Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy {almost two days late} Birthday, SARAH! AND take the "Ultimate" Sarah Video Quiz!

It's really no secret. Sarah is one of the coolest people to ever exist. And now, she's turning (cough cough turned cough cough) 17.

Sarah and I go WAAAAAAY back. I just realized the other day, that when I first met her I was thirteen....THIRTEEN. That was back in good old '08. Place: TCM Message Boards. Occupation: talking incessantly about Audrey Hepburn with her and Harley! Gosh. It seems like yesterday when we were arguing about her hats or fighting off attacks from non-Audrey adorers! ;-D

Anyway, I truly think that Sarah is one of the coolest and most amazing people I have ever "met". She's hilarious, crazy-smart, AND THINKS UP THE COOLEST PHRASES EVER!


"Holy Corn Maze!"; "Peanut Butter and Jealous". These are just a couple of the amazing things the queen of quips creates!

I WANT TO BE SARAH. I am not even joking.

Except that she lives in NY, and I could NEVER, EVER leave glorious Washington. But, hey, otherwise - I WANT TO BE SARAH.

The only depressing thing about Sarah, is that when I first met her she was younger than I am now (we are a year apart), yet she was already 50 zillion times cooler. That's depressing. ;-D

Sarah as a blog-writer is something brilliant to behold! So, methinks you should go follow her blog. Now. You will live with no regrets, then.

Wow, this post is starting to sound so strange (I'm tired, okay! ;-D)

That's right, I should mention that I was going to post this YESTERDAY, but the horrible realization that I had not finished my homework for co-op dawned on me just as I was going to undertake the construction of this post. (I mustache run-on sentences!) Instead of writing this, I got to read about people getting their heads chopped off by the guillotine. Four words: Tale of Two Cities.

And, I sorta started to get freaked out that people were actually excited (maybe excitement is a strong word! ;-D) for this post. Because seriously, I am not that exciting, except in the "watching a pot of oil explode on the stove and then having your mom throw it outside where it bursts into flames and send fireballs on to the lawn" kind of exciting. (true story.)

But, I really just want to wish Sarah a happy birthday (even though it was actually yesterday)! And hope that she has an even better one next year. WHEN SHE TURNS STINKIN' 18! eeek!

I mustache you!

Now, on to the Supercalifragilisticlly dorky part of this Birthday post:

The "Ultimate" Sarah Quiz.

Which is actually not as cool as it sounds. Sadly.

A} I have a strange voice
B} After every answer my words get cut off...hilariously and unintentionally.
C} Who knows where I'm getting this info from.
D} I act SO dorky in it!
E} You must forgive me, because it was very late when it was created. I OBVIOUSLY did not have hold of 83% of my senses. (The 17% prevented my from starting a sing-a-long to PBS Kids theme songs, "Everyday when you're walking down the street, everybody that you meet, has an original point of view, and I say HEY! (HEY!) what a wonderful kind of day.")
F} I had WAAAAY too much fun creating this. And it's sooo stupid.

I feel like I should now apologize for the overwhelming dorkiness of the video. But, somewhere, deep down in it, I was TRYING to express my best wishes for Sarah! Haha, I hope it slightly came across!

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I hope I get to wish you MANY, MANY more! :-D


Check out when Sarah was just turning 16!


Kate Gabrielle said...

AHHH! This was seriously the coolest thing EVER (EVER) except for the random Ty picture (???) Very proud to say I got all the answers right (I'm assuming the answer to the Anthony Perkins creepy voice question was that she doesn't think it's creepy, in which case I got that right too.)

Sarah really is wowzie kazam! And this whole post was too! I'm kind of ashamed of my present now! LOL!

By the way I'm really wondering now if I ever talked to you guys on the TCM message boards (not like a conversation, just randomly posting in one of your threads) since you were apparently there so often, or did you just keep to yourselves? I want to go in my archives and look..

ps. The references to 17 and 18 being old NEED TO STOP :p Me and Aunt Casey are going to start feeling like Grannies!

Seriously, though, coolest video ever. I almost want to start paying you to post videos once a week or something, they're so fantastic I always want to see more!!!! :D

Kate Gabrielle said...

wow I didn't realize how long that was until it just posted. SORRY! :)

Millie said...

But, the random Ty picture was JUST for you, Kate, SHEESH! ;-D

Yesh, I think so. I'm not really sure. Most of the answers, I made up! ;-D

ASHAMED!??! WHAT?!?! YOUR NAT ART WAS CRAZY-AMAZING. You gotta stop that talk!

It's very possible! I was an especially active member from Feb/March 2008 'till Aprilish 2009! I was on constantly. Several times a day. Hahaha! ANNOYING EVERYONE! ;-D

What was your screenname?


AWWWWW! Thanks, Kate! :') You ALWAYS watch my vids! Thanks for that! :-D

NO! I ADOOOORE long comments. said...

I like it and want more information about it.

Advice sms

Sarah said...


words. cannot. express.
And I lol'd at "I don't know why, I don't even listen to the-" AND THEN IT CUT YOU OFF AHHAHAHAHAH

And that 20 actors list was A LONG TIME AGO so I'm sure it would be completely different now! I cracked up when you were giggling about Jimmy :D

AND you are saying Deneuve correctly!! :D

LOL @ "Bingo, you won!" and Ty with a weird haircut.

AND OMG. Okay that little intro before Daydream Believer is like a little in joke between me and my best fleshie so when I heard it I DIED. Seriously I laughed so hard.

I can only try to come up with something as cool for your birthday now!

Jennifer said...

That was a really hilariously awesome post. I think I should follow Sarah now too. :)

I am a member on the TCM community thing. I joined more recently though.

Merriam said...

How cool was this? Honestly Millie, that was divinely funny! Happy birthday, Sarah!


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