Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Sandra Dee!

That's right! It's the (66th, 68th, or 69th-- the correct year of her birth is slightly confused) anniversary of the day the talented and adorable Sandra Dee was born!

I utterly adore Sandra Dee. I think she was crazily talented...and completely underrated (SERIOUSLY! She stinkin' brilliant at comedy!)

I've been trying to type this next paragraph for almost a half hour now. I keep erasing what I've already written! I don't know what to say to explain what I'm trying to say!

I just think that she was so amazing, and most certainly does not get nearly enough credit! People ALL to often dismiss her as "The Queen of the Teens" (one of her nicknames by the way...and quite true). BUT SHE WAS SO MUCH MORE! Unfortunately, so many people don't realize that. (Evil song from Grease: I BLAME YOU!)

I always encourage people to watch her in That Funny Feeling, a really hilarious 60's screwball comedy, with Bobby Darin (her husband). Or Come September, a LITERALLY brilliant comedy filmed in gorgeous Italy and starring Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida-- along with Sandy and Bobby!

Truth: I have never met nor heard of a person (even on blogs and internet message boards) who did not like Come September. THAT'S how amazing it/she is!

Sandra Dee was beautiful, talented, could fake a pretty good accent (Until They Sail), could fake some pretty good surfing, sing (OH YES! She could actually sing very well!), could someone how command the affection of everyone who ever even remotely knew her, look amazing in strange beadedish, gold outfits (see bottom of post), and star in some pretty stinkin' freaky Night Gallery's (check Hulu!).

Anyway, this post it going to drag on forever, because there is simply too much amazingness that is part of Sandra Dee! So, I think I better stop here (more Sandyness coming later!)

In conclusion (because this post had such a coherent beginning and middle): Sandra Dee was completely wunderbar. And that is final.

Happy Birthday Sandy!

A dorky little video I just made:



monty said...

I always had a soft spot for Sandra. Nice post about her Millie. I posted a bunch of pics on my blog in honor of her birthday. I've never seen Come September, now I want to. Thanks for the recommendation.

Raquelle said...

You are so right. Sandra Dee was crazily talented and highly overrated. She so could have been alive today and I wish she were. :-( Happy Birthday Sandra Dee!

Sally said...

Yay!!! Happy Birthday indeed!!

Audrey said...

I'd never heard of Sandra Dee until I read about her on your blog. For some reason I still associate her with Sandra LEE--who strikes me as kind of weird. So I guess my opinion of Dee is jaded by that. BUT I will have to check out some of her movies.

Liv said...

I hadn't ever heard of her either! Thanks again Millie!!!!
She is too "CUTE"!
The video was great too by the way.


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