Friday, July 2, 2010

Not even food poisoning and a hole in my toe could keep me from being mesmerized by the brilliance of Modesty Blaise!

Earlier, I accidentally stabbed myself in the foot with a pitchfork thing. (Don't ask!) There is currently a hole in my toe.

Then, I got food poisoning from my dinner.

I don't even know why everything is ALWAYS STINKIN' HAPPENING TO ME!

Anyway, I did remember that I had Modesty Blaise from the extremely Wowzie Kazam Kate! She actually e-mailed me the movie! It was like my own Netflix Instant Watch...except it took my computers several hours to download, during which time I fell asleep. But, anyway, that was a couple days ago! I hadn't been able to watch it since, because my parents were both gone, and I had to "watch" my younger brothers.

BUT, tonight, I finally had nothing to do-- but feel sick and stare at the hole in my I put on Modesty Blaise.

It's complete brilliance.


The cast was AMAZING! But, Dirk Bogarde completely stole the entire thing as the awesome super-villain. He was over-the-top, hilarious, and GENIUS!

Monica Vitti (Modesty) and Terrence Stamp (Willie) were also pretty cool...mainly because they burst into off-key song right in the middle of battle.

Also, Monica had impossibly cool clothes!

Gosh, this whole movie is just too much amazingness for me to explain! Really, you must watch it. Very soon.

Most Quotable Line (as in: line I will probably begin to quote often at random times): "How can I eat lobster.....when the lobsters are eating Borg?!"

Random photos:

And if, by some chance, you're not convinced yet (I don't know WHY you wouldn't be...after this MOST thorough review! ;-D), you really should watch this video Kate made! IT WILL CONVINCE YOU! And even if it doesn't (because you are-- I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT), you'll still have the song stuck in your head for 3 days! MWAHAHAHAHA!

Well, I guess that's all.

This movie is so amazing...I just want to go watch it again!

(Also, it has inspired Kate and I to create cool spy names for ourselves...this is currently happening. We are not odd at all.)

-Millie (soon to be something much cooler)

P.S. ALL the screencaps were "borrowed" from Kate!


Kate said...

Ok, I went downstairs to get a snack after I said I was going to sleep, and before turning off my computer I saw "Modesty Blaise semi-review" on my twitter....

If I had grapefruit juice in my mouth, it would have come shooting out of my nose when I read this:

"-Millie (soon to be something much cooler)"

Seriously, I had to try so hard to contain my laughter because everyone is sleeping.

I'm SO SO SO SO glad you liked this so much, I was hoping so badly you would!! There are just so many quotable lines (mostly from Dirk) the lobster thing, the champagne, TOUR-CHA (sorry I just love that one). And so many absurd things like all of his umbrellas(!?!) and his hilarious sunglasses! And his gigantic wine glasses. Gabriel is probably my favorite villain now!

And the random song outburst!! AH! Oh, I bought the soundtrack so I can send you that song they sing while they're eating the ice cream :-D

Ok, now I'm really going to sleep, and dreaming about my possible cool spy names! :D

Kate said...

WOW that was long!!!!

Kate said...

Oh, and I'm sorry about the hole in your foot and the food poisoning!! (That really shouldn't have been an afterthought! lol)

Millie said...

I just checked my email and it's like: 3 New Messages, I was like WHAT THE HECK. Then, Oh, it's Kate. ;-D


I knew you weren't leaving! So I posted it real fast! ;-D

Haha! Well, you better be thinking! Because I WANT A COOL SPY NAME!


No movie can be too absurd for me! Haha! Seriously!

Oh my gosh! The champagne thing just makes me laugh thinking about! Gabriel is just AWESOME! (That's sorta like Gabrielle! Hehe!)


Where is this soundtrack?!

I need it.

YESSSHHHHH! Maybe it will come true like your hat thing! ;-D

AAHAHAHA! I love how you left another comment to tell my the first comment was long!


Merriam said...

LOL I really want to see this movie now. Your poor foot. You know, I kinda wish I was the type of person everything happens to, but...being stabbed with a pitchfork, AND food poisoning? That's a bit much.

hana-bi. said...

First of all, "that's what she said" at Kate's second comment. XD Sorry.
Also! You should tell us the pitchfork story. It sounds entertaining. I mean, interesting.
I'm sorry about that and the food poisoning! You poor thing...hope you're feeling better, hun. ♥

Millie said...

Merriam: It's stinkin' brilliant!

AHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah...a "bit"! ;-D


Not, really, I was being a dork and randomly humming like a marching tune and lifting it up and down.....STAB! I'm dumb.


kallim said...

I almost died laughing about the hole in the foot and then the food poisoning. I too kind of have food poisoning today. Except, it's more like the bastards at the ice cream place lied about having yogurt! I'm lactose intolerant and they gave me ice cream instead of yogurt, I swear! I've been dying ever since. Why would they do such a thing?!?!

Millie said...

WOW! JERKS! I'm sorry!


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