Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hitchcock's Birthday Bash: The Millie's 10 FAVORITE Hitchock Heroes

I'm here! And the Party's getting started (a little late, I know...but I was gone all weekend...)!

And, since, everyone was SO curious about it, here are my 1o favorite Hitchcock Heroes (Heroines will come later, I PROMISE):


Chief Inspector Hubbard (John Williams) -- Dial M For Murder

The true hero of this film (please do not mention that bland and boring Robert Cummings to me!).

He's amazing. I was talking to my older sister, Shannon (she's awesomeness-personified, so you should follow her non-film blog.) today, and she was telling me WHY he's her favorite Hitchcock hero ever. She described how fascinatingly he makes it appear that he believes Grace is guilty, and that he's willingly going to send her to her death by execution...but really, he's known the truth all along. (She told it to me in a far more interesting way of course! Haha!)

I also asked my mother about her favorite Hitchcock Hero but she mentioned something about some guy in Vertigo. I dismissed this answer, as she OBVIOUSLY is not of sound mind.


John Ballentine (Gregory Peck) -- Spellbound

So, this may sort of fall under the "I love Gregory Peck in everything" category, but still. He's pretty stupendously amazingly cool in this. I know some people think this movie is over-the-top, and maybe a bit pretentious, but I LOVE IT! And, I think Gregory Peck does quite well as the amnesiac...not as brilliantly amazing as Ingy (but who ever is?!).


John Jones (Joel McCrea) -- Foreign Correspondent

I know there are a large group of people still angry that Gary Cooper turned down the role (and I really do adore Gary and he probably would have done well), BUT, I think Joel McCrea was completely perfect in this role. Everything about the way he played it was brilliant. And one problem with Gary, is that it's always obvious his character is going to win. I mean, with Joel, we know he's most likely going to come out on top, but there is still that slight "Does he even know what the heck he's doing?!" about it. That's brilliance.


Devlin (Cary Grant) -- Notorious

Even though, I always get horribly angry at him half-way through the film (and usually start screaming at him/the TV screen) he's still Cary Grant. Which means, he's still pretty much the coolest character ever.


Commodore Gill (Alastair Sim) -- Stage Fright
The best part of this BRILLIANT film. He's fifth-billed, but he easily steals the entire thing. EASILY. Even away from Marlene Dietrich (one of the most can't-bring-yourself-to-look-away-from-her people), Richard Todd (being highly awesome), and Michael Wilding (I wish I had room for his Wilfrid "Ordinary" Smith on this list).


Max de Winter (Laurence Olivier) -- Rebecca

So, basically, there are going to be a lot of British anti-heroes with mustaches on this list. I've mentioned their complete awesomeness in other posts before. Max is definitely one of the coolest. A fleshie of mine had never seen a Hitchcock before, in fact, she didn't want to see any Hitchcock. She mumbled something about not liking "thrillers". My face at this revelation:


Anyway, I finally got her to borrow Rebecca, I told her it wasn't really a "thriller", and she would love it, because it was sorta Jane Eyreish (she actually LOVES that horrible book).

She LOVED it! The reason was Max. She couldn't stand most of the characters (including the second Mrs. de Winter...MWAHAHAAHAHA!), but she thought Max was just cool.

Now, she's seen several Hitchcock's. And she's even coming to my Hitchcock Birthday Party.

Thanks, Max.



John Robie (Cary Grant) in To Catch a Thief

His nickname is The Cat. He's not REALLY a timber baron from OreGONE. And (I know I've mentioned this an excessively large amount of times, but...) he wears stripes + polka dots AT THE SAME TIME.


Gilbert (Michael Redgrave) -- The Lady Vanishes

He's a musician. He has a hilarious mustache. He has a British accent. He's Michael Redgrave. I mean, seriously, I shouldn't even have to explain his Wowzie Kazam Hitchcock Hero Awesomeness.


David Smith (Robert Montgomery) -- Mr. and Mrs. Smith

How could he not be one of the greatest Hitchcock heroes EVER?! He's extremely clever (pretending to collapse in despair at your wife leaving you...can have excellent results). He's very knowledgeable (if the cat doesn't eat...NEITHER SHOULD YOU). And he's quite savvy on legal matters (it's most likely NOT illegal to trace over someone's penciled signature with pen). And plus, he can render his enemies dead with just slight changes in his facial expressions:

I can't help but laugh uncontrollably at the sight of his face!


Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) -- The 39 Steps

Best Hitchcock Hero EVER! He's got an amazing accent, a rather fascinating mustache, AND he's a brilliantly insane, evil asthmatic! SERIOUSLY!

I love him.
That's all!

So, who are your favorite Hitchcock Heroes, and why?! Let me know in the comments or at your own blog! :-D



Jacqueline T Lynch said...

I like all your choices, especially John Williams from Dial M. He's swell.

Anonymous said...

You ALMOST have me convinced that I should try The 39 Steps again. And now I cannot wait to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

I'd have to say I like Cary Grant as Devlin best, but then I remember Max DeWinter, and John Robie, The Cat. And Joel McCrea in Foreign Correspondent was pretty awesome too. Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of people have never heard of that movie? I mean, it's one of the most exciting Hitchcocks!

kate gabrielle said...

So glad you included Alastair Sim & John Williams.. I think they'd be tied for my #1 slot :D

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

wahaahaa! a fellow "Bob Cummings-disliker".. :"))
And Michael Redgrave is so gorgeous! Great, that he made it into your list!

Millie said...

Jacqueline: Yay, thanks! HE IS STUPENDOUS!

Emm: WHAT?! 39 STEPS IS COMPLETE AWESOMENESS! And really, watch for Robert Donat! ;-D

Oooh, yes! M&MS is amazing! The Carole and Robert together is perfection!

Seriously, too many people have not heard of its brilliance!

KAAAATTTTEEE: :-DDDD That's cause you're awesome!



Yeah, I can't stand Cummings...

And, yeah, that's pretty much the reason Michael's on my list! ;-P

Kaley said...

Hm, so your friend likes Mr. Rochester, an authoritative domineering insensitive male protagonist who can be sort of nice at times...she likes Max de Winter, an authoritative borderline domineering guy who is nice at times...so tell her to go and read Wuthering Heights RIGHT NOW, if she hasn't already.

Rose said...

That picture of Cary Grant in Notorious is just...askjfas;lkjfaslkj f yum
Same for the one of Michael Redgrave.

Rosa Fay said...

Spellbound - NO. Did not like that one. Yes, he may be handsome but it was boring.

39 Steps - Definitely.

Rebecca - Yes indeed.

The lady Vanishes - Always, he's just so funny!

But even more so: Notorious. I've watched that film more times than I can remember. Their chemistry within the film is beautiful! Plus... its a young Cary Grant. How could you not? And the costumes are beautiful, especially their riding gear. Open neck shirt? I think so!

Millie said...

Rosa: Do NOT come onto my blog and insult the perfection of Gregory + Ingy + Sir Alfred. JUST DON'T. ;-DD

I'm glad you agreed with me otherwise. Aren't British anti-heroes with mustaches the best?! haha

Thanks for the comment!

Renata Ho said...

OMG, Robert, Robert, Robert Donat! He is absolutely PERFECT. He is #1 for sure!

Agree 100% with you in Rebecca and Notorious. I also 'hated' Cary Grant in Suspicion. How can he treat Joan Fontaine so badly?? Anyway, Cary Grant is Cary Grant...

LOVE your blog!! Discovered today and still so much to read! Thank you!! :D


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