Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo of the Day!

I have decided this must be the "Three Cool Brits...and an American" club.

Totally kidding! Gregory Peck is cool too (tied for favorite actor)...just not with that scary mustache. ;-D

(Ahem, this is actually on the set of a film apparently called The Sea Wolves.)

BTW, you MAY have noticed I got bored tonight, and decided to change my entire blog around. COMPLETELY. Everything was changed. Even the music. Let me know what you think, whether you like it or think it's completely atrocious! One rule: If you hate it, please tell me so ONLY in a British accent. It's the preferable method of receiving insults. ;-D

Sheesh, I need to got off the internet and go to bed!


Kate Gabrielle said...

haha three cool Brits and an American!

I LOVE the new design!! Especially your background and the words in Audrey's bike spokes!


Millie said...

It's funny when I first saw this pic, for a split second I thought it was John Mills, and not Trevor Howard. Haha! I used to mix them up all the time when I was little. Like I did with Clark and William (!?!?!). Anyway....;-D

Aww, thanks! I just decided to change everything on the spur of the moment. Those words on the bike too my soooo long! It's hard to make a banner on Photobucket..ahahaha!

HAHAHAHAH! That's totally why I made it the first song (Well, after the 20sec of Hayley). EVERYONE will be singing Dream Lover! ;-D

I was just mad they didn't have Flapper Flip (I substituted with The Monkey's Uncle, but it's just not the same! ;-D)

Kate Gabrielle said...

Clark Gable and William... Holden?

haha I'm so awful but whenever I see photos of Trevor Howard when he's older he reminds me of my grandfather when he used to take his false teeth out! LOL! He doesn't look like him, but he has that no-teeth-thing going on in the mouth area.

If you ever want me to do anything for you in photoshop just say the word! Things are a breeze with that program :D

YES Dream Lover = world domination.

Millie said...

Powell. I seriously got them confused when I was little. My favorite movies when I was four were: IHON and My Man Godfrey. I could never tell which was which. JUST because of the mustaches! Hahaha!

AHHAHAHAHA! That made me laugh. When I think actors with no teeth I automatically think of Walter Brennan!

Oooh. I may take you up on that! MWAHAHA! ;-D

Seriously! It prob wouldn't take you 20min to put an ugly font into bike spokes! Haha!

OMG! You know it's true! ;-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

Really quick.. do you ever look at your blog posts and see "6 comments" and get really excited that you had a bunch of comments on a post, only to realize it was me and you talking back and forth in the comments? (If not, feel free to delete my embarrassing comment) Anyway, that happens to me on my blog all the time. I'm like "wow, I didn't realize that post was so popular!" and then see it's ALL me and you leaving the comments! HAHA!

But anyway... yup, that would probably take about 2 minutes in photoshop, but Kyle works with Paint all the time so I know how hard it is to do things like that without PS!

Hm, Powell. I wouldn't have guessed that! My only big mixup for a while was Ann Sothern and Joan Blondell. I've sorted it out now though :)

Millie said...

OH JUNK IT! Another comment from Kate! ;-D

HECK NO! I LOVE your comments! Seriously! I mean I love it when posts are popular with a lot of people (RARE). But, I also adore convos!

Hehehe! I tend to go to a post a few times to see if the poster replied! So yeah. ;-D

Wowzers! I am so gonna use that offer some time! Haha!

Well, I tell you, being four, it was the staches and perhaps the fact that they were both married to Carole (of course I didn't know it at the time! ;-D)

Oooh! I could see that!

Amanda Cooper said...

Love the new look - that header is just awesome!

I used to confuse Jane Powell and Kathryn Grayson. I think it was the big beautiful eyes and the soprano voices that got me mixed up.

DKoren said...

Like the new header and look! And I dig the picture. Oddly, that's the first time I've actually liked Gregory Peck with a moustache. Maybe it's the heavy tan or something.

Trippy Trellis said...

Congratulations on the new look. Can't think of anything more "Classic Forever" than Audrey and Famous.


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