Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mumzie!

Today is my mum's birthday! I simply couldn't let is pass without writing how positively Wowzie Kazam she is!

She is THE complete reason I ever started watching classic movies! In fact, she watched Pride & Prejudice (1940) with me the very day I was born!

So, really, you have HER to thank for foisting The Millie and her runaway-crazy blog on the world! ;-D

She is completely wunderbar and has always helped "nurture" (I suppose that is an okay word, something rather creeper about it though!) my interests! When I wanted to take my chickens to the fair and show them-- she was there buying special oil to clean their beaks and helping me learn my hen nomenclature! When I wanted to act and be in plays-- she was there, driving me to rehearsal...AND ALWAYS going to the plays....even when they were complete failures! (Cafe' Murder--I'M LOOKING AT YOU! ;-D)

And of course, she buys me bazillions of classic movie books and DVDs for birthdays and Christmas'!

And we have a tradition to watch a new movie (that I've never seen before) on every birthday! 12 it was The Man Who Knew Too Much! 13: Pillow Talk! 14: North By Northwest! 15: Leave Her to Heaven! 16: His Girl Friday (actually, I've seen that before...many times...BUT IT WAS IN THEATERS!)

What you should probably be deriving from all this, is that she's a pretty stupendously amazingly cool mother!

She's also a hippie.

And she's been eating organic and all-natural food years longer than it's been "cool"! (My dad and her even had a all-natural restaurant over 20 years ago!)

And she brought me up to know that Columbo should be adored only slightly more than Peter Paul and Mary-- but not more than Alfred Hitchcock!

And she only gets slightly angry when I make fun of Jimmy Stewart and/or William Shatner! (it's just too easy! ;-D)

She's also stayed at home with all my brothers and sisters and I! STINKIN' HOMESCHOOLING US! I mean, WHAT?! She's pretty crazy! ;-D

In fact, I still have the best memories of sitting around with my sibs listening to her read to us for hours; reading us history books, or Dickens, or Austen, or James Herriot, or Indian in the Cupboard, or James Marshall and William Steig!

And, I'll never forget her making us listen to classical music while we did our math. Handel's Water Music is synonymous with algebra.

Well, I really don't know what else to say about my mum! She's just that awesome! Not to sound cliche, but I really DON'T know what I'd do without her!

I'd probably be off sitting on a couch somewhere, watching Brady Bunch reruns and eating candy.

Sad life.

Anyway, I love you Mumzie! You're the best mother ever!


P.S. The thing on mother's chin is just from a rip in the photo!


Sophie said...

Happy birthday, Mille's Mum!! :)

Oh, and can I just say: YOU READ JAMES HERRIOT!!?? We must be somehow related :| James Herriot is my life ;D Well, not quite, but I've read all of his books too many times than I care to remember, I've visited his house twice (I've always lived an hour away from it! :D ), and I have the t.v. series on DVD :D Also, I'm married to Siegfried ♥

Sophie said...

Oh, AND you make fun of Jimmy Stewart!? YAY! Someone else who doesn't like him (I presume!)!!

Raquelle said...

Happy Birthday Millie's Mom! She is an amazing woman for giving birth to you (while watching a classic movie?!).

Sarah Asay said...

i like this post. and is that grandma at the top?

Millie said...

SOPHIE: Seriously! I think you are my British twin or something! ;-D

That's so much craziness! Yes, my family is full or Herriot adorers!

HECK YEAH! Least favorite actor EVER! Mwahahaha!

Raquelle: Aww, thank you! Haha!

Sarah: Thanks! Yes, it is! With Uncle Kurt. My scan is low quality (which is why it's rather pixilated)...and NOW I can't find the original anywhere! :-(

But, yeah, I just love the photo!

Rose said...

Happy birthday, Mrs. Millie! She sounds fabulous! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! How lovely and sweet of you to write such kind things about me....even if you exagerate!(Though I must correct your little lie about me being a not true, but I forgive you :) )Anyways,Thank you! You are such an amazing blessing in my life miss millie!!!

Millie said...

Rose: She is! ;-D

Mother, I NEVER exaggerate! SERIOUSLY! Sheesh!

YOU STINKIN' ARE A HIPPIE! Don't try to deny it! Your Birkenstocks give it all away!

Anonymous said...

Now Millie, you know I don't wear birkenstocks anymore...I wear earth shoes, which are very different! And seriously, when do shoes make one a hippie???? You're too funny!

Millie said...

You're rather odd, actually.

It's not just the shoes, Mum! IT'S EVERYTHING!

"Slack your rope, hangman, slack it for a while! I think I see my mother coming, riding many a mile..."

greatoldthings said...

I'm so excited that I just read this post. Your Mom sounds like she could be my Mom's sister! My Mom's into organic food and such and she used to read to us history, Austen, Dickens, Lewis... and I'm homeschooled and mom played classical music when we did math and English. And I really have my Mom to thank for me loving classic movies and history. I remember watching Arsenic and Old Lace when I was really little and His Girl Friday, and the Man Who Knew Too Much, and Desk Set... ahh... cRaZy! I think we may be cousins. I know I've said this before but your family sounds just so cool!


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