Saturday, March 6, 2010

Top Twenty Favorite Hitchcock's: Or how I almost had a heart attack one day while writing a blog post.

That title is no joke.


I take my Sir Alfred adoration VERY seriously. Heck, I have birthday parties for him EVERY YEAR. You can't even begin to understand HOW difficult this was for me to narrow down my favorites. IT WAS BEYOND NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE.

I don't even know WHY I subject myself to such heinous torture!

Anyway, the super-cool Kate did a post {with cool artwork! Check it out!} on her top twenty favorite Hitchcock's. And because I follow Kate around everyone, doing whatever she does, saying whatever she says...I too HAD to "write" a post on my favorite Hitchcock's!

Well, I guess, I can just start now!

Oh, by the way, besides the first, I had trouble numbering my favorites, so this isn't really a "numbered" list. Just know that the top few are a little more favorite than the bottom few!

{1} Shadow Of A Doubt

This was declared my favorite Hitchcock at the age of nine {I don't know, is it odd to have a favorite Hitchcock at the age of nine?}...and that favorite status has never changed! It's just all-around brilliance! AND UNCLE CHARLIE IS STINKIN' COOL!

{2} Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I know, you're saying that out of Hitchcock's myriad's of brilliant films, I pick THIS?!? Well, let me tell you, it was so difficult giving an actual NUMBER to my favorites, I decided to list them by how many times I watch them over and over. And, I have seen this WAAAAAY too many times!

{3} Notorious

Ingy + Cary + Hitchcock = Wowzie Kazam! It's a proven fact. This film is just brilliant. And it makes me so happy, I don't know if that's just because I have seriously twisted and messed up mind? or what? Also, this film is so engaging I inevitably get caught up in the story and at some point start screaming at the TV: "DEV, HOW COULD YOU!?!?! HOW COULD YOU!?!?! I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!" But, yeah. Great film.

{4} The 39 Steps

Love it. Love everything about it. Its story, its filming, its actors....heck, I even love Robert Donat's mustache. Although, I feel like I'm probably the only one who gets really stressed out about Donat being forced to run for his life over hills and in streams and such. I get so stressed because I know Donat had I also have. I freak out thinking about running around and not being able to breathe. Yeaaaah, anyway....

{5} Dial M For Murder

I adore Ray Milland, he's a horribly underrated actor, with no good reason for being so! He was an Oscar-winner, incredibly talented, and had the ability to play ANY kind of character convincingly. The same is true with his Hitchcock villain. He goes down in Hitchcock history as being one of the most charming villains, while attempting to kill off GRACE KELLY OF ALL PEOPLE. I mean seriously?!? That's talent. Anyway, this movie is just genius!

{6} The Lady Vanishes

The first Hitchcock I ever saw, MANY, MANY, MANY years ago (well, I mean I guess less than ten years, but that's a lot when you're not yet 16!). It's so perfect. It's fast-paced, a great story, and incredibly witty. And in, Michael Redgrave, we have one of the coolest of all Hitchcock heroes (who were often far less interesting then their nemesis!). And, his mustache is definitely a highlight in the film. Seriously, I start laughing hysterically the moment I see him!

{7} Strangers On A Train

This film (besides being highly entertaining) is fascinating in the way it causes (at least for me) to root for both the "bad guy" AND the "good guy" at the same time! That's unheard of! I can't recall any other films like that. It's just another part of Sir Alfred's genius!

{8} Stage Fright

I absolutely HATE it when people call this a "inferior Hitchcock"! REALLY!?!? I didn't know there was such a thing! And seriously, this film is brilliance personified. I love every minute of it! I mean, how could anyone not? It's so utterly British. And Michael Wilding's going to have to fight it out with Redgrave and Donat for coolest Hitchcock accent! And, the most important part of this film is pictured. Mr. Alistair Sim himself. Now, HE is brilliance personified. Practically every highlight of this film has something to do with him. My favorite scene is also the one pictured. He desperately needs a little blood for something...

{8} To Catch A Thief

NOTHING annoys me more than when people dismiss this as "Hitchcock fluff". WHAT THE HECK KIND OF FLUFF DO YOU WANT!? This movie is great. And besides, the directing, acting, story, and the cinematography...the best part is definitely the costume design. Not only does Grace Kelly get to wear one amazing outfit after another...but Cary Grant get's to wear stripes with polka dots. That's a once in a lifetime moment.

{1o} Jamaica Inn

I'm one of four people who love this film. Matthew's one of the other four. The rest of you just don't understand it's genius. SERIOUS GENIUS. I really can't explain it, but it's brilliant. Check out Matthew's post on the subject! He explains it excellently!

{11} Foreign Correspondent

This is coolness. I don't know what else to say? Joel McCrea is cool. Sir Alfred is cool. Random supporting actors are cool. The use of rain is cool. The coolness adds up. <--I have NO idea what I'm trying to say. I'm tired okay! {12} Young and Innocent

The twitching eyes.

{13} Rear Window

Two words. Thelma. Ritter. She's so amazing in this. I utterly adore her. Best part: her talking about the blood "splattering everywhere".

{15} Rebecca

Continuing on with my love for mustached, British Hitchcock heroes...

{16} Secret Agent

To tell you the truth, if anything has the name Peter Lorre attached to it, I automatically LOVE it! It's a fault of mine. And plus, this film is just plain intriguing.....with Peter Lorre!

{17} Spellbound

Oddly enough, today the title of this film is more associated with a documentary about a spelling bee than for a brilliant Hitchcock starring my favorite actor and favorite actress. (Although to be fair the documentary is actually kinda cool.) This film is fascinating and surreal every step of the way. From the "death" scene to the Wowzie Kazam personified dream sequence designed by Salvador Dali!

{18} The Trouble With Harry

This is going to sound strange, but I've always thought that if they made a music video to the Alfred Hitchcock Presents would be this movie. Frankly, I don't think anyone but Sir Alfred could have made the movie. It's like a fairy tale. And it is crazy hysterical.

{19} Suspicion

This movie is just waaay too cool and British. And even though the ending may not be what everyone wants (SPOILER ALERT: My ten year-old brother was decidedly disappointed that Joan didn't get killed. END SPOILER!) it's still an excellent film. And Cary gets to play one of his amazing "charming jerks". So, yeah, all's cool!

{20} North By Northwest

Although, I will forever think that casting Ingy in this film instead of Eva Marie Saint would have made it 1,000,000 times even MORE amazing, there's still not a lot to complain about. It's just a fun, engaging, fascinating "thriller" from start to finish. And seriously, I recently saw From Russia With Love for the first time, and the last few scenes on the train just made me think SO much of NXNW! And Cary is always amazingly cool. And, I utterly adore Jessie Royce Landis (I muddled through the ultra-depressing Gidget Goes to Rome just for her!).

Well, my list is done! It was hard to cut some out. VERY HARD. But, this is pretty much my top twenty favorites.

Of course, you must recall, that I forget SO many favorites when I make lists, and then I get list-makers regret, so, this shouldn't be taken as the Definitive Millie!

Okay, never mind! I'm done! Haha!

I need to get some sleep!


BTW, what are your top twenty Hitchcocks? Let me know in the comments or make a post of your own! I'd LOVE to hear from you!


Kate Gabrielle said...

YAY!!! I love your list! And all of your descriptions of why you love each movie! I was too lazy to do that lol :-)

When I saw Stage Fright on your list, I seriously panicked for a minute because I thought I left it off of my list! I opened my blog in a new tab and was embarrassingly anxious for it to load so I could see if I forgot to include one of my all time favorite movies.

Luckily I didn't forget, it's there.. but anyway..

Alastair Sim in that movie ROCKS. (Well, not just in that movie, he rocks period.) And Michael Wilding. And I love when Jane Wyman's character is acting. And how Marlene Dietrich keeps forgetting her name. AGH I love everything about Stage Fright.

I love the supporting cast in Foreign Correspondent! I love when George Sanders is explaining the whole ff thing, and Robert Benchley taking notes towards the end. Oh, and Herbert Marshall!

You forgot to mention how out-of-this-world awesome John Williams is in Dial M for Murder, but I'll let that go since the whole rest of your post is so utterly brilliant!!

The twitching eyes in Young and Innocent! That's all you have to say, really. Oh, and I love The Drummer Man song, it's already caught in my head now just from thinking about the movie.

Spoiler: I wanted Joan to get killed too. EEK!

And there officially HAS to be a new Millie 5am video. Clips from The Trouble with Harry set to the tune of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. It must be done now. MUST.

And so ends the longest comment in blogger history.

Millie said...

AHHHH! So pretty much THIS is my favorite comment. Ever.

AHAHA! I can just picture you. Sitting there. Maybe tapping your hands nervously (or maybe twitching your eyes! ;-D)...waiting...just waiting... for it to load! Haha!

Me too! Everything about Stage Fright is brilliance! I can't understand why so many people dislike it!

FC did have a great supporting cast!


Hehehe, I'm kinda tired okay. And we all know that's the best scene, so...haaha! MWAAHAHAHAHA!

Me too. It's something strange about Cary. We want his plans to succeed no matter what. Even if that means killing off his wife. We just want him to win! Hahaha!

Ooooh! YES! I'm thinking this is gonna need to happen. Hmmm....hahaha! Expect it poste-haste (as in a few days!)


Thanks, Kate! :-)

Kristin said...

My Hitchcock favorites are:
-Rear Window
-Strangers on a Train
-Dial M for Murder
-To Catch a Thief

I've even gotten my parents watching him. =) But they've seen two of his most famous that I have yet to see: "Psycho" and "The Birds."


Mercurie said...

I had thought of commenting on the films on my top 20 Hitchcock last night, but I was feeling under the weather! Anyhow, I had a hard time putting everything but the top three in any kind of order. And even now I can't say the list is final. It's hard to decide!

Kendra said...

mustachioed British antiheroes are the best! good list!

Sally said...

Great list!! I'm afraid I haven't watched as much Hitchcock as I ought. But I loved reading this!

Saunders said...

Marvelous list! I actually haven't seen a few that you listed. I must see Secret Agent ASAP, abd Stage Fright, and The Trouble With, I didn't realize I was so behind on my Hitchcock viewing!

I think I'm going to do this on my blog now. :)

TrippyTrellis said...

Love your list- would you care to see mine?

1) North by Northwest
2) Notorious (Ingrid's best performance.)
3) Dial M for Murder
4) Family Plot (Terribly underrated. Barbara Harris is so endearing you want to hug her.)
5) Vertigo (Jimmy's best performance.)
6) Psycho (Tony was robbed of an Oscar nomination!)
7) The Man Who Knew Too Much (Loved the movie- hated the song!)
8) Rear Window
9) Strangers on a Train (The strangling reflected on the glasses is Hitchcock's best set piece.)
10) Foreign Correspondent (Three incredible set pieces! If there ever was a film that cried out for a remake by the Master, this is it!)
11) Shadow of a Doubt (The most touching performance in a Hitchcock film by Patricia Collinge.)
12) Sabotage (A great Sylvia Sidney.)
13) Saboteur (Statue of Liberty!)
14) Rebecca (More Selznick than Hitchcock)
15) Spellbound
16) The Paradine Case
17) Rope
18) Stage Fright (Love Patricia's Chubby!)
19) Frenzy
20) Suspicion (A great Joan Fontaine.)

Austin said...

Great list!

And it's not odd to have a favorite Hitchcock at the age of nine, mine was Notorious. :D

Matthew said...

Oh great post. It pains me that haven't seen shadow of a doubt all the way through yet. I cought a bit of it on TCM one day whilst I was on lunch and saw that one of my favorites jospeh cotten was in it and have wanted to see it ever since.

I featured you recently in my opening post at my new classic film blog The Moving Pictures. It would mane a lot if you checked it out.

thank you.

Millie said...

Kristin: Great list! Those are all favorites of mine!

Well, those two are brilliant films. And I like them both very much! They just aren't "favorite" Hitchcock's!

Terry: Oooh! But, I really liked your list! It was great! Haha, I KNOW! IT was murder to try and narrow it down!

Kendra: Absolutely. It's THE only way to be a proper British anti-hero!

Sally: Thanks so much! I hope you watch more now! They are so great. Some a freaky, some are fascinating, some are hilarious. But, they are ALL brilliant!

Saunders: Ooh, go out and watch those. Immediately. You won't regret it! ;-D

YAYA! I can't wait to see your list!

TrippyTrellis: Nice list! I really agree! You have many of my favorites on it! :-D

Austin: AHAHAHAHAH! That's great! I'm glad I'm not alone in the "was a classic film fan from the day I was born" department!

Matthew: Oh, definitely. You must watch it as soon as possible! I think it contains Joseph Cotten's greatest performance. And he was a brilliant actor, so that's saying a lot!

Oh my, thank you so much! :-D That means a lot!

I will go check it out immediately! Thanks! :-D

Els said...

I have always loved Jamaica Inn, make that a party of five, please. Great list, btw


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