Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sarah is awesomeness personified. Go read her blog post. SERIOUSLY. Right now.

Sarah of Cinema Splendor is just completely hilarious! REALLY! Probably one of THE most hilarious bloggers ever!

She took a break from blogging for a while (darn Tumblr! ;-D), but now she's back! She's working on a "Shelf Project" and watching EVERY single movie she owns alphabetically, which is a completely cool idea that I am actually going to steal (seriously!).

Her latest post from a few days ago about West Side Story is so completely hysterical I was laughing out loud. I thought of it as an instant blog post classic. (And I stinkin' hate WSS!)

Unfortunately, nobody else is reading/commenting.

This simply will NOT DO!

I've been dropping not so subtle hints on Twitter about how everyone needs to go read it immediately, but nobody is doing anything (actually, I think most of my Twitter followers try to block me out from their memory...hehe...I tweet random stuff 98% of the time). And, I'm not even doing this to help Sarah or something like that! (She's sadly at least 6 times cooler than I'll ever be.) I'm doing this for you guys! YOU WILL REGRET NOT READING THE POST! And no comments may even drive Sarah away from blogging! ;-D

So, if you are in the mood for brilliant hilarity:

Bernardo muerto?! OH THE HORROR

Also, as I mentioned above, I am totally stealing the Shelf Project idea! I think that means I'll start with Annie Get Your Gun...I'll have to check. You should totally join me for that! I'll love it!

Also, I'm sorry about the lack of Photo's of the Day! If you're feeling courageous you can venture over to my Tumblr (where I'm about 300 times crazier) because I post photos and such there all day long!

That's all!

Enjoy your day! :-D



Sarah said...

words cannot describe how much I adore your love for that post.

Millie said...

Aww! Sheesh, it's not that amazing! I just really want people to read your blog, some people might have forgotten it was still going or something!

Besides, it probably won't help too much (most people think I'm a little crazy! ;-D).

But, yaya! It was an awesomely awesome post!

Jennifer said...

I have been bad about checking my blog. That's a cool idea. I have so many movies to watch already though. I will post my reviews on my blog though, like I was doing, I just have forgotten about it. Shame on me! lol. I shall go read Sarah's post now. :)

Elisabeth said...

Done. Pitched in my own two cents' worth of pros and cons. :)

Sarah said...

EEEEEEEEEE thank you SO much guys :)

vagabondshoes said...

thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely follow!


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