Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Photo of the Day!

Cary + Ingy.

I love them.


monty said...

Yes...great pic of the two icons.

Denise said...

I love this picture!! They both look great :)

Ilaria said...

Lovely picture!!

Kristin said...

It's wrong for two people to be so gorgeous. :)


VP81955 said...

Millie, congrats on joining the LAMB flock. I just saluted you at "Carole & Co." for being so "stupendously amazingly cool":


Bette said...

Hi Millie, i love those two, and your blog! Did you know that Ingy was 5ft 10! I am a fellow young film buff. I have tried many times to turn my 6 year old friends into Gene Kelly lovers and later Bette Davis and James Stuart lovers. I have only had a few real successes, I am working on a few though, but lets face it, you either are a film buff or you're not.

P.S. It probably shows by my spelling that i am only 12!

Danielle said...

Me too!
I had never seen this beautiful pic.


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