Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 65 Birthday, Mr. Dolenz!

Today is the 65th birthday of Micky Dolenz...aka THE coolest member of The Monkees, and probably the most talented as well!

It's funny, because within the last few days I've been thinking a lot about The Monkees, and structuring in my mind a mini-series I am going to be writing about them, titled, ahem, "The Underrated Genius of The Monkees" (yes, genius! DON'T LAUGH!).

So, today, when I woke up (sick with bad asthma...and unable to do anything but sit around) and checked Twitter and saw that Sarah had tweeted me: "It's Micky Dolenz's birthday today! Party is in order!" I was rather excited!

I adore The Monkees, I love their music and I love their TV show. I also think they were and still are utterly and unfairly dismissed as "the pre-fab four". But, I'm not going to get into that right now, haha, you've got to wait for my genius series for that! ;-D

Instead, I'm going to talk about Micky.

Micky is probably the most talented member of The Monkees (closely followed by Peter). Mike was the songwriter, who played guitar (and sang), and also was involved in the producing on many Monkees songs. Peter was the crazy talented musician. He played, I'm convinced, every instrument ever known to man. He also sang, and wrote a few songs. Davy was, um, the "actor". He had history in musical theater and Broadway. He also played the tambourine. AHHAHA! (Okay, and a little bit drums and VERY little bit of guitar).

But, Micky was also a songwriter (my favorite of his being Randy Scouse Git), and a musician (he played the drums, guitar, and a few other instruments), and a hilarious actor.

And on top of all this, he was THE lead vocals for The Monkees. According to Mike, it was Micky's singing that gave the Monkees a distinctive sound. Mike and Peter often, willingly, handed over songs that they had written for Micky to sing. He was just that amazing.

The Monkees most famous song:

You simply HAVE to watch the epic-amazingness that is this video. (AND I DON'T EVEN LIKE USING THE WORD "EPIC"!) The Monkees singing Words, except everything is backwards, because Davy is playing the drums (and, um, wind chimes?!?) and Micky is playing the tambourine (and singing the lead). While Peter is looking really intense and upset. And Mike's off in the corner looking bored and disinterested. IT'S UTTER BRILLIANCE!

^You KNOW you are peanut butter and jealous (a Sarahism) that Micky has those cool glasses! ;-D

Pleasant Valley Sunday is one of The Monkees' most critically "respected" songs. This video is memorable for many reasons. One, being that Micky is NOT wearing his favorite fashion piece...EVER.....the ugly upholstery fabric poncho. Hahaha! Although, I for one, am having trouble believing that Davy is REALLY playing that guitar.

A rather funny clip from an episode of The Monkees, with Micky playing a not-funny comedian and horrible impressionist (James Cagney and Edward G. Robinson have the exact same voice). Also watch for Mike playing a awkward, shy folk singer, SINGING DIFFERENT DRUM (one of Mike's compositions before The Monkees).

An utterly strange, but VERY fascinating song, sung by Micky. And, if you are feeling the need to make fun of his dancing.......just watch Davy "dance". Micky looks like Fred Astaire comparatively! ;-D

Footage of Micky in concert singing, "I Gotta Woman".

My favorite of all Micky's compositions. Listen for his mention of The Beatles: "The four kings of E.M.I. are sitting stately on the floor"

And speaking of Beatles sitting on the floor:

Well, I GUEEEEESSS that's enough clips! Hahaha!

The only problem is, that there are hardly any Monkees songs on YouTube (I tried to put one up Saturday and it IMMEDIATELY was blocked!) I would load some other, lesser-known Monkees songs here, but, tragically, I had not finished transferring all my music from my family's computer to this laptop, when my family's computer crashed. Leaving me with just ONE Monkees album (a greatest hits) instead of all the songs I had been slowly purchasing and downloading since I was ten. EERRRRGGGGHHHH!

Anyway, be sure to check back soon for, ahem, "The Underrated Genius of The Monkees". ;-D

Happy Birthday, Micky! I hope you enjoy many more years!

^Micky's beloved poncho.


Mercurie said...

I'm glad that you are doing a series on The Monkees! They are one of my favourite bands and The Monkees is my favourite sitcom of all time. In fact, I think they are the most mentioned band on my blog aside from The Beatles.

Anonymous said...

BTW - Micky Dolenz spells his first name without the "e" before the "y." It's just Micky...

Millie said...

Terry: Yay! It's always nice knowing other people love the Monkees too! :-D

Anonymous: Oh, wow! Ooops! Thanks so much! I can't believe I've been spelling it wrong ALL this time! It's a little embarrassing! Thanks for letting me know! :-D

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Millie, you and I go waaay back when it comes to our love of The Monkees! ;) "Randy Scouse Git" is his vocal masterpiece (with all due respect to Goin' Down and Shorty Blackwell)

When my friends and I were kids (age 11-12), we referred to Micky's poncho as "The Rug", and since Micky was my favorite Monkee, it was always "suggested" that I get one for myself! LOL

Sarah said...

I think he would be very impressed!
Seriously this is so hilarious.

ROFL @ "The Rug", CK!^

Millie said...

CK: YESS! Okay, this is my new favorite comment (Sorry, Kate! ;-D)!

Oh my, you are the only person I've ever known who recognizes the genius that is Randy Scouse Git! YAYA!

AHAHAHAHAHA! "The Rug" = brilliance! Oh, you should have! Now, I kind of want to go Thrift shopping for one! ;-D

Sarah: AWWWWW! Thanks! Hehehe! It's all thanks to you! I would have forgotten! :-O

Clarity said...

He was always my favourite one - in fact the only I got - so genuine, out there, the leader plus the funny one.

Hey, hey, thanks.

Carla said... poncho. If I could find a tablecloth that awesome, I'd make it into a poncho too.


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