Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hitchcock Birthday Bash Giveaway: Two Tickets to "The 39 Steps" on Broadway!

I am SO excited to be able to host this contest. It's a pretty awesome way to get to kick off the, ahem, 2nd Annual Hitchcock Birthday Bash!

Here are the details:

The prize is a voucher good for two tickets at the date of your choice during August or September.

I want you to leave me a comment telling me your favorite Hitchcock film and why. I'll be choosing a winner by random. (So, picking Vertigo will NOT make you lose!)

You have until next Thursday, August 19th at 3:00am PST.

When I announce the winner I'll have the winner send me their e-mail address. Then I'll be sending that info onto the completely awesome marketing person (who is allowing me to host this contest) they will then get the voucher to the winner (if this makes any sense?! ;-D).

Here is the press release info thing that explains it all in much more lucid detail:


New World Stages • 340 West 50th Street


to the Tony Award® Winning Comedy Thriller!

Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have THE 39 STEPS, New York's smash hit comedy thriller about one man’s quest to clear his name.

THE 39 STEPS features a cast of four actors who, against all odds, breathlessly and hilariously attempt to reenact all of the characters, locations and famous scenes in Hitchcock’s 1935 film thriller with just a few props and a lot of theatrical ingenuity and split second quick changes.



CONTEST RESTRICTIONS: Prize is valid for two orchestra seats to The 39 Steps at New World Stages in New York City on a select performance through September 30, 2010. Winner will have the option to choose from a variety of dates. Some blackout dates apply.

Millie again: Well, I hope everyone (New York area) enters! This show looks SOOOO brilliantly hilarious! It makes me actually wish that I didn't live on the West Coast.....and we know how crazy that is for me! ;-D



kate gabrielle said...

OMG THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME CONTEST EVER!! GEEZ!! I hope so so so so so so so badly I win, because my dad wanted to take my mom to see this for her birthday (it's their favorite Hitchcock film, but not mine actually) but he couldn't afford it so they just watched the dvd for a movie night :) They would so flip out if I won this!!

Ok, anyway.. my favorite Hitch film is Young and Innocent, with Dial M For Murder coming in a close second :)

Millie said...

AWWWWW! That's so sweet! :')

Oooh! GREAT CHOICES! I utterly adore both!

Anonymous said...

I really love Vertigo. It is weird, awkward, somethimes even uncomfortable, unpredictable and so tense.
I am coming to NY for two weeks in September for holiday and it would be really lovely to experience Broadway.

Jacqueline T Lynch said...

Killer contest, Millie. Count me in.

Tough decision. For me, "Shadow of a Doubt" runs neck-and-neck with "Rear Window."

If absolutely forced to pick only one, I guess I'd have say "Shadow of a Doubt" is my favorite. It has all the fun elements of many of Hitchcock's films (including the father and the neighbor being mystery novel buffs playfully plotting to "murder" each other), but there is a poignancy here about innocence destroyed that I don't think we see so much in his other films. There is a subtle depth that goes beyond just the plot and the macabre thrills of other Hitchcock movies.

Thanks for the contest and good luck with your Hitchcock celebration.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it...I hate Hitchcock's 39 Steps, because I love John Buchan's original book so much. The film lost so much of the basic plot of the novel (Hanney was trying to avert WWI from starting) and THERE WERE NO WOMEN WHATSOEVER IN THE NOVEL! The brilliant disguises and daring escapes all fell flat in the movie. I believe the actual 39 steps to the sea were changed to just a name for a spy ring. The poignancey was lost. *sniffs*

though I don't live anywhere near New York, I'll still tell you what my Hitchcock is...Notorious. Really, I don't know how it could be any other with Ingrid Bergman, the finest actress of the day, Cary Grant, at his smoothest, an amazing story, dramatic, yet sweet romance, beautiful shooting, and one of my favorite endings in film history.

Anonymous said...

My favorite Hitch film is...
North by Northwest! What's more romantic than a train ride with Cary Grant across the country? Nothing, really. The music is incredible and often gets stuck in my head at random times. After NxNW, I'd choose Spellbound, or Rear Window, or Vertigo, or...

Millie said...

Anon: I really need to see again! Maybe I'll like it more this time! :-D

Oh! That would be fun!

Jacqueline: Oh my gosh! Perfect description of that movie! SoaD is my absolute favorite. It has been since I first saw it! It's so much brilliance!

stephsayss: NXNW is a super-fun movie! Cary + Hitchcock is always fabulous!

LizardFragola said...

Definitely REAR WINDOW. It’s the perfect Hitchcock movie (although so many of them are). It's sophisticated, funny, scary, it's got two of his best stars, a great supporting cast, an amazing script by John Michael Hayes that lifted Woolrich's short story to a whole other level, it's masterfully directed by Hitchcock at the top of his game. If you had one film to show someone who never saw a Hitchcock movie, this would be it.

Stephanie said...

I have been working my way through AFI's top 100 films of all time and just saw North by Northwest for the first time which I LOVED so I would have to vote for that one!


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