Friday, March 12, 2010

What I learned from Panic in Year Zero!

So, last night I was so depressed, for many reasons, PLUS LILLY SCOTT GOT VOTED OFF OF AMERICAN IDOL!?!? WHAT!? Um, anyway. ;-D

I was gonna watch some I Love Lucy, my typical antidepressant, but instead decided, randomly, to watch Panic in Year Zero! for the first time! (Thanks for the copy, Kate!)

Yeah, I know, slightly faulty thinking. I'm depressed... so I decide to watch a b-movie from 1962 about the world ending.

I mean, actually, that makes perfect sense to me! ;-D

But, seriously, I LOVED it. Well, of course, I mean it's The Magnificent Mr. Milland, starring AND directing...and being head hairstylist. (I jest! However, more on the hairstyles in the film in a bit!)

Sure, there were parts that are today considered unintentionally hilarious. {Of course *I* think it was intentionally hilarious. AIP was in fact a brilliant studio, that simply does not get enough credit!}

Anyway, this film was quite fascinating and and brilliant tutorial on how to survive as the world ends. I will now list the top ten ten things I learned from viewing it: (There will probably be a bit of Spoilers! But, really, this movie is one of those MUST be seen to be believed, so Spoilers don't matter THAT much.)

{10} Cookie (aka Richard Bakalyan) from the Dexter Riley movies was not always the lovable bad guy. He used to actually be a bad, bad guy. <-- This was painful for me to discover.

{9} Bridges that can hold the weight of a a huge trailer FULL of supplies hooked up to a car with four people...are remarkably easy to tear down.

{8} When teenage thugs try to hold you up on the side of the road, YOU SHOULD KILL THEM IMMEDIATELY. Showing mercy is strongly not recommended.

{7} One should not be surprised that when calling home (where three atomic bombs just hit) Grandmother does not answer the phone.

{6} Whenever one shows a "punk" in a leather jacket, jaunty jazz music is the must-have soundtrack.

{5} Doctor's are naturally pessimistic. Especially after atomic wars.

{4} All gas station attendants are naturally shifty, sly people - who just jump at the chance to take advantage of the world coming to an end.

{3} Atomic bombs may destroy a good part of the universe and ALMOST every major city, but nothing will touch Washington...or Seattle. SCORE!

{2} When I say The Magnificent Mr. Milland has a "killer Welsh accent"....I literally mean he has a KILLER Welsh accent.

And for the most important thing learned from PIYZ:

{1} Amidst atomic bombs, Frankie Avalon will still ALWAYS have perfectly styled hair. In the craziness of the world ending, that is one constant we can count on.

Yep, that's it.

But, seriously, this was a pretty interesting film (of course I say the same for Gidget Goes Hawaiian, soooo...) I would definitely recommend it! The Magnificent Mr. Milland gives a great performance and does remarkably well at directing it! Check it out!

-The Millie!


NoirGirl said...

Brilliant! I have NEVER wanted to see this movie because I hate apocalyptic-end-of-the-world-everyone-acts-like-a-victim films, but you have changed my mind. Even just to see Frankie Avalon's perfect hair. :D

Love #8, #6 and #4 (and no I have no great admiration of even numbers!) - I always knew gas station attendants weren't to be trusted. They always looked just TOO nice!

Millie said...

Yes, this was a good one!

HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, and seriously, the girls all have perfect curled hair with poofy bangs. ALL THE TIME.


Totally, that's why here in WA, we don't have them! ;-D

Millie said...

Clarification: I was saying PIYZ was "a good one". Not my post on PIYZ...ahahahah!

Amanda Cooper said...

This had me laughing out loud! I love all of the things that you listed. Doctors are naturally pessimistic? Well, that explains a lot!

Sorry you weren't feeling too good. I hope you're doing better now.

- Amanda

Millie said...

Thanks so much! :-D

It certainly does! This movie cleared that up for me! ;-D

Aww, thanks, but I get "depressed" all the time. I suppose I shouldn't use the adjective depressed so lightly (!!!).

Millie said...

Ahem, I mean adverb! Hahha!

B.Madron said...

What I thought was funny about the movie was they were driving towards ground zero and everyone else was speeding in the opposite direction. Also theh mothner keep wanting to call her mother to see if she is alright. Ray Milland brandishing a weapon was too funny.

Lolita said...

I laughed so much at this post that I got tears in my eyes. Seriously Millie - I think you are the best anti-depressant! By the way, I cure myself from feeling low in
the same way you do - just check out my recent Dr. Caligari post! Hehe.

"{7} One should not be surprised that when calling home (where three atomic bombs just hit) Grandmother does not answer the phone." This is close to that sick British humor I always have adored. Sure you're not a changeling? ;)

I have to see this movie, really. The jazz soundtrack for the leather jacket punks is just so spot on.

Millie said...

B.Madron: Hahaha! I know, I was a little bit surprised by their stupidity! Well, Ray Milland looks cool doing anything, soo...hahaha!

Lolita: Oh, my goodness! This is one of the nicest comments I have ever gotten! :-D

I will check it out post-haste!

Oh my goodness, that is a crazy nice compliment! Seriously! Hahaha! I love sick British humor too. My family makes waay to many jokes like that! Haha!

Hmm, a changeling, no. However, I have been called an imp before, so...;-D

Yes! It was seriously the craziest movie ever. But, the music was kinda cool!

Sally said...

This post made me incredibly happy. Absolutely hilarious!! After reading your post, I'm thinking I should move to Seattle. Great post!


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