Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think I am currently in the Twilight Zone...or I'm just crazy. Either/or.

So, I just spent half the night watching Twilight Zone with my younger brothers. My parents were both gone tonight-- so my 21 year-old brother was in charge (which meant candy and pop flowed freely....and it was up to me to make sure the dishes were done and a FEW vegetables eaten).

Anyway, we decided to watch a Twilight Zone. We put in a disc-- and simply couldn't stop. We watched at least ten. The last full one I remember was with Richard Conte. Amazingly enough, I had never seen it before. It was about dreams and weirdness and other such Serlingness. CREEPY.

I played another, but fell asleep two minutes in. Then I woke up and my youngest brother was putting in I Love Lucy and said he was going to bed. So, a Lucy was playing (and I was rather half-asleep; and Zach was on the other couch snoring away) and my 10 year-old brother came running back saying he couldn't sleep because he knew he was going to have a bad dream (just like the Conte Twilight Zone).

This of course means I win The Big Sister of the Year Award. ;-D

I finally got him peacefully off to bed and stumbled into my room. Twitter was still open on my Laptop. The latest tweet said: "I swear the clock is skipping time. SLOW DOWN!"


There was also a tweet from Kate, saying she needed advice on something. I answered back asking what, but she was no longer awake. Then I saw a link to a new blog post she had written, titled: "The hat of my, literally."

In it, she talks about how last night she dreamt about buying the most amazing hat ever and when she woke up she couldn't get it out of her head...and then she was browsing on Etsy...and she found it.

Finally, I understood. It all fit.

I'm in the stinkin' Twilight Zone.

More than likely, Rod's outside my window talking about me...THIS VERY MOMENT.

I suddenly felt like glancing furtively around (for my close-up) and running around my room banging into things. And screaming out in desperation-- before suddenly calming down and laughing oddly and walking off in a dream-like state.

*pull out shot; que: "And Now, Mr. Serling"*

Of course, by then, I'm just an afterthought. It's time to promote next week's episode.

But, yeah, this is an odd post.

Maybe this whole post is part of the Twilight Zone too?

Well, I'm rather tired now. When I wake up in the morning, I probably won't even remember writing this.....UNLESS I WAKE UP IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE!


NoirGirl said...

Completely amazing, honestly. If anyone was ever going to be in the Twilight Zone, it would totally be you, Millie. You are the one always awake at the proper times! :D

Audrey (Fedoras and High Heels) said...

Wow, that's awesome! I've never seen The Twilght Zone, if you can believe it...but now I'm really curious.

Kate said...

You are seriously too funny :D (Now twenty random people are going to find this comment I just left and re-tweet it...)

Now I'm in the mood to watch TZ or AHP! I might do that while I work today :D

ps. The clock actually went BACKWARDS on me once -- I gained a whole hour. Creepiest thing that ever happened to me! And it wasn't daylight savings or anything! lol

Millie said...

Casey: AHAHAHAHAHHA! That's great!

Also, I have the perfect, paranoid disposition for it!

Audrey: NEVER?! OH NO! You simply must! A brilliant show!


Oh, you should! If you watch should TOTALLY watch a Bradford Dillman one, just sayin'...;-D



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