Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top Ten Favorite Screen narration by The Millie.....


Anyway, late last night/early this morning I made a little video of my top ten favorite screen couples.

For those of you, who would rather not watch my video, I'll post the list below the video (MINUS MY, well really just crazy...COMMENTARY!). Also, you'll be missing out on the video clips of each couple!

First a few important necessities...HOW THE HECK DID I FORGET TO PUT IN HIS GIRL FRIDAY???!??!

Second: Frankie is actually a full FIVE inches taller than Annette. Yet, the appear to be the same height. My best fleshie and I finally decided that all the blame rests with Annette's VERY tall hairstyle!

^That actually had nothing to with anything. I just find it fascinating! ;-D

The list, for you lazy people, who are breaking my heart by not watching my video! ;-D

10. Audrey and Gregory in Roman Holiday

9. Frankie and Annette in Beach Blanket Bingo

8. Hayley Mills and Peter McEnry in The Moon-Spinners

7. Fred and Ginger in Swing Time

6. William Powell, Myrna Loy, Nick Charles, Nora Charles.

5. Rock and Doris in Pillow Talk

4. Irene and Cary in The Awful Truth

3. Dana and Gene in Laura

2. Bobby Darin and Sandra everything

1. Joel McCrea and Jean Arthur in The More The Merrier

AND TONS AND TONS of Honorable Mentions which only people watching the video will know! HA! ;-D

Happy Valentines Day, EVERYONE! :-D



Kate Gabrielle said...

You are insane, you don't need to make LESS of these, you need to make MORE!!!! I have so much fun watching them! (well except for the fact that like every single video you've made so far includes Ty!? What is up with that?!?!?!)

I THINK YOU THINK. Ahh now it's stuck in my head again, and I'm going to be playing it on repeat on my ipod all night.

And oh, Moonspinners!! I'm going to have to stop playing I think You Think for about 1.5 hours tonight so that I can watch this movie.

lol Peter/Paul

Seriously, you need to do more of these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really!!!!! :-D

Millie said...

You are the nicest person ever! Haha! At least I have ONE person who'll always watch these! ;-D

Um, he's Ty...IDK? ;-D


I know! I really want to see it now too....Soooooo GLAD I own it on DVD!

I know, IDK HOW that happened? Maybe I was thinking Peter, Paul and Mary...hahah!

Aww, haha...I'm sure I will again...sometime!

Thanks for the comment!

You'll probably be the only one brave enough to watch the video!

NoirGirl said...

Eddie Albert is TOO adorable! My Mom and I just watched Roman Holiday yesterday and agreed that he looked quite fetching with a beard. I think he's quite nice!

"FYI, he isn't actually a wimp, he just got shot in the arm like a minute ago..." HAHAH!!! I'm so glad you put that in there. I don't want anyone misconstruing Peter! You know I what a really hate about how he's shot? Hayley keeps PULLING on his hurt arm! That is the closest I ever come to disliking her, when I have to watch those scenes.

Ooh that photo from How To Steal A Million is on my Art History notebook. It's simply perfect and makes me SO happy every time I have to take notes! :D

THANK YOU for the gratuitous Ty shot! I love that hat he wears, but the scarf is my total favorite. ;) Ahhhh. I really need to watch The Black Swan again. It's been a couple months since I saw it last!

Anyhow, I totally loved the video and I agree with Kate! You need to do more of these! I love watching them! :D

Millie said...

Yeah, but you and your mom like Perry Como, soooooo....ummmm....YEAH.

AHAHAHA! I know I just HAD to put that in there. Really that's why the clip's so we can see more Peter! ;-D

HAHAHAHA! I KNOW! I'm like...WHAT!?? ;-D But, I could NEVER come close to disliking Hayley. She's too cool!

Ah! YES! I love it too!

Hahahah! The scarf...yes....

I know I need to see it again too!

Aww, thanks! :-D And thanks for braving it out and watching all 11 min! Haha!

Sally said...

That was so much fun!! I love "I Think You Think." Such a cute song! I've lately developed an appreciation for Annette - she's so adorable!
Great list! You're right - a lot of our choices are the same! It's because we have such flawless taste.

Millie said...

Thanks, Sally!

I know! Annette = Cool!

Flawless...OF COURSE! ;-D

monty said...

Well Millie, I was gonna watch your video, but it said it was currently not available. Please try again later. So I will keep trying because I want to see it.

Sarah said...

"And he's totally not a wimp, but he just got shot in the arm a few minutes ago, so..."
I literally laughed OUT LOUD at that omg so funny.

Millie said...

Monty: Thanks so much! Hopefully it will load for you!

Sarah: Ahahaha...I HAD to put that in. As, Casey said, we didn't want ANYONE misconstruing Peter!

Juliette. said...

Hahahaha, you rock. Love love love The Moon Spinners. And you're freaking fabulous narration. "And they have British accents!" :D

Millie said...


AHHH! Moon-Spinners = coolness to the zillionth power!

Aww, really, thanks! DOES mean a lot. British automatically makes ANYTHING cooler! ;-D

Juliette. said...

Oh, most definitely! :D

Juliette. said...

PS- I've had "I Think, You Think" in my head for like, five hours straight. :)

Millie said...



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