Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy....EXTREMELY LATE....Birthday, Matthew!

^James Dean enjoying Matthew's birthday cake! James is Matthew's ABSOLUTE favorite actor...EVER!

The completely awesome Matthew Coniam of Movietone News celebrated his birthday on June 20th.

And, I, being, well myself, didn't find out about it...until AFTER HIS BIRTHDAY. (I'm late to stinkin' everything!)

But, I wanted to be sure that he did in fact get wished happy birthday by matter how long it took! Haha!

Matthew is just completely cool. His blog is HILARIOUS! Also, he is a really great writer. And extremely knowledgeable! I always learn something new about film or actors after visiting his blog!

He once wrote a guest post for my blog about Jamaica Inn. It's brilliant. (He and I are two of four people in the world who actually like that movie.)

And he says things like: "A pox on the lot of them!" I mean, SERIOUSLY?! That's automatic coolness.

Anyway, Happy Late Birthday, Matthew. You are stupendously amazingly cool! And, I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays!


P.S. He actually hates James Dean. And, that's not cool. ;-D


NoirGirl said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!

(I, too have been an EXTREMELY bad blogger and I missed his birthday as well. MUST FIX IMMEDIATELY!)

Millie said...

Seriously! I discovered it because of your blog! My birthday post (I had been googling something Ingy and it sent me there)! Haha!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!!

Meredith said...

hurrah for matthew! i missed it too, sadly, so thank you for this heads up! one of the best bloggers in the business.

Matthew Coniam said...

Well thank you so much! I'm touched and honoured! And I didn't see it coming!
I've spent the last twenty minutes scouring first my blog and then yours to find the occasion on which I wished a pox on some poor unfortunates, and who they were...
Just found it - a comment on your post about muckrakers trying to claim Bing and Bob hated each other. Was that too harsh? Nah. I'll say it again. A pox on the rotters.
Anyway, I can barely lift my head for all these lovely compliments, and thanks Casey, Kate and Meredith too. And Jane and Fay. Not so sure about that surly chap helping himself to my cake, though.

Millie said...


Ahahaha! Exactly! I remember reading that and saying, "YEAH! That's right! A pox on the lot of them!"

I'm so happy! And you can be sure we won't miss it next year! Haha!

WAIT, WHAT?! James Dean is just cool. I don't know HOW you can't see that! ;-D


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