Friday, March 5, 2010

Songs created with the sole (and often incredibly evil) intention of getting immediately and forever stuck in your mind:

There are those songs, those songs that refuse to leave your mind. Sometimes, it's okay, because they are brilliant, cool, or sung by Bobby Darin, but more often than not, their place is merely to haunt you and night...and not deliver any brilliance, coolness, or Bobby Darinness. (That sentence had a remarkable amount of wrongly-placed commas!)

This post is dedicated to some of those songs (good and bad) that just won't let me forget them.

L'appareil a sous - Brigitte Bardot

This song's not even in English. I don't even know what the heck she's saying, nor can I pronounce it. Does that stop me from having it stuck in my head/humming it constantly? NO! Thanks a lot Sarah for introducing me to this song! Sheesh!

Underneath the Mango Tree - Ursula Andress (except not really because she was dubbed) and, um, Sean Connery

This song was obviously put in Dr. No for the single purpose of getting stuck in your head. Come on, it's obvious. It gets sung, played, etc...throughout the ENTIRE movie. And it will NEVER leave your mind. EVER. I haven't seen Dr. No in a couple of months, but the other day, randomly I just started singing it.

That's power.

Evil power. ;-D

Dream Lover
- Bobby Darin

So, pretty much, if this song WASN'T Bobby it would probably be THE single most annoying song ever written. And REALLY those scary back-up singers are just NOT necessary! This song is so addictive. I know that sounds strange, but it is. If I listen to it once, I have to listen to it non-stop for three days. Kate understands. (Pretty much for the entire month of December this was all we listened to! ;-D)

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head - BJ Thomas

I love this song, I really do, it just makes me happy! And you lucky blog-readers were treated to this song every time you entered my blog this summer (mwahahahahahahah!). But seriously, this song is always stuck in my head. I start singing it uncontrollably at random parts of the day! I remember one time last September when I was working at the scone booth; I was just in the back kneading dough and forming it into scones...peacefully and calmly...when SUDDENLY, I just started singing this song. I couldn't help myself.


Thankfully my co-worker actually knew this song too and started singing along, and I discovered that she was actually a fan of old movies, so was actually kinda cool. But, still...that's just dorky. Haha!

The Saint Theme Song - No idea. I should probably research this stuff.

I know, you say, "Really?! You have a 30second song with no words stuck in your head?!"

Actually, it's worse than that.

I often start, um, I don't know what you call it, it's not "humming" it kinda just "duh-duh-duh-dunnning". You know what I'm saying? Anyway, I often start doing that with the Saint theme song. And even more strange is the fact that it's the B/W theme song that gets stuck in my head...NOT the color one. Even though, they're pretty much exactly the same (music-wise)! I'll never understand the inner-workings of my mind! ;-D

And in case you were wondering:

Hangman - Peter, Paul, and Mary

Pretty much this song is always in my head. No. Matter. What. It's actually one of the first songs I ever remember hearing (which probably explains a lot about who I am today...ahahah!). I'll to spontaneously start singing this in random voices...usually when I'm really happy. The other day, I was feeling so joyful I just started singing this with a British accent. Not even joking!

I Think You Think
- Frankie + Annette

I'm not gonna lie. I've seen every Beach Party, cough cough many times cough cough! This song is from Beach Blanket Bingo (I think, sometimes Frankie and Annette's duets against a fake ocean video screen all blend together)

The Twizzle - Random person...

This another one of those spontaneously start singing it songs! My younger brothers and I will often just start singing it and, um, doing the Twizzle. (hahaha! We are such dorks!)

Meglio Stasera - Fran Jeffries

Um, speaking of my addiction to songs not sung in English...

Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan

This song is perfect for any occasion. Really. I mean, it's not like there's any plausible or discernible meaning behind this song, so you start randomly singing it at any time and you will sound like a really poetic, "deep" person!

This is a finger puppet of Bob singing this song:

Okay, I really got to stop now, (cause SERIOUSLY, when you start breaking out the Bob Dylan finger puppets...well...yeah...) but trust me...there are SO MANY MORE.

Hehehe! I love that I can just sit here and write incredibly stupid, unlucid posts about nothing and a few people still read them! You guys are seriously the best! Thanks! :-D



Saunders said...

Haha! What a great post! There are certain songs that always get stuck in my head as well whenever I listen to them. Especially Something's Gotta Give by Frank Sinatra & Jukebox Saturday Night by Glenn Miller.

Millie said...

OH NO! Now, I have Something's Gotta Give stuck in my head! NOOOOO! Haha!

Thanks for the comment! :-D

Kate Gabrielle said...

OMG Now I have I think You think and Dream Lover running repeatedly in my brain, overlapping each other. THANKS!!! ;-D

Millie said...

MWAHAHAHAAHAH! That was the exact purpose! ;-D

Kristin said...

Oh, wow. The Twizzle. =) I had forgotten all about that! I love the Dick Van Dyke Show.

I love your blog! I'm a huge old movie fan, too.


Millie said...

Yes, THE Twizzle...BEST. THING. EVER. Hahaha!

I do too! It's my favorite series ever!

Thanks! :-D

Merriam said...

Hahaha! This was an awesome post. I admit I get More by Bobby Darin stuck in my head just because of your blog.

Millie said...

Hahaha! Thanks!

Well, at least More is brilliance, coolness, AND Bobby Darinness! ;-D

Sally said...

Seeing "The Twizzle" on your list made me very happy! I get that stuck in my head all the time! And "Meglio Stasera" - I love that song and also "I Think You Think." Basically, I love this post!

Millie said...

Basically, you are just cool.

I mean SERIOUSLY! Anyone who loves The Twizzle, Meglio Stasera, AND I Think You Think...welll...yeah.

Haha! Thanks for the comment! :-D

Anonymous said...

You know that "You might also like:" thing at he bottom of your posts? Well, it's evil. I frequently end up listening to the mango song or something equally scary because I click through when there's something horribly addictive looking.

I just realized I know Meglio Stasera -- in English. (Thanks Michael Buble!) So I was singing it in English while Fran Jeffries was singing it in Italian, which is just really, really strange.


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