Saturday, July 31, 2010


^How can you not adore them?!? Okay, actually James Darren is really annoying....and um, (despite whatever Kate says) The Big Kahuna is a just a creeper (sorry Cliff Robertson). BUT SANDRA DEE IS STILL AWESOME!

The results to my poll: The Genre You Just Can't Handle Watching-- Without Hatred Rising Up Inside of You

Obviously, there was something illegal going on because Teen/Awesome Surfer Movies lost with FOURTEEN STINKIN' VOTES.

Guys, the word "awesome" alludes to the fact that the movies ARE AWESOME. Sheesh.

I am also highly suspicious of the concentrated voting for those films RIGHT NEAR THE END OF THE POLL.

Immediately, I suspected illegal voting. Also, I immediately suspected my close blogging non-fleshies. Frankly, just because a lot of my close blogging non-fleshies are pro at cheating polls and otherwise disrupting things! (The company I keep...tsk, tsk, tsk! They are so markedly different from my peace-loving, non-debating, non-disruptive soul!)

But, most of my close blogging non-fleshies also have no problem with the surfer genre, so THE SEARCH CONTINUES.

And I will find you.

The runners up (with 7 votes) were two other favorite genres of mine:

Westerns and War Films.

First, you guys hate happy, surfer teens....and now you hate all the wunderbar guns, and fighting, and such??! How can you do this to me?

Tied for third (with 4 votes) were:


and melodrama. I hate melodrama. I voted for melodrama. Do not try to make me watch melodrama.

Coming in forth with 1 vote is Romantic Comedies. (I don't even know how it got one vote. Explain yourself! ;-D)

And coming in last with the deserving 0 votes is:


He truly is his own genre. I posted him, because I just wanted to see if there was any Sir Alfred hater (is there such a thing) who would make his stance known anonymously by voting!

I'm glad there weren't!

Anyway, back to the slow, painful death.

Because of popular opinion....I will be posting an awesome series all about surfer/dumb teen movies from the 50's and 60's. YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE IT!

Have a lovely evening. And start getting excited! ;-D


Annette's coming to get you....

Photo of the Day!

I chose a photo at random...and THIS is what came up.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Awww, this makes me so happy!

Just had to share this video I found on YouTube. I LOVE GIDGET (well, not Gidget Goes to Rome Gidget... I actually want to erase that Gidget from my memory...but otherwise...)


Photo of the Day!

The Saint.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So, um, yeah.

Here's the deal. Peter McEnery is an exceedingly brilliantly cool actor. And there are like two of his films on DVD. -_-

The Millie (nor Kate the Awesome) find this very situation very agreeable.


So, we were wondering if anyone in the blogger world owns any Peter films?! Anything you may have from an old VHS, maybe something you've taped off of the TV a long time ago, or perhaps you are a member of the Disney Exclusive Club and were able to get your hands on The Fighting Prince of Donegal....unlike the rest of us peasants?

Okay, so really, I'm looking for anything (well, anything up to the mid 70's). One in particular (besides the aforementioned Fighting Prince) I AM LITERALLY DYING TO SEE is Better a Widow (1968) (also starring Virni Lisi).

If you have ANYTHING please contact Kate or I (I'm! I'd be willing to pay for it, or I'm sure Kate would be willing to trade you something (I love volunteering people for stuff without their knowledge! ;-D).

Okay, that's all.

^Peter. This is actually the best photo I could find of him on the entire internet. THAT'S HOW UNDER-APPRECIATED HE IS! ;-D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Duel At Diablo: James Garner AND Sidney Poitier. We are talking EXTREME coolness!


Duel At Diablo is just brilliant.

So, today I was avoiding cleaning my room and trying not to get sucked into spending hours trying to stump Akinator, the Web Genius (IT KNOWS EVERYTHING). Instead, I was doing something useful-- like scrolling through my personalized recommendations on Hulu.

On about the 7th page it popped up with the message: You watched Alias Smith and Jones so you might like Duel At Diablo. I was quite excited. I have been wanting to see this FOREVER! I mean: it's 60's, it's a western, it has two brilliant actors I utterly adore. How can it go wrong?!

It can't.

Well, first of all, it becomes immediately apparent that this film is going to be highly awesome when a blood-soaked knife rips through the United Artists credit:

The first scene seemed to be progressing along in a normal western way (which is NOT in any way a bad thing...KATE!) when suddenly James Garner was riding away from the Apache with Bibi Andersson on the back of his horse. They're riding through this gorgeous Utah desert (filmed on location) and this amazing 60ish score starts playing. I think my jaw literally dropped. (I had actually been worried that I might fall asleep (I was already quite tired)....NOT ANYMORE.)

This (written by Neal Hefti) is already in my top ten movie scores. I can't stop listening to it.

The score runs through the entire film. In that first scene it seems almost jarringly out-of-place, but it really fits the movie perfectly. It's a song played in every mood. It's played in victory and played in death; it just keeps playing. Completely captivating!

Also, it's perfectly written so that during the climax of the song you can ride off into battle and say awesome stuff like: "Men, here we go to gory death...or victory" without even changing the tone of your voice. The score does it all for you. ;-D

A synopsis of the film is a bit difficult! In short terms: Bill Travers is Lt. McAllister. He needs to get wagons full of ammunition across the desert (also across all the Apaches on the war-path; they aren't liking the reservation too much) to Fort Concho. He needs James Garner to be his scout (all the others keep dying off...). Sidney's just along for the ride because he's a former Army Sergeant turned horse dealer person, who may have sold the Army a few horses still unbroken and bucking everyone. (now he has to break them in during the journey, in order to get paid). Of course McAllister has only a few men...who ALL have never been in battle before. His own second-in-command has never been west of St. Louis. There's also Dennis Weaver (henceforth he will be referred to as the racist, chauvinistic, selfish, annoying jerk) who's trying to get merchandise across the desert or something. And his wife (Bibi) who recently returned from having been in captivity by the Apache. Oh, and there's this awesome Army private who wears his hat sideways...always...

Anyway, moving on to the brilliant cast:

I don't think any movie with Garner + Poitier can fail to be awesome! I just don't think the world works that way! The sun rises in the East, sets in the West; bananas are yellow, oranges are orange; Garner + Poitier are always stupendously amazingly cool.

James Garner was perfect, of course. I love him in every genre, but I always seem to think he belongs in the western. I mean, HE IS BRET MAVERICK. And he is "basically on his way to Australia"! ;-D

James Garner is one of those people who never give a bad performance. No matter what. They may have the worst role in the universe...but it still turns out awesome. In this he's just stupendously amazingly cool.

And Sidney Poitier. Well, he obviously could never be uncool! I really particularly loved the role he had in Duel At Diablo. In the 60's, Poitier so often played the role of the "strong, moral black man fighting against racism and prejudice". This was obviously huge, important and necessary-- and he was ALWAYS great-- but I so enjoy seeing him in a film where he gets to just be cool; actually, his character was written in a way that it could have been played by anyone (except not really...because WHO could be as cool as Sidney Poitier?!).

He's definitely the best-dressed man in the middle of any crazy battle against the Apaches. He can calm down babies instantly by just looking at them. AND HE PULLS AN ARROW (SHAFT AND THEN HEAD) OUT OF HIS OWN ARM WHILE STILL SHOOTING AND GIVING ORDERS. ---Guide to coolness.

And there was the racist, chauvinistic, selfish, annoying jerk. (Sorry Dennis!)

TCMDb wrongly wrote their synopsis, or at least mislead readers. (This has happened SO MANY TIMES, I almost wrote a post about it once.) It says:

Racial tensions flair when a black officer joins a Cavalry troop fighting the Indians.

Uh. No. There are some racial tensions, but they have NOTHING to do with Poitier. These are COMPLETELY confined to the racist, chauvinistic, selfish, annoying jerk who tells his wife (after she was rescued from the Apaches):

"Lots of white women have been grabbed off by an Indian, and many a decent one of them would have killed herself before she let them turn her into an Indian squaw."


"My horse is dead and you're back - shoulda been the other way around."

When he wasn't dead and there was only 20 minutes left to the movie, I began to get worried, but, no, there was no redemption for him. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm not necessarily blood-thirsty or anything, but I actually went "hehehehe" out-loud when he was dying! END SPOILER ALERT!

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot about Bill Travers as Lt. Scotty McAllister. He was really a stand-out. So often in westerns, it's the big stars who also happen to be the "outsider", "loner" characters who get all the coolness. And the Army guys are "old-fashioned" and DUMB. Not at all with this character!

SPOILER ALERT: In fact, I was quite sad to see him go! By the end though, he had so many broken limbs, bullet holes, and arrows in him-- it was getting PRETTY IMPRESSIVE! I have this theory that, in westerns, any character who bravely rides ahead in battle, shouting victoriously, maybe with lance upheld...well, he's going to be either dead or insane by the end of the movie. Poor Scotty. He went insane and then died. Very sad indeed. END SPOILER ALERT!

But really, that guy who played the second-in-command Apache-- well I simply CAN'T take him seriously. He's played a dumb headhunter on Gilligan's Island TOO many times.

Well, I don't know what else to write! I had so much to say about this film in my mind as I watched it...but now it's all forgotten (the stunning score is till running in my head though). Also, I've been drinking Mango Lemonade the ENTIRE time while writing this...and well I told you about the evilness of mangoes just a few posts ago. SERIOUSLY! ;-D

In conclusion, I just want to recommend this movie to EVERYONE. It's brilliance comes from the fact that it's not a normal good guy vs. bad guy western, but neither is it a "we must deconstruct/ruin everyone amazing about westerns" western. It's just cool.

EDIT: Oooh, I was just reading this review on Amazon and I think it PERFECTLY expresses this film:

"One of the most unusual westerns ever filmed, Duel at Diablo deals with a number of clicheish situations in a refreshing, fascinating manner. More engrossing than entertaining, the intense emotion and delicately intertwined subplots are almost hypnotically effective in holding the viewer's attention. James Garner, Sidney Poitier and Dennis Weaver headline an excellent cast. Beautiful locations and an eerie soundtrack add to the overall power of the production. This film is probably too violent for many young viewers, but will prove a most satisfying experience for western buffs who prefer gritty realism to the more common shlocky horse operas. Duel at Diablo will never be found in a listing of top westerns, but it belongs there. In fact, it holds its own in any movie library, regardless of genre."



If my review doesn't make sense, do understand that it's 4:30AM and I've been up for 20hours! THE MILLIE DOESN'T NEED SLEEP! *as my eyes are twitching and foot tapping uncontrollably to the Hefti's score* ;-D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photo of the Day!

To all of you who have been voting for Awesome Teen Surfer Movies in my poll: The Millie is not pleased.

Happy Birthday, Mumzie!

Today is my mum's birthday! I simply couldn't let is pass without writing how positively Wowzie Kazam she is!

She is THE complete reason I ever started watching classic movies! In fact, she watched Pride & Prejudice (1940) with me the very day I was born!

So, really, you have HER to thank for foisting The Millie and her runaway-crazy blog on the world! ;-D

She is completely wunderbar and has always helped "nurture" (I suppose that is an okay word, something rather creeper about it though!) my interests! When I wanted to take my chickens to the fair and show them-- she was there buying special oil to clean their beaks and helping me learn my hen nomenclature! When I wanted to act and be in plays-- she was there, driving me to rehearsal...AND ALWAYS going to the plays....even when they were complete failures! (Cafe' Murder--I'M LOOKING AT YOU! ;-D)

And of course, she buys me bazillions of classic movie books and DVDs for birthdays and Christmas'!

And we have a tradition to watch a new movie (that I've never seen before) on every birthday! 12 it was The Man Who Knew Too Much! 13: Pillow Talk! 14: North By Northwest! 15: Leave Her to Heaven! 16: His Girl Friday (actually, I've seen that before...many times...BUT IT WAS IN THEATERS!)

What you should probably be deriving from all this, is that she's a pretty stupendously amazingly cool mother!

She's also a hippie.

And she's been eating organic and all-natural food years longer than it's been "cool"! (My dad and her even had a all-natural restaurant over 20 years ago!)

And she brought me up to know that Columbo should be adored only slightly more than Peter Paul and Mary-- but not more than Alfred Hitchcock!

And she only gets slightly angry when I make fun of Jimmy Stewart and/or William Shatner! (it's just too easy! ;-D)

She's also stayed at home with all my brothers and sisters and I! STINKIN' HOMESCHOOLING US! I mean, WHAT?! She's pretty crazy! ;-D

In fact, I still have the best memories of sitting around with my sibs listening to her read to us for hours; reading us history books, or Dickens, or Austen, or James Herriot, or Indian in the Cupboard, or James Marshall and William Steig!

And, I'll never forget her making us listen to classical music while we did our math. Handel's Water Music is synonymous with algebra.

Well, I really don't know what else to say about my mum! She's just that awesome! Not to sound cliche, but I really DON'T know what I'd do without her!

I'd probably be off sitting on a couch somewhere, watching Brady Bunch reruns and eating candy.

Sad life.

Anyway, I love you Mumzie! You're the best mother ever!


P.S. The thing on mother's chin is just from a rip in the photo!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going camping...with the family....

I'll see you guys again on Saturday!

I'm off to Eastern Washington. (Which, is not nearly as cool as our normal camping spot on the Long Beach Peninsula-- I LOVE THE PACIFIC OCEAN!-- but still, it's still pretty awesome.)

^I love how many grammatical errors occurred in that sentence!

^Hopefully, we won't need to shoot anyone down! BUT, HEY, NOBODY HAD BETTER TRY TO STEAL OUR CAMPING SPOT!


Monday, July 12, 2010


(The ALL-CAPS are necessary to create the proper hysteria!)

Okay, so, in Dr. No. There is that slightly hypnotizing, kind of bordering on annoying (but not quite) mango song.


I don't remember the last time I saw Dr. No, but that song still gets stuck in my head at random moments! IT JUST APPEARS IN MY MIND! And then I can't get it out! And plus I can only ever remember like the first line!


I know that they made that entire movie for the sole purpose of getting that song stuck in everyone's minds! They stinkin' play it throughout the whole movie...people sing it, play records of it, listen to it on the radio...SEAN CONNERY SINGS IT EVEN! I mean, WHAT?!

Anyway, I was out shopping today, and the song suddenly popped up in my mind! I couldn't get it out! And you know what I ended up doing?!

Buying mangoes, mango yogurt...AND MANGO LEMONADE!

I don't even like mangoes!

(Well, except for the delicious, fresh ones in Sierra Leone....hahaha...I sound like such a not-very-cool snob!)

That song really does have evil powers-- so you really probably shouldn't click play on the video below. REALLY! It could be bad!

-Millie...underneath the mango tree....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy....EXTREMELY LATE....Birthday, Matthew!

^James Dean enjoying Matthew's birthday cake! James is Matthew's ABSOLUTE favorite actor...EVER!

The completely awesome Matthew Coniam of Movietone News celebrated his birthday on June 20th.

And, I, being, well myself, didn't find out about it...until AFTER HIS BIRTHDAY. (I'm late to stinkin' everything!)

But, I wanted to be sure that he did in fact get wished happy birthday by matter how long it took! Haha!

Matthew is just completely cool. His blog is HILARIOUS! Also, he is a really great writer. And extremely knowledgeable! I always learn something new about film or actors after visiting his blog!

He once wrote a guest post for my blog about Jamaica Inn. It's brilliant. (He and I are two of four people in the world who actually like that movie.)

And he says things like: "A pox on the lot of them!" I mean, SERIOUSLY?! That's automatic coolness.

Anyway, Happy Late Birthday, Matthew. You are stupendously amazingly cool! And, I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays!


P.S. He actually hates James Dean. And, that's not cool. ;-D

Photo of the Day!

This is completely awesomeness.

Forty Guns: aka "Wait.....WHAT?!"

I was super-excited to see this film! I had put it on hold at my library, and it came in today. I was already planning on watching it very soon, but some occurrences at dinner made me watch it RIGHT AWAY!

My family was watching Leave it to Beaver. Beaver rescues a random, floating canoe and brings it ashore. When it's owner shows up to collect it, he explains, "My daughter must have not tied it up know how girls are!"

The Kid's face sums up my reaction rather nicely

This, of course, delighted my excruciatingly annoying 14 year-old brother to no end! He launched off into his "comedic" monologue of jokes to make me annoyed. Including his personal favorite:

Zach: Why did the lady cross the street?
Me: Why?
Zach: That's not important! The real question is....WHAT WAS SHE DOING OUT OF THE KITCHEN?!"
Me: .....Tonight I am watching a Barbara Stanwyck movie...where she kills all the guys.

And, that's what I thought I was putting in, but, the film, clocking in at only 79min....hardly gave The Stanwyck time to kill EVERYONE!

But, still, she was beyond cool!

In fact there were a couple of cool actors in this!

Gene Barry.....BAT MASTERSON! Heck yeah! Gene Barry + western ALWAYS means coolness.

John Ericson. Honey West's partner Sam. I'd never seen him in anything besides Honey West (which is complete awesomeness), so I was quite curious!

And, Barry Sullivan was in it too, but he's not very cool. Not at all. And, I always mix him up with Barry Nelson (who my older sister and I have decided resembles Brad Pitt as a leprechaun. Not a good thing.). He was okay, I guess, as the main character (BESIDES THE STANWYCK.)

But, he's sooooooo boring! Seriously!

Oh, I forgot about Dean Jagger! He is brilliant as usual! Although, it is a terrible fault of mine, that whenever I see him in anything I immediately start singing: "We'll stay with the old man, wherever he wants to go..."

Gene and Barry also had an actor who played their younger brother-- but I don't remember what his name was, and he drove me beserkers, so, yeah. (Why is it, that westerns ALWAYS cast annoying actors to play youngest brothers? ALWAYS.)

This movie had a really amazing opening scene. Completely blew me away! The Stanwyck leading her forty hired guns:

The Stanwyck was IN CHARGE.

Then other stuff happened. There was Gene Barry. There was a blind US Marshall. It was all cool.

Then, John Ericson showed up!

I was like, "YAAAY! It's SAM! *30 seconds pass* oh. um. he's a psychotic killer. wearing rather odd striped pants."

This was rather depressing.

Then a lot of other stuff happened! The movie was going along quite nicely! The Stanwyck did a crazy stunt (being dragged around on the ground with one leg still hanging on the horse). Apparently, she didn't think the stuntman looked very convincing. So, SHE DID IT HERSELF.

Really, I was enjoying the movie! All-in-all, a nice, little western. Then the last ten minutes happened. This made the movie INSTANTLY UN-REWATCHABLE! This is what made me go, Wait...WHAT?!


I will NEVER forgive who decided it would be a good idea to kill Bat Masterson AT HIS STINKIN' WEDDING! Why couldn't they have killed off the other brother! The REALLY annoying one-who-shall-remain-nameless (because I can't remember his name)?! Huh? Is that TOO much to ask?!


Then the ending happened! IT WAS A PRETTY SPECTACULAR ENDING! Or should I say, STANWYCKULAR ENDING! (It's 3am, give me a break! ;-D)

If you're not planning on seeing the film, then here is the final scene in all it's awesomeness:


My favorite part is either John screaming "I'M KILLED! I'M KILLED!" (just like my brothers and I used to when we were "playing" fighting!) Or Barry nonchalantly walking past the bodies and saying, "Get a doctor...she'll live." without even stopping to glace at them. Cool.


Anyway, I rather liked this movie! It had great actors, interesting (at times a bit "surreal") camera work, and just over-all odd coolness. The last ten minutes left A BIT TO BE DESIRED. But, still, it was really good! I'd recommend it!

^This credit actually made me rather laugh. I kept thinking, "It's SAM'S! And NOBODY had better touch it!"

-Millie (who still doesn't have a cool spy name. I'M WAITING KATE! ;-D)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Not even food poisoning and a hole in my toe could keep me from being mesmerized by the brilliance of Modesty Blaise!

Earlier, I accidentally stabbed myself in the foot with a pitchfork thing. (Don't ask!) There is currently a hole in my toe.

Then, I got food poisoning from my dinner.

I don't even know why everything is ALWAYS STINKIN' HAPPENING TO ME!

Anyway, I did remember that I had Modesty Blaise from the extremely Wowzie Kazam Kate! She actually e-mailed me the movie! It was like my own Netflix Instant Watch...except it took my computers several hours to download, during which time I fell asleep. But, anyway, that was a couple days ago! I hadn't been able to watch it since, because my parents were both gone, and I had to "watch" my younger brothers.

BUT, tonight, I finally had nothing to do-- but feel sick and stare at the hole in my I put on Modesty Blaise.

It's complete brilliance.


The cast was AMAZING! But, Dirk Bogarde completely stole the entire thing as the awesome super-villain. He was over-the-top, hilarious, and GENIUS!

Monica Vitti (Modesty) and Terrence Stamp (Willie) were also pretty cool...mainly because they burst into off-key song right in the middle of battle.

Also, Monica had impossibly cool clothes!

Gosh, this whole movie is just too much amazingness for me to explain! Really, you must watch it. Very soon.

Most Quotable Line (as in: line I will probably begin to quote often at random times): "How can I eat lobster.....when the lobsters are eating Borg?!"

Random photos:

And if, by some chance, you're not convinced yet (I don't know WHY you wouldn't be...after this MOST thorough review! ;-D), you really should watch this video Kate made! IT WILL CONVINCE YOU! And even if it doesn't (because you are-- I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT), you'll still have the song stuck in your head for 3 days! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I guess that's all.

This movie is so amazing...I just want to go watch it again!

(Also, it has inspired Kate and I to create cool spy names for ourselves...this is currently happening. We are not odd at all.)

-Millie (soon to be something much cooler)

P.S. ALL the screencaps were "borrowed" from Kate!


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