amanda Cooper said...

I love this new series!

Wow, it's been forever since I saw The Lady Vanishes - I need to get that out again.

I made a list of favorite voices awhile back. Hm... I need to update that.

Usually I'd guess Ingrid Bergman's voice would be your next subject, but since you said it's a surprise... is it Garbo's? ; )

Sally said...

Okay, confession: I've never seen Michael Redgrave, or if I have, I don't recognize him (which is worse). And he looks so funny!! Is "The Lady Vanishes" a comedy throughout? I didn't watch the spoiler clip because if the movie ends happily then I want to see it all the way through. Which of his films would you recommend as a first, preferably one with a happy ending?

Millie said...

Amanda: Thanks so much!

Oh, yeah, you NEED to! It was the first Hitchcock I ever saw...waaaaaay back!

Oooh, I'd LOVE to see that!

Hahaha, well, I may have been a bit sarcastic...hehe...there are actually only TWO Swedish actresses I'm huge fans of, and their names both start with Ing...haha!

Sally: WHATS?!!? This MUST be remedied. Immediately.

The Lady Vanishes is really not a comedy, per se, It's Hitchcock. So, it has a lot of comedic touches in it, but it's also a mystery/thriller.

I'd definitely recommend The Lady Vanishes first, and yes, it does end happy (as do most Hitchcock's)!

Believe me, watch that, and you'll fall in love with Michael Redgrave...mustache and all! ;-D

kallim said...

I love Michael Redgrave! The Lady Vanishes is one of my favorite Hitchcock films. Well, in the top ten. I'm obsessed with the majority of his films. Hitchcock's I mean. The Lady Vanishes is so funny! In my film class, a group did a spoof of the old woman listening to the jingle out the window and the people dancing around to Gilbert's music. It was amazing!

Matthew Coniam said...

Made a bit of an ass of himself in the run-up to World War 2, mind... but yes, very classy performer. Have you seen him in The Dam Busters?

Millie said...

Kallim: I know! The Lady Vanishes is one of my favorite Hitchcock's as well! Gosh, I'm obsessed with Sir Alfred as well! Definitely my favorite director!

Oh wow! That's sounds hilarious. What a great idea!

Matthew: :-( Sad!

I haven't! I really should, it has so many great British actors in it. I'll have to finally force myself to view it...haha!

Jennythenipper said...


I loves me some Michael Redgrave!

Also, what a great MEME, actors with the best voices!

Added your blog to my blogroll.

Millie said...

So do I! He's just soooo amazing!

Oh, I'd love to hear about your favorite voices!

Aww, thanks! I love your blog!

Kendra said...

I love Michael Redgrave and/or any of his famous British co-stars/friends!


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