Thursday, March 11, 2010

They Could Read the Phonebook to Me: Ingrid Bergman

The next in my series of favorite voices...and the first female voice so far, is my most favorite actress ever. Ingy!

Ingy was a brilliant actress. And my favorite part of her brilliance are her wonderfully expressive eyes. But. There is another part of her brilliance that is just as, well, um, brilliant! Haha! That gorgeous Swedish accent!

I know I've been saying this for every post, but I seriously could listen to her for hours. HOURS.

Her voice is just as expressive as her eyes, and helps to convey some pretty powerful emotions. Although, I love her voice best when it is exploding with joy; when she conveys pain and heartache with her voice...the results are craziness!

And when she portrays her voice as literally crazy, well....yeah.

Check out this scene from Gaslight. (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!) Definitely, one of my favorite last scenes. EVER.

The way she talks. GOSH. The uncontainable hysteria. The way she leaps from emotion to emotion JUST through voice. GENIUS.

Another place she displays great emotion in her voice is in Notorious (don't watch this clip if you haven't seen the film!)

Speaking of Notorious, don't you just LOVE the way she says, "Sab-aaast-ian"? Hahaha!

Ingrid in Cactus Flower (at the age of 54!!). Now, this is just the coolest thing ever. Her voice is definitely just brilliant in it, and her dancing is beyond cool. I mean, SERIOUSLY, "The Dentist". She's waaay too amazing!

Watch Ingy GRACIOUSLY excepting Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Murder on the Orient Express.

Listen to Ingy SING As Times Goes By. Her talent is never-ending!

ONLY Ingy could get away with calling Hitchcock an "adorable genius".

Okay, sorry, Ingy-clip overload! Haha! She's just so amazing. I love her voice so much. It's FORCES you - without FORCING you (that makes NO sense! ahaha!) - to feel the emotions she's conveying. When Ingy is happy and her voice is bubbling over, it suddenly makes you feel rather happy and content. When she's deeply sad, it makes makes you feel her pain (to borrow a cliche!). This is just part of the reason WHY I love her voice. The other part, it that it's just a cool voice. I want her voice. I NEED her voice. She somehow makes the most inane and stupid phrases and dialogue seem one-of-a-kind and brilliant.

Okay, I really need to stop, this is starting to sound a like a creepy obsessive fan or something. Which OF COURSE, I am not. Really. ;-D

And finally, NO, post about Ingrid Bergman's wunderbar voice would be complete without her most famous line:

Hehehe, this post is like dorkiness to the millionth power. Sheesh!

Anyway, join me next time for a post on an actor with not just one utterly amazing voice, but dozens. Can you guess who I'm talking about?



Marìa said...

Great post, i love her voice too!
she's to good to be true..

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

Great post Millie,
Here you are again with the great Ingrid that I also absolutely adore. Gongratulations for the beautiful posts you have been presenting us. Please go on, it's a pleasure to steap by, Hugs Cristina

Amanda Cooper said...

Awesome, awesome post! Ingrid had one of the most beautiful voices ever! I'm sure that, given the chance, she could've made even George Lucas' dialogue (of which I have a generally low opinion) sound wonderful!

hana-bi. said...

Aww, you posted Ingy singing "As Time Goes By!" I've never heard that before. Thanks for sharing, it was lovely!
I love it when she sings in "Gaslight" and "The Bells of St. Mary's." The latter I downloaded and have on my iPod...hehe. A book I read said Ingy liked to sing with her family as a child, so...yeah. That explains her pretty singing voice. :)
I adore her speaking voice as well. Swedish accents FTW! :D

Sally said...

Great post! She does have a beautiful voice. And I love the clip overload. I'm really enjoying this series, by the way.

Meredith said...

aww the clip of her singing melted my heart.


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