Wednesday, March 24, 2010

80 Years of The King of Cool!

{Do you like my oh-so original title? ;-D}

I'm directly in the middle of four brothers.

I've seen a lot of Steve McQueen movies.

Also my oldest brother simply adores Steve; he knows EVERY thing about him and owns practically every film available. And watches them often. At 3am. LOUDLY. (He has the room next to mine.) So I've also listened to quite a few Steve films.

For his "special" birthday post, I thought I'd list a few of my MOST favorite McQueen films and favorite moments from said films!

The Magnificent Seven (*cough cough* better than Samurai *cough cough*)

Favorite Moment: When Vin (Steve) finally gets so annoyed that he calmly picks up his gun and shoots down Horst Buchholz.

Oh, wait. JUNK IT! That doesn't happen. Sheesh! ;-D

ACTUALLY, my favorite moment is when Vin starts getting so utterly confused about why there are no women in the village!

You know - I've been in some towns where the girls weren't all that pretty. In fact I've been in some towns where they're downright ugly. But it's the first time I've been in a town where there are no girls at all, 'cept little ones. You know if we're not careful we could have quite a social life here

The expression on his face as he says it, makes me burst out laughing every time!


Love With The Proper Stranger

It's a tragedy this film isn't more well known! Steve gives a brilliant performance (one of his best in my opinion), and perfectly balances the drama, the even crazier drama, and then the comedy. Seriously.

Favorite Moment:

No question. Last scene. It's like the ultimate "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" moment. And Natalie wears a stinkin' cool coat. But, THAT has no basis on my decision. Really. ;-D


Hell is For Heroes

This is the film where The King of Cool meets The Divine god of Cool (aka Bobby Darin). We had a poll about who was cooler on Twitter, but Bobby was losing greatly (Raquelle and I were the only ones on his side. Haha!) It's frankly an incredibly strange...and depressing movie. The cast die off one by one according to billing (lowest billed dying first and working it's way on up) and the ending would be super-sad, but it's so abrupt you don't know what exactly happened. AND Nick Adams attempts some strange accent, that I STILL cannot figure out-- but I digress. Because I still love this movie. ;-D

Favorite Moment: I don't have a particular moment exactly. He's just very Steve McQueen throughout. He takes his famous understated acting to just a whole new level of understatement. And of course, the ending is pretty much just craziness. But, yeah.


The Honeymoon Machine

Poor Steve. When this film is even ever acknowledged, it is universally declared as "a horrible mess!" WHAT?! SERIOUSLY J'ADORE THIS MOVIE. (Casey lent it to me two months ago, and I haven't returned it yet. Eeek! I kinda need to stop watching it over and over I think. ;-D)

I think I know where the problem lies. Often the people who are Steve's biggest fans are not exactly those who also thoroughly enjoy mind-smushing 60's farce. And those who thoroughly enjoy mind-smushing 60's farce are not exactly those who watch a lot of westerns/crazy-war-action-gun movies! As an objective bystander, being a 15 year-old girl who completely adores stupid 60's movies and crazy-war-action-western-gun movies, my opinion will be the final one. This movie is hilarious. And Steve gives a completely hilarious performance. A large departure from his normal understatedness, but the over-the-topness works perfectly in this film.

Favorite Moment: Gosh, there are seriously too many too choose from! Perhaps the scene in the casino when he "gets found out". The annoying girl starts implying and exaggerating things to her father and Steve says nothing, but his face becomes more and more distraught until....I'm laughing hysterically. Seriously.


But, of course my most favorite Steve role, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever is:

Josh Randall.

Wanted: Dead or Alive is one of my favorite shows ever. And Steve is brilliant throughout the series as always. He gets to be cool, tough (HE STINKIN' REFUSES TO HELP SOME NUNS RECOVER ANOTHER NUN BEING HELD HOSTAGE! Because they have nothing to offer him but their prayers and (I paraphrase) "Prayers can't help him too much at the poker table!") and occasionally funny (Not gonna lie, I actually love the episode where he tries to find the lost sheep and almost gets hung by "cattlemen" in the process!).

My family owns all three seasons of the show, and I have seen each episode many times. It's just such a great show. OF COURSE, because of Steve being just brilliant as the loner Josh Randall with the sawed-off shotgun as his weapon of choice!

I can't possibly decide a favorite moment from this series, but randomly a scene from one episode just came to mind.

It's one of the episodes with his pseudo partner Jason who LITERALLY tagged along (annoying Josh Randall all the way) for a few episodes in the second season before disappearing forever (YAAAAY!).

He of course is convinced he is somehow NOT a complete idiot and can actually figure out how to get to the outlaw they seek. He keeps telling Josh that the ONLY way they will be able to figure it out is if they commit to a strict: "No poker, no women, no Tequila!"

After a long day with no progress (because he is an idiot) Jason comes back to the hotel to find Josh drinking, while playing poker with a saloon girl. It's just hilarity. Of course, after this LONG description it doesn't sound funny. OH WELL! ;-D

^Steve doesn't find my description funny either! ;-D


I need to wrap it up! Hahaa!

A few last photos:

With his wife Neile Adams, who I utterly adore!

Well, that's about it! Be sure an celebrate 80 years of Wowzie Kazam Coolness by watching, reading, writing, listening to SOMETHING remotely Steve (preferably that W:DOA episode, I just attempted to explain. Just so I don't look like a complete idiot! ;-D)

Happy 80th Mr. McQueen!

-Millie (who is going to post this without even proofreading it! YIPPIE! Hahah!)

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Jennifer said...

Nice post! Happy 80th birthday Steve McQueen! Also, I like your new layout. If it's got Audrey on it, I love it. =)

Millie said...

Thanks so much! :-D

Anonymous said...

Great post,he was a great actor and man...

DKoren said...

Great post! Love that quote from Magnificent Seven. Cracks me up too. I think "The Great Escape" is probably my favorite Steve McQueen movie.

Elisabeth said...

Millie, have you ever seen any of the old musical Westerns? I have a feeling you might like them...if you like I can give you some recommendations and links to where you can watch a couple online.

Millie said...

Gingeyginge: Quite so!

DKoren: Haaha! I know! And the way he distinctly pronounces "ugly" is just too hysterical! I REALLY need to see that again! I haven't in a while!

Elisabeth: What do you mean by musical westerns?

Elisabeth said...

The 'singing cowboy' westerns of the '30s and '40s. Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, etc. I haven't seen any of Gene Autry's (and don't really like his singing voice...) but I've seen lots of Roy Rogers' and they're a ton of fun!

Millie said...

Oh, YES! I have SO many Roy Rogers movies! They were favorites of mine when I was little! I still have collection of them on DVD!

Elisabeth said...

That's neat! Which is your favorite? Mine is Romance On the Range. (Uncut version. Uncut is always best.)

NoirGirl said...

"Mind Smushing Entertainment!" HAHA! I'm becoming more and more a fan of those films myself, actually. I'm thrilled you love The Honeymoon Machine. Feel free to keep watching it! :D

I've never seen Love With The Proper Stranger. I always thought it was a sad depressing movie. I'm shocked to find it's not!

And your description of W:DoA makes me want to watch it - very much. It sounds like just the kind of show I would like!

Millie said...

Yes, mind-smushing entertainment is probably my favorite genre of film! ;-D

Hehe! I need to send it to Sarah though! But, yeah, I ADORED it!


Um, well, that's the think it is kind of sad and depressing for the first half! But, it slowly gets happier and happier...until a actually comedic ending!

YESSSSH! Non-fleshie chat! This is so happening! ;-D

Millie said...

Elisabeth: To tell you the truth, I can't think of any EXACT titles right now! But, I have several favorites!

Sally said...

I've only seen him in "The Magnificent Seven" but I loved him in it!! Great post!


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