Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Great Gina VS. Sophia Debate.

So, I don't know if any one of you remember that "great" debate (well, really it was was just me pretending there was a great debate! ;-D) going on last summer, which resulted in me creating a poll. Well, that poll has been sitting on the sidebar for I don't even want to remember how many months.

It's FINALLY time for me to write a post with the results.

The reason, I hadn't done that yet, was because I had another poll from before this poll that I still needed to post the results for, but now, I'm officially just going to forget that former poll ever existed.


The results:

Gina Lollobrigida -- 8 Votes (26%)

Sophia Loren -- 22 Votes (73%)


That's not even funny. Gina OBVIOUSLY deserved to win. She's cooler, funnier, and even more gorgeous!

That's not to say that Sophia isn't extremely cool, funny, and gorgeous.

But, Gina is just, so, I don't know, she just so Gina.

^Playing with a deer is an excellent way to exhibit your Lollobrigidaness!

And plus, she's crazily underrated. Maybe, one the reasons why is because she didn't star in a huge amount of dramatic films (in America) - unlike the Oscar-winning Sophia, but one just needs to see Come September, to see a hugely talented comedic actress.

And Gina is not just a beautiful, witty, and talented actress. She is also a super-talented photojournalist and sculptress!

Anyway, I still love Sophia! Just not quite as much as Gina! [Insert dorky Alias Smith and Jones reference about Sophia being the Heyes to Gina's Kid....two of you will probably get that. ;-D]

I'm curious! Who did you vote for? Why?

And REALLY, I want to know who those 7 dear souls for voted for Gina are! Haha!



hana-bi. said...


By the way, I saw in your birthday post to Sarah that you're studying guillotines? Are you studying the French Revolution? Because I loves me some French Revolution. ;D

Kate Gabrielle said...

I voted for Sophia... now, that was before I saw Come September in which I discovered that Gina is a comic genius!!

However.. I still REALLY love Sophia. She was the second actress I liked after Audrey Hepburn (in Houseboat, the first non-Audrey classic film I watched) and I think she's an amazingly good actress.

I think I'd still vote for Sophia if I was voting again, but I just wanted you to know that I ADORE Gina now after you got me to watch CS! :D

Millie said...

Hana-bi: Are you trying to tell me you voted for Sophia? ;-D

Haha! No, but I am reading Tale of Two Cities for Lit, and that of course is all about the French Revolution! You are waaay to weird! ;-D

Kate: Hahha! Well, at least you can appreciate Gina now too!

She is an amazingly good actress. Definitely better than Gina at drama. But, of course we all know, I barely tolerate dramas! JK! ;-D

Raquelle said...

I'm on the Gina Lollobrigida bandwagon. I believe I'm one of the 8 who voted. Yay Gina! Boo Sophia!

Millie said...

YAYA! Raquelle to the rescue!

Ric said...

I fell in love with Gina when I was 10 years old and have thought of her every day ever since (and that was in 1959, that golden year). I think she has been consistently underrated as an actress and wonder why.

Sophia is an attractive woman and a fine actress, but her career was engineered by Carlo Ponti, one of Italy's most powerful producers, and had the luck to be directed by the great DeSica, whereas poor Gina always had to fend for herself.

I respect Gina's stamina and her great talent. Lollo is prodigious indeed, and at 82 stands as firm as a rock, working at her sculptures and travelling the world. And Come September IS my favorite among her films. What a beautiful woman, what a delightful actress!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to snatch a couple of your Gina photos for a polyvore set. I believe that's how I stumbled across your stupendously amazingly cool blog in the first place! (I hope you don't mind.)

Anyway, now that I've watched Come September (and a horrid print it was too) I think I like Gina better...and I never liked Sophia's chin. Gina's is MUCH prettier. ;D

Anonymous said...

Most people vote for Sophia because they are more familiar with her. She received a lot more press behind her.
I love Sophia, but Gina is hands down the real classic beauty. (If looking at just physical features from a makeup
artists point of view). Sophia is lovely but her looks are/were less refined (larger longer noise and a sometimes not so
pretty mouth depending on the angle). Gina's features are anatomical perfection! Both ladies are gorgeous and
lovely in their own unique ways.....but I'd have to vote for Gina in this poll.

cerliezio said...

As far as beauty I think it is a draw. As far as acting is concerned its a no
context. Gina is in another league. She acted in Hollywod in English which was not her native language. She could play dramatic parts (with Tony Franciosa Go Naked in the world or Sean Connery Woman of straw. and lighter parts as Buona sera Mrs Campbell and Come September. No match it is Gina hands down.


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