Sunday, August 8, 2010

The 2nd Annual Hitchcock Birthday Bash

THAT'S RIGHT! It's time to party for Hitchcock ALL OVER AGAIN!

For once in my blogging life, I am not only on time-- BUT EARLY! This is an odd phenomenon (almost as odd as the fact that I cleaned my room while it was still light out today AND EVEN TOOK OUT THE GARBAGE BEFORE MIDNIGHT).

Anyway, I am crazily excited to have an awesome Hitchcock Birthday Bash later this week/the rest of the month!

This year I am focusing on rewatching Hitchcock's I've seen only once:

I Confess


The Wrong Man

and....MAYBE Vertigo (the original watching experience was far too tramautic! A HITCHCOCK THAT ENDED UTTERLY BLEAKLY AND DEPRESSING WITH ALL THE GOOD CHARACTERS DEAD).

All of those I saw during or before the age of 13. The first, third, and fourth: I distinctly disliked. Lifeboat, I enjoyed, but somehow I've have never felt the inclination to watch it again! I'm going to be reevaluating these films!

Also, I get to share two of my favorite Hitchcock's with my youngest brother James for the first time! Strangers On a Train and Shadow of a Doubt (my absolute favorite Hitchcock ever). So, I'm sure they'll be some "interesting" thoughts coming from him! ;-D (You many recall his bloodthirsty tendencies from last year!)

And, I'm hosting my 4th annual Hitchcock Birthday Party at my house, we're watching The Trouble With Harry this year.

BUT ANYWAY, coming to the most important part.........


I had so many awesome guest posts from awesome guest bloggers last year! I'd absolutely LOVE to see some more this year! :-D

It can be about anything you want pertaining to Sir Alfred: a movie review, about his TV show, something about him, a personal experience that was very Hitchcockian....I DON'T CARE! I'd love to read it! Long or short; poetic or hilarious! Send me the post at: classicforeverblogger {at} yahoo {dot} com (trying to cut down a bit on the spam I receive). You can start sending it now, 'till the end of the month. I'm "officially" gonna kick off the party (and start posting) on Wednesday night probably!

And seriously, PLEASE send me something! If you don't, it's just gonna start to get pathetic around here! ;-D


{Check out last year's party!}



kate gabrielle said...

O-M-G when I read this post I remembered that I was supposed to send you a post last year and totally forgot :-p I feel so awful!!!!!! I'll totally do one this time, but you know me well enough to know I'll probably be submitting mine around the end of the month ;-D

Funny, I'm not a big fan of Vertigo, The Wrong Man or I Confess either! AND I've only seen Lifeboat once. *spooky* I should rewatch that one too this month. Might also revisit I Confess, since I actually never saw the ending :-O Vertigo, though, I've seen like eight million times since TCM plays it every other day, and I don't think I need to revisit it lol

Is it my imagination or did you either make Hitchcock profile shaped cookies one year or did you just plan on it? Because if you didn't yet, you SHOULD and it would be awesome!!

DKoren said...

Wow! I can't believe how fast a year flies by!

I may have to write a guest post about Vertigo now, because it's at the top of the Hitchcock film list for me. :-D

Millie said...

Kate: Heheheheehe! Well, I was suppose to do that thing for your birthday...AND NEVER DID BEFORE I LEFT FOR AFRICA. So yeah.

Haha! That's craziness! But, I suppose us sharing a brain would account for that! ;-D

If I recall the ending of I Confess was the only satisfying part of it! ;-D

I've Tried. Every Year. Always Failed. Will Try Again.

Deb: AHAHAHA! I think I've officially bashed everything you love! ;-D

But, that would be totally awesome! I need some convincing!

Lindsay said...

Hi Millie,
I stumbled upon your blog one day. I love it! I'm a college student who discovered a love for classic film pretty recently, mainly because of, maybe I'll contribute to the pro-Vertigo side :)


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