Friday, February 26, 2010

Why Sir Alfred Would Love Survivor!

Yes, you did indeed read that title right. And no, I am not {more} insane {than usual}.

I speak the truth.

(Hehehe, I had so much typing idea why!)

Recently while watching an episode of Survivor it dawned on me....Alfred Hitchcock would LOVE this show.

My mum always likes to "defend" our love for Survivor by saying, "Well, it's a, um, great study, in, uh HUMAN NATURE!" YES! It's true. We watch Survivor for it's great educationalness (I just discovered today that lucidity and lucidness are both real words, so I'm gonna pretend that is too!). Really.

Anyway, this latest season of Survivor, titled, Heroes vs. Villains, brings back the greatest "heroes" and the greatest "villains" of the show's past seasons. What's truly Hitchcockian (that actually IS real word. Not lying.) about this season, is that almost IMMEDIATELY one roots wholeheartedly for the "villains" (except for the random weirdies who delight in the honorable, true, BORING "heroes").


The first challenge was simple and clear. Be the first person to dig a flag out of the sand, try to get it back to your mat, and get rid of any opposing tribe member in your way. ANY WAY. And you win flint, aka fire, aka water. Unfortunately {for them}, the heroes almost immediately had a broken toe, a completely dislocated shoulder, and uh, some missing clothes. But, instead of being shocked and disgusted by the villains behavior, we cheer them on and hope for more.

That's just sick and twisted.

And, I can just imagine Alfred Hitchcock laughing and rubbing his hands together gleefully.

The reason we love the villains is because they are fascinating. They amaze us, make us laugh, and they NEVER bore us. The same cannot be said for the heroes.

Hitchcock also loved his villains. He loved them FAR more than his heroes. If you look at films like: Strangers On A Train, Psycho, Dial M For Murder, Stage Fright, Life Boat, Jamaica Inn, Shadow Of A Doubt...really almost EVERY Hitchcock, you will see that he makes his villains fascinating, clever, and complicated. His heroes are very often boring, bland, and simplistic.

Hitchcock once said, "The more successful the villain, the more successful the picture". The same is ABSOLUTELY true of Survivor. Most of their most famous and often BELOVED contestants were villains. Boston Rob and Evil Russell (both playing in this season) are both considered to be two of the most horrible and greatest contestants ever. Boston Rob lies and back-stabs all the way - while managing to charm everyone into loving him and believing him. Evil Russell makes alliances with everyone and manipulates their minds - but is looked upon by most with awe and respect.

On a recent episode Boston Rob (who had been trying so hard to be "the diplomat" this season) passed out in the jungle from dehydration and exhaustion. Afterward he said: "When I finally came to, I had a moment of clarity, And that was, Stop trying to be the good guy. Because I'm trying to be so good, I physically made myself sick. Just do what everybody wants you to do and be the villain."

Hitchcock would LOVE this guy.

Crime NEVER pays, but one always gets the feeling Hitchcock kind of wished it did. This is especially shown in his Alfred Hitchcock Presents, when the villain very often got away with it - until Sir Alfred came back at the end of the show and explained that the villain really, um, "DIDN'T" get away with it (my favorite is when the villain ends up being eaten alive by his own chickens...classic!).

The same is, sadly, very often true with Survivor (with a few RARE exceptions). See, after lying, cheating, and back-stabbing your way to the top two (or three) the very people you voted out get to vote and decide who WINS the $1,000,000!

Needless to say, both Evil Russell and Boston Rob came in second on their respective seasons. Haha! (I mean, Rob DID end up marrying the winner...but THAT is beside the point! ;-D)

Maybe this season will be different, and one of the villains will win. But, I doubt it. They'll probably just end up killing each other first (ala Notorious), but there's always hope! Haha!

Anyway, what I've been trying to say here is NOT that you should immediately go out and watch Survivor (although you REALLY should! ;-D), but that although it may be, *GASP*, reality's reality TV that The Master of Suspense himself would approve of.

Or maybe, I'm just trying to validate my addiction to this show. Hmmm...


{Please don't send me hate mail because of this! ;-D I really do adore Sir Alfred. He's my favorite director EVER. Heck, I've hosted a birthday party for him TWO years in a row now!}


Blondie said...

What a great post! You are so right. Mr. Hitchcock would love Survivor! Hope you are doing well honey...Kori xoxo

Millie said...

YESSSS! Validation! ;-D

Are you a fan of the show...or do you just feel sorry for me? Hehe!

Thanks for comment! I hope you are doing well, too!

Kate Gabrielle said...

I read it!! ;-D

Well, you haven't made me want to watch Survivor but I do want to break out the Hitchcock Presents boxsets now! I don't know if he'd approve of the sort of handheld-camera way that reality shows are usually filmed, but I do actually see your point about the whole villain thing, and I completely agree! His villains are super fun (though I have to say, I really adore Robert Cummings & John Williams in Dial M!! Not as much as Ray, but they're wonderful too!)

Millie said...

YAYA! Thanks so much, Kate! I can always count on you!

Hahaha, well if I've convinced you to do ANYTHING...I am happy! ;-D

Yeah, He probably wouldn't like the lack of style they use, but he'd LOVE the raw story! Haha!

John Williams is ALWAYS cool. That's just understood. Haha!

Robert Cummings...well...he was kinds boring and bland for me, but I guess NO ONE could compare to the brilliance of my namesake, so...

Thanks for reading AND commenting! You are amazing! :-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

Yes, John Williams is ALWAYS cool. I'm planning a post on him soon, since I've been thinking about his awesomeness a lot lately!

I thought that at the end RC was really funny, how he was coming up with what actually happened as if it was one of his books. Anyway you probably just think he's weird because of the Beach Party movie :)

You're amazing too!! :-D

Millie said...

YAYA! I can't wait to read that! He's one of my top ten character actors! EVER!


Nah, I saw him in both Hitchcock's (plus a LOT of other stuff) before Beach Party. BP just cemented his creeperishness! ;-D

Clarity said...

So freaky because I am watching a Hitch Clip on youtube while reading this!

see from 01:25

I normally agree with you but have to say that Hitch liked the "unreality" of villainy to show people and somehow entertain, but in real life it put him off. I gather Survivor is a popular show across the pond.

You could try "educative" - real word ;)

Lolita said...

Haha! I agree - Hitchcock obviously loved villains. The most obvious example being that he killed off the main character of Psycho so the audience had no one else to focus on and sympathize with than Norman Bates. Pretty rough stuff for 1960!

Francy said...

I've never seen Survivor, but I definately agree that Hitchcock had the most interesting villains! Great post.

Millie said...

Clarity: Well, you have to understand that this post was meant to be joke. I don't REALLY think Hitchcock would love real-life villains. But, in the same way, the "villains" of Survivor are not REAL villains! They're just a little more sneaky and underhanded than the "heroes".

Haha, thanks for the new word! ;-D

Lolita: I KNOW! That's craziness. And, I so loved Norman Bates....hahaha! ;-D

Francy: Well, Survivor isn't "exactly" ground breakingly quality entertainment,'re not missing much! hehehe!

He really did. His villains ALWAYS fascinate me!

Matthew Coniam said...

Never seen or - I think - heard of Survivor, but just felt like saying hi anyway. This was fun. I always wonder what he would have made of Psycho 2. Or if, had he been, say, ten years younger, he would have been offered it. And accepted it. I can't help thinking that at that point in his career the answer would have been yes.
But I ramble pointlessly...
And I like 'educationalness'. As Woody Allen said: the key to wiseness is maturiositude.

Millie said...

Aww, thanks for saying Hi anyways! Haha!

That's an interesting thought. He probably would have. And of course it would have contained some points of genius, as even the "worst" (if there are such things) Hitchcock's had moments of amazingness!

No, *I* ramble pointlessly, *YOUR* rambles are interesting!

YESSS! Agreement! I love mangling words! Haha!

Thanks for the comment!


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