Friday, May 21, 2010


You should ALL unfollow her. Like. RIGHT NOW.

And P.S. although, I completely and utterly ADORE 50's/60's Cary-- 40's Cary is clearly slightly more awesome because he gets to play so many charming jerks. And Cary RULES at playing charming jerks.

P.P.S This is all a joke. Just in case you didn't pick up on that fact. Really, Kate and I's entire friendship is based on battles over a variety of vintage issues. Kate is ALWAYS in the wrong.


Kate Gabrielle said...

HEEEEYYYY! People might actually believe you! lol, not everyone knows what completely strange people we are ;-D

And I also ADORE 30's/40's Cary, I just adore 50's/60's Cary waaaay more! :D

Millie said...

Yeah, I should probably put a one of my signature ";-D" in there! Hehehe!

And of course the tag is a dead-giveaway! Haha!

We'll just never be reconciled on this! Hehe!

Kate Gabrielle said...

lol much better, thank you :)

*sigh* I suppose not. You'll always love Cary Grant more than Cary Grant, and I'll always love Cary Grant more than Cary Grant. We just can't agree on anything!!!!!

Millie said...

I know! I just hope my love for Cary more than Cary and ditto for you, won't break up our friendship! ;-D


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