Thursday, April 1, 2010

7 Reasons Why I Can't STAND Ingrid Bergman!

Seriously! I can't BELIEVE I used to call her my favorite actress! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!?

7} That voice. I mean seriously, I know she was in a couple of Swedish movies, but that's NO excuse for milking it for all it's worth. I swear! I think she used the accent in EVERY single film!

6} The eyes. Darting back and forth, back and forth. It gets a little creepy. I mean, in Gaslight her eyes look almost CRAZY!

5} She spent all her time trying to make people like her. I mean, obviously, since everyone who ever knew her adored her!

4} The whole "Everyone says I'm a gorgeous, natural goddess, but I'm such a gorgeous natural goddess I didn't even realize it" shtick. SERIOUSLY.

3} Having the AUDACITY to star in Cactus Flower, when she was 54, playing a part 20 years younger! I don't care that she ended up being "perfect" and "brilliant". It was egotistical and self-indulgent of her to agree to star in the first place!

2} THREE OSCARS?! She got three, but Annette Funicello was NEVER even nominated....WHAT?!

1} She somehow made everyone believe she was amazingly cool, practically perfect, beyond gorgeous, and brilliantly talented. Well, she may have fooled everyone else, but she's NOT FOOLING ME!

These are the reasons why I completely cannot stand OR tolerate Ingrid Bergman. Just forget that she was ever my favorite actress!


Hahaha! This isn't even a good April Fools, I COULD have made it slightly believable....but this was kinda more fun! ;-D


Miss McCrocodile said...

Okay, it wasn't til #5 that I remembered the date. Ha! Ha!
That Ilsa! She just loves all the boys!

Millie said...

Hahaha! Well, at least I had you for about 20sec! ;-D

Hahaha! She does! ;-D

Sarah Asay said...

man. i was SO confused....

Sally said...

Definitely more fun this way!! I thoroughly enjoyed this read! It took me a good while to realize that this post coincided with April Fool's... but I, er, won't tell you when I realized it. At any rate, this was fantastic!!

kallim said...

Loved the joke. I laughed right when I read the title. No one tricked me with an April Fools joke today. They did try to though! My mom tried to make me believe that there was a bat upstairs. This has happened in the past, but she didn't scream, just started yelling and shuffling her feet around. My dad fell for it and I told him it was April Fools. lol My mom yelled at me for telling him before he actually went upstairs with a tennis racket... Yeah, he usually hits them with a tennis racket, not to kill them, just to make them dazed and confused.

Jennifer said...

haha! I totally thought you were serious, but I don't really get jokes that well. I would have fallen for it anyway. I did kind of have a feeling that it was going to be an April fools joke though.

Merriam said...

Lol! You had me fooled for a while there! I kept wondering, "What happened to make her hate Ingrid Bergman??"

Raquelle said...

Superb! You almost had me for a second, but I'm also super gullible.

Hope you had a swell birthday!

potato said...

Hahaha omg...well you really fooled (and scared) me. Thank goodness 'twas April 1st thing and not your true opinion. Otherwise I'd haunt you down and.... ;)

Kate Gabrielle said...

lol well of course I was not fooled for a second -- I saw your tweet title and KNEW instantly it was an April Fools joke. You could never hate Ingy!!!! I mean, that would be like me tweeting that I hated Dirk Bogarde. Not gonna happen.

But, these are absolutely hilarious!! I love number two! LOL!!! So funny :-D

I hope you had a fantastic birthday!!!! And I hope there will be a His-Girl-Friday-on-the-big-screen post??

Clarity said...

Not fooled at all, I saw your avatar picture on my followers list :)

hana-bi. said...

You confused and scared me at first. >:(
But then I realized it was a joke~ (笑)

Viagens pelo Mundo said...

I didn't believe you from the first minute I started reading. I didn't even remembered the 1st April...I simply knew you adored her and that this must be a Joke! Hugs Cristina

Merriam said...

I just gave you an award, Millie!

Moanerplicity said...

Wow! 1st-time reader here. It was the subject of the sublime Miss Bergman that attracted my attention to this page.

Truthfully, because she was, is, and will always remain my favorite actress of all-time, I was ready to open up a can of verbal whup azz on you! But (breathing....) coolness! You were only April-fooling us. Didn't even realize you were going for the guffaw factor until that blatantly comical Annette mention.

And yes, even now, it is hard to not be bewitched by Ingrid. She redefined that term for so many of us.

Snatch JOY!


Pola said...

I loved that "crazy eyes in gaslight"- part - and that "Oscar for Annette"- thing! :")


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