Thursday, June 3, 2010

"I can't take quiet desperation!"

The Lost Weekend. Wow. I love this movie so much, it's hard to even explain.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Although, this review, appeared to start off on the right soon took a turn for the worse!

My three favorite film genres are Screwball Comedies, Musicals, and Hitchcock's-- yet this is one very-much-a-drama, that I completely adore.

I try to watch it only once or twice a year, so the crazy-amazingness of it is never lost (actually it takes me that much time to recover from the film! ;-D).

I watched it again tonight with my mum and dad; neither had seen it before. I've been trying to get my mother to see it FOREVER, but she had some idea that it was a depressing movie or something....WHATEVER GAVE HER THAT THOUGHT?! SHEESH! ;-D I had to assure her that it ended happy ("hopeful" were my exact words). My dad came down as we were starting it and proclaimed, "Oh, I love this guy!", and sat down on the couch. This perplexes me quite a bit! I have never seen/heard of my dad watching a film or TV show with Ray Milland in it. NEVER. Of course he can recount whole plots of Emergency episodes that he hasn't seen since the early 70's, so perhaps my dad was an Milland fan back then?! (Hilarious side story that is slightly relevant because of the Magnificent Mr. Milland: My mom and her friend sneaked into Love Story when it was first released, because they were too young to see it. Personally, *I* refuse to see the movie--Magnificent Mr. Milland or not!)

My goodness, I'm starting to feel like Don Birnam, himself! I started out to write a proper and well-written review with limited ALL-CAPS words and --> ;-D! The first line was looking so good and intriguing too! Sheesh! <-- I need to cut down on my use of this word as well!

Well, I really do love this movie. It is bleak, and horrible, and nearly-sickening and utterly brilliant! And every review I see of people proclaiming the crazy-amazingness of Ray Milland's performance makes me feel personally congratulated ;-D. See, the Magnificent Mr. Milland has been my absolute favorite actor (tied with a couple others), ever since I saw him in Three Smart Girls. For me, films like The Lost Weekend, Dial M For Murder, and The Major and the Minor....were just extra brilliance! I mean, HE'S GOT A WELSH ACCENT.

I normally find very little to tolerate about Jane Wyman. Even in films like Stage Fright (a brilliant and underrated Hitchcock), which I love, I find her rather annoying. But, in TLW, she is so utterly perfect! She really deserved a Supporting Actress nod for this one! Especially, when they were nominating actresses left and right for THAT Mildred Pierce! ;-D (Someone on a movie message boards, had the gall to call TLW "ridiculous" and "melodramatic" and then suggested that MP should have won Best Picture INSTEAD! I still haven't decided if they were attempting irony!)

Random awesome fact: Much of the filming was done on location in NYC! They used hidden cameras to film the Magnificent Mr. Milland walking down the street and such. But they had to take many takes, because people kept coming up to ask for his autograph. The fans were apparently unperturbed to see him stumbling barefoot down the street in Bellevue Hospital pajamas. But, hey, HE'S GOT A WELSH ACCENT.

Okay, I'm going to wrap this up now! I'm really very disappointed in myself! I had genuinely sincere reactions to the film, that I wanted to write up............................SHEESH!


3 things:

1. The title quote has nothing to do with the review (at least NOT how the review turned out). I just wanted to sound cool.

2. Something happens to me now and then when I write late-night reviews! I start talking oddly and using words like: "unperturbed" (pretty sure, I'll NEVER be able to pronounce that), "perplexes", "recount", and "sincere". THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

3. Please do take note of the fact that the word "anyway"/ "anyways" is nowhere to be found in here! The Lost Weekend inspired me to conquer my own personal demon. ;-D


Clarity said...

You are hectic, in a good way.

I adore this film but pls for others, get rid of the slight spoiler about the ending. Part of the pleasure is wondering how it turns out?

It is one of my top 5 films. If you ever find out how they hid the cameras, let me know, I might use that trick for my film. Peace.

Sophie said...

I've never seen this film...I might have to see if I can buy it somewhere! (:

Great review - I love how energetically you write! (:

Kate said...

I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Great review!! I can't believe your parents had never seen it!

I watched it for the first time when I had the flu and was hopped up on a zillion strange medications, and kind of felt a lot like Ray Milland in the movie. lol :) I was just waiting for bats to come out of the wall.

And I totally agree. A Welsh accent makes everything okay!! ;-D

kallim said...

Great post! I love Ray Milland and I love Billy Wilder. Why haven't I watched this movie yet?! I did add it to my Netflix queue, so I will be watching it soon! That is, after I finish watching the last disc of Mad Men episodes for Season 3, the show has been my new obsession.

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Hmm... if you love Welsh accents, are you by chance fond of Ioan Gruffudd? Mmmm.

I refuse to see "Love Story" too!

Millie said...

Clarity: I'm really sorry, but I don't know where the spoiler is?!

Haha, okay! Sounds good!

Sophie: It really is great!

Oh, thank you so much! :-D

Kate: I don't know. Maybe my dad saw it, in that other lifetime when he was a Ray Milland fan! ;-D My mom hates depressing movies apparently (LIES! She buys as many Hallmark "heartwarming" movies as she can! ;-D).

Bahahaha! That's great! The bat is the worst part! EEEEKKKK!


Kallim: YAAAY! I hope you enjoy it! It's a bit bleak I suppose, but SUPER-AMAZING!

Rachel: I've never heard of him actually!


Birdy said...

Hi Millie, I enjoyed reading your recent posts about Ray very much, especially about TLW, which is my absolute favourite movie of his =)
But, tell me, what is typical Welsh about his accent? English is not my native language, so I can't recognize it, till now I thought it was just his personal way to speak. Have you seen "The Flying Scotsman"? His accent must have been even more Welsh in one of his first movies ever. Is it?

millandfan (YT)

Millie said...

Hmm, I'm not exactly sure what is typically Welsh about his accent! But, he was born in Wales, and has an accent. So, I just say it's a Welsh accent!

I haven't yet! :-(

I'm sure it was, because he had more recently come over from Wales!


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